America next week

America next week

The news cycle ended, America's attention moved on. #kony2012

What happened with all the protesting? Last I heard was like a week ago about it going on the 7th, but then nothing today.

I'm surprised game companies aren't more vocal for pro net neutrality. I will give up online gaming before I pay extra just to use the connection I already pay for.

Dear Canada and South Korea,

Please send care packages of internet.

- Regards, U.S.A.

People still play Left 4 Dead online and it's lit

No, most people have never even heard of net neutrality because none of the major cable news networks have given more than 10 minutes to the issue because they a...

Nah they will sell subscription services at differing speeds.

Oh! Is he running again?

Seriously though, I saw it pasted everywhere and had no idea what it meant until 2013.

Canada has horrible internet speeds already. We have no room to spare.

Pre-order today to get 2 months unmetered multiplayer!

Teach your kids not to let the internet/computer consume their free time and you won't have any of those problems regardless?

Stop. Giving. Them. Ideas!

Holding a gun in that pic is strangely the most american thing in that picture

Innernets dryin up roun these parts.

Dear Hackers, Please don't DDoS the games this year. Instead, clean up the political news feed. Thank you!

Holy shit how did I not know about Kony 2012. Man I was high in my early twenties

One of my favorite relaxing games to play. I jump on coop matchmaking, grab a shotgun, and get to work. Plus the endless amount of workshop content adds almost unlimited replayability.

Or people realized protesting is actually useless here. Thousands of complaints, letters, etc were sent out only to get a "well fuck you we got paid from lobbyists" replies. Fuck this country.

So basically, we pay for internet access.

ISPs have lobbied politicians to vote so that the ISPs will be able to chop up internet access into sections, and sell it to us on top of the existing internet costs.

So if you pay $40 a month for internet, you might have to pay and extra $5 for the chunk with Wikipedia on it, another $5 for the chunk with Skype, $5 for the chunk with Discord, $5 for the chunk with Reddit, etc.

Now your internet bill shoots up from $40 per month to $60, and you get nothing more out of it. You actually get less because you won’t be getting every website you need.

For an example, apparently Portugal already has a similar system in place.

What the fuck is with this thread? Reddit is hugely pro-NN, and yet this thread is bombarded with anti-NN comments. It smells like more fucking bot/shilling bullshit from the FCC/ISPs.

Head on down ta californy, lotsa internet down that way.

Pls dox ajit pai social security number and phone number hackers. I will mail high fives accordingly.

Nice try Comcast, we know that's you and we do not trust you.

Lol the government in my country are shit but in the USA bribes (donations) are a legal part of your government. So yep I'd say from the outside your politicians seem much your money grabbing.

The resurgence of Singleplayer titles and physical copies?

Zombie Apocalypse comes next week? Man Ajit Pai is doing way more than I thought.

Because we realized our efforts aren't gonna do anything.

One of the most underrated fun things in that game is dual wielding pistols lol

I believe you mean “mad world”.

No, the vote to begin the process is next week. Realistically, this could be a fight that drags on for another year or more.

But that said, if they do vote to repeal the Net Neutrality rules, it is a major step backwards for the internet, because everything will have been set in motion.

I can't tell if you're actually this brainwashed or just retarded.

they delayed it

No, they're not going to fond another hole.

They're going to make another hole.

Oh god.... we could end up getting at both ends.... wait shit.... it will already be both ends.... oh god they are going to find another hole!!!

This is amazing. I am having a daughter early next year. With all that's going on it makes me wonder how much tech she will have in her life or her lifetime. Can and can't wait til the 15th comes and goes.

NN was never about addressing or fixing the monopoly ISP got a hold on your access to the internet. It is simply to stop ISP from butchering the things you can access on the internet (after already paying to access in the first place). If anyone think this going to lead to a free(r) market, you are 100% misled.

