Alvin Kamara walking to locker room now, questionable to return.

Alvin Kamara walking to locker room now, questionable to return.

It's as if millions of fantasy owners cried out at once

Not every helmet to helmet hit is illegal

He got me to the playoffs and I'll probably lose this week without him. It's life. Hope he gets better.

Can’t watch, what happened?

Helmet to helmet hit

Well, just fuck my shit up

I agree with you. Not every helmet to helmet hit is a dirty hit. This is football. Sometimes you’re going to get hit in the head.

I’ve had more than my fair share of concussions and I don’t know if I’ll ever let my future kids play ball. The game needs to be safer if it’s going to survive.

However, this is a good play by the defender. You’re being downvoted by guys that never played at a high level and don’t understand the speed of the game. Of course if you slow down a hit it’ll look like a defender is aiming precisely at whatever he hits. It’s not like that in real life.

Damn, i’ve really started to like watching this dude ball out this season

Kamara is a runner at that point.

The rules for "defenseless receiver" are out the window at that point.

I don't think that deserves a flag, he was chasing him to the side as fast as he could to stop him and kamara stopped to try and juke

RIP his fantasy owners in the playoffs. I hope he’s okay.

He wasn't defenseless by the definition though. There wasn't anything illegal about that hit

No it should not have. Perfectly legal tackle since Kamara was an established runner and the crown of the helmet was not used.

Should it be legal is the better question, but there was definitely nothing illegal by NFL rules on that hit.

I feel like everything I did today was a pre game ritual to watch this dude ball out. House is clean. Bed is made. Have a candle lit right next to me. I feel broken

agree. the helmets hit but thats unavoidable.

He did not lead with the crown of the helmet.

Yes there was helmet to helmet contact, but that happens on tackles all the time.

After the Shazier play on Monday, everyone preached keeping the head up and seeing the man you are tackling. Jones had his head up and made a play.

He was a runner. The hit was legal. Did you even watch football 10 years ago?

Helmet to helmet hits are allowed in certain areas. I didn't see the play, as I wasn't home yet, but helmet to helmet does not mean flag

You both are morons

Seriously fuck ya’ll

Fair point. Watched it again and I can definitely see it from your perspective.

As it should have been. It was a clean hit

Do you even know what you're talking about at this point?

Grasp of what tackler?

I can feel it on my skin and in my bones.

Damn I hope he's okay. That side hit must be so fucking awful.

Pls stop

Please stop youre wrong.

I have him in both leagues, where I’m in 5th place with the same record as the 4th place team. I’m much more concerned with his health and other real world things, but at the same time, motherfucking shit...

It was a perfectly fine tackle.


There are 20 tackles exactly like that every game.

The only reason people are saying it requires a flag is because Kamara's concussion.

If he pops up fine then not a eye is batted.

Damn I've gotta defend a panther fan.... they truly are pussies

Hitting from the side isn’t a blindside hit and he wasn’t a defenseless player by definition of the rule.

By rule he wasn't a defenseless player after seeing a replay once

oh and it counts as hitting a defenseless player in the head/neck area

Most definitely does not.

I just want to say, fuck you. This is more than just a fantasy football thing. This is about a man's life. If I lose to Jones in marketing this week, I will literally never hear the end of it.

He wasn’t a defenseless player by any definition of the rule on that catch.

It isn't a penalty. He did lead with the crown. He did hit with force. However, he did not line up the hit. Needs the 3 criteria for a flag.

without a flag to add on top

Holy shit I've never seen someone say this on Reddