an extreme before/after...

an extreme before/after...

You've done amazingly with this rescue. I hope this cutie is spoilt and loved for the rest of his life!

Is....that...a corgi/lab?

If you reverse the pics its a "meth, not even once" ad.

Glad he's better!

That must be one loyal companion today. You should sleep well at night, having changed somebody's life like that.

the anticipation of an answer to this question is overwhelming...

Oohhhhhhhh my god

He looks so heartbreakingly sad at first and so beautiful now. THANK YOU for doing this! Can you share a little more of his story and name?

My exact words when I opened this: "oh, my poor sweet baby angel...!" I'm so, so, so glad you were able to save this sweet little thing. <3

Pardon my language but the first thing I thought was "holy shit!"