You post more comments more frequently than I do and I'm "addicted"

Sure, sure. Keeping in mind that net neutrality was enacted because anti-consumer bullshit already started, you're not only utterly fucking wrong you're years late on top of it.


You don't seem to understand this at all

People who care have to work for a living. Who knew?

Nothing beats having a chainsaw and a bunch of commons rushing you

I have a guy on my friends list on steam and thats all he plays. he has over 8000 hours played

Which sucks, because we are already paying extra. My bill says that I pay for an internet package at a certain speed for X amount/month. And then on top of that, I have a "connection fee", which is an extra fee to...connect to the internet through my ISP so I can use said package of X? Sounds shady already. Now there will be a third fee for content itself? Great.

Dear north Korea. Plz end us with your "care package"

what happens with internet next week in 'merica? out of loop here.

THERE WONT BE ANY NEW COMPETITION, that's the problem you dense uneducated fuck

How are people like you so brain dead that you think any law in place is “more government” it is simply in place so ISPs can’t throttle your internet on things they don’t want you to see.

BUT THEY ALSO ENSURE THAT EVERYONE GETS TREATED FAIRLY. Where I live all we have his comcast and if this law gets passed they can fuck us over and there is nothing we can do about it! And this is for a large portion of the country! How fucking blind are you.

I went to one today, on the 7th.

Uhh there was ghosts....... Uhhhh ECTOPLASM

Yeah that's terrifying and not at all outlandish if regulations are thrown away. I hope the individual states can pass their own laws to fight back.

I went to one, about 30 people showed up.

I like your ignorance of history. Do you have any idea how many times ISPs tried to pull shit and only after lengthy court cases did they stop?

he actually has 8737 hours played so almost an entire year

Time to make a new internet.

I actually saw people at a Verizon store and that's when I remembered we were supposed to protest, but I have school and it's finals this and next week so no way do I have the time to stand in the cold.

Looks over at AR "Yup"

Necromemecy isn't a crime.

As someone else said, a few days went by, Reddit moved on to the next 'controversy of the week'. The internet activists on Reddit don't actually care about issues, just want to get karma for acting like they care about issues.

Canadian here.

Bell is pushing for the same shit. Luckily our PM has expressed the importance of NN and is also a key topic in our NAFTA negotiations.

I live in the Okanagan and I have 150mb/sec connection for $70. But that's with options I guess.

Yeah! All one companies!

The representative from Alabama has the floor

It really won't though. The ISPs carved this country up between them a long time ago, so there's no free market, only a series of monopolies depending on where you live. My city only has comcast, next town over has charter. There's no competition and there's no real way for a new ISP to get running because the major ones all have the market firmly in their grasp

honestly dude youre just fucking retarded

How would the free market help when a large chunk of the country only has one option for ISPs. I thought you guys didn’t like monopolies.

solid understanding of economy

monopolies are created by artificial barriers to entry in the form of government regulation

Pick one.

Thousands of complaints, letters, etc were sent out only to get a "well fuck you we got paid from lobbyists" replies.

Well then why don't you start actually protesting, mass action, direct democracy. Get out on the streets, let your voices be heard, let them now if they go through with this shit there are going to be consequences.

And if that fails just start construction of a big old guillotine in front of 445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C.

Edit: according to the declaration of independence it's actually your duty to throw those fuckers out if they go on like this;

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

You’re either being willfully ignorant or you’re just stupid. In 2011 MetroPCS blocked video services other than YouTube, unless you paid extra, of course. AT&T tried blocking FaceTime to push people into higher priced services in 2012.

So no, things were not ‘just fine’, unless you happen to be a corporate shill.

Even on the 360, where there are no more dedicated servers....


Of course it is because nothing is stopping them. Just join us actual humans in downvoting them and upvoting the real content, its the least we can all do.

Oh my god, there are 8,760 hours in a year 😳

I mean... Wouldn't the guy just spin that into his favor?

"Look at how dangerous the internet is! We should employ even more measures!"

Bad joke is bad