Ana is getting Aim Assist for Allies! (On Console Only)

Ana is getting Aim Assist for Allies! (On Console Only)

A console only change!? Holy

It's a Christmas miracle :O

Ooo I'm excited for this! I play on Xbox, and Ana is one of my most played characters. Maybe I'll finally be able to heal Genji or Tracer more consistently when they are far away!

flashes back to when the turrets got nerfed on console

Seriously it does feel like console gets ignored frequently

It's Been 3000 Years

what if you're genuinely trying to hit an enemy target but your teammate is offcentre from your reticle? do you screw up your aim and heal instead?

[BLIZZARD] Tim Ford posted on 12/07/2017 07:06 PM:

12/02/2017 01:31 PM Posted by Haezurath

The solution to all of this is adding an "ally aim assist" slider to her character on console. That would make aiming with her more consistent with the rest of the cast. Of course that would mean that there will be more things to pull your crosshair away, but you can always play with the regular aim assist and ally aim assist settings until you find a fair balance.


We're going to add this to an upcoming patch. The setting will be a slider called "Friendly Aim Assist Strength" and will work just like "Aim Assist Strength" against allied targets. You will be able to find the option under Settings->Controls under Ana's Hero Control category.

This setting is independent of Aim Assist Strength. If you want to customize how aim assist behaves against enemies compared to allies, this option will fit the bill.

This will be a console only change. We don't compile in any aim assist code to PC.

Thanks for the suggestion! We look forward to feedback on the feature when it goes live. Keep your eyes peeled for the update notes in an upcoming patch.

Beep boop. Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!

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as a console ana main this is the buff i always wanted!

edit: just want to add on the would be great with moira (only in her ult) because doing damage and healing with it is difficult because of the aim assist on enemies pulling it away from friendly's

It's like Christmas morning.

Good question, I could see that happening easily if you are trying to kill a smaller character and a friendly tank is nearby.

They probably made the aim assist a slider for cases like this. If you keep healing when you are trying to do damage, lowering the slider would probably help in the instances.

It's like getting a new hero in the support pool! Thank you !

Narrator: It didn't.

Finally! Thank you,Blizzard!

They know console players exist!....they finally know we exist.... (sheds a tear)

She'll likely be looked at again imo since she's outclassed on all platforms. But I prefer them to do small tweaks like this instead of mega buffs/nerfs.

It's like Christmas morning.

Holy whiskers you go sisters

It's about time Ana gets some popularity. I play on PS4 and it bugs me everytime i pick Ana, my team threaten to throw the game if I dont play Mercy

Ana needs way more then this to be somehow effective enough to be the main healer choice over Mercy or even Moira. Since console got the same buffs / nerfs, her Ult is still very it Mercys Valk which is basically godmode for an eternity..and Moiras fast charging KamehameHa.

Blizz should revert Ana's nerfs back, and she might be able to compete for the main healer spot. In her current state, Mercy easily and still outshines her with her kit, mobility, survivability and her Ult.

I'm sorry someone shat in your cereal this morning

Eh, her ult is kinda fat so it's ok

people are bad at aiming

source: am bad a aiming.

** shudders in corner **

-- Pharah

I agree, Sombra reached a really good place other the course of a few months after a series of small but meaningful buffs and tweaks.

I think faster reload would help Ana - the gap in healing is absurd whenever she reloads.

THANK GOD. I found Ana really fun to play but I pretty much accepted I would be only using grenades for our dancing Genjis and Tracers with toilet paper thin hit boxes.

Go back to /sub/pcmasterrace bro.

OMG FINALLY, Ever since Bill comment on a post of mine saying "This is an interesting idea and somthing we may add in the future" I was so excited, AND NOW IT'S ON ITS WAY!!

I think aim assist window would be the setting to toy with for this.

Torb nerf is also still active

Does this mean I will suck less? :)

They buffed the turret,but it's still not the same as PC damage iirc.

so video for context

I assume this is like TectusRocks where it just plays the sound, .

It's a Beebo miracle!

Tracer bot?

Her main role is support after all.

Yea. I'm having Junkenstein flashbacks of trying to hit a McCree up on the ramparts, just watching my shots go ZIP, ZIP, ZIP right by his body.

Even if this occurs, I'd still suggest the change is a net benefit.

Afterall, that teammate is a lot closer to the enemy than you are! Trading a few missed offensive shots for heals could be a boon!

Like Torb's turret, Sym's turrets were nerfed and then buffed back up again in the same update (both types of turret still do slightly less damage on console than their PC counterparts)

Not everybody is an elite gamer

This guy isn't an elite gamer if he's playing on PC with a controller.

This is amazing. I play on ps4 a lot and this will most likely turn me into an ana main.

Most people don't have aim as good as you then. Ana is usually the least played support character according to the console meta reports, she also has a very low win rate. I think she was around 39% back in October.

and I do not age.

You know how console players say that a controller is just as good as a mouse and keyboard for aiming?

No, I don't. Do you?

I’ve never heard anyone say this. Just that the games are still playable thanks to aim assist.

Regular aim assist only helps when targeting enemies, so it hasn't helped with healing teammates. So with this new aim assist it should make it even easier to heal teammates for Ana.

If anyone has doubts on this statement, look up her winrates. They are overall one of the lowest out of all heroes, even at GM.

She needs:

-to be able to heal through shields or other value to compensate that she can't

-self-sustain to stop her from being forced to play close to the team

-Better value of nanoboost

You can, but that still makes playing Ana on console like unicycling to work. It's possible with enough practice, but it's still easier to take the bus.

The 'bus' being literally any other healer.

Console overwatch is as good as dead.

...Since when? I've been playing XB1 version pretty consistently for a long time and haven't noticed any drop off.

That's just teammates having a larger hitbox than enemies. Not the same thing as aim assist

Aiming with a controller is simply harder than aiming with keyboard and mouse. Mice are inherently faster and more precise.

The aim assist helps bridge the gap. It's not that people who use controllers must suck more at aiming, but instead that they have to try more to aim as someone with KB+M would.

But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!

If you're genuinely in top 500, obviously you're going to have a lot harder time finding games since there literally aren't many players as good as you in existence. I'm not sure how you expect that to change? "There are only 500 top 500 players, so the game is dead"...?