An honest Kickstarter campaign (Husk)

An honest Kickstarter campaign (Husk)

Imagine they hit 999999 and stop.

Wouldn't you donate 1 dollar just to see the reddit shitstorm. Because if you don't I will

Fun Fact, the devs cancelled the kickstarter because they found a publisher/producer/investor. The game is now out on Steam:

That is good of them. That leaves money out there for the next project that can't find a publisher, but might actually be good.

nobody says no to the shitstorm

unless is full of pride and accomplishment

Game is already out on steam though, they cancelled the kickstarter and refunded the money because they found a publisher

Because if you don't I will

You donate the $999,999 and I'll donate the $1.

Oh I’m retarded

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That's pretty cool of them, since those kickstarters often give games out for cheaper than the release price. (assuming the game is ever made)

iirc they actually gave the rewards out still.

Is there a link for this? I️ may support

OP lied!! Get the pitchforks!! And a caps lock!!!

Edit: what's the game even called? Damnit OP! Edit2: Nevermind I read the title properly. So not used to seeing game names in post title…