An Apology from TaiRong

An Apology from TaiRong

Above and beyond what anyone could ask from him. I’m genuinely proud to have him as our coach

I think he had no need to apologize beyond what he alread had done. Its a dumb meme and it got lost in translation. But it definitely shows his character in revisiting this. TaiRong is an awesome person and im glad he's on our team

There was really no need for this. People blew this way out of proportion.

I really hope that he doesn't beat himself up over it, he's a nice guy.

Absolutely. I don’t think the league will let this go untouched tbh tho..

I guess I missed what happened cuz it’s deleted?

Maybe him agreeing to do this is how it stays out of public record. It doesn’t give the league a bad name as only a handful of people have seen it.

What happened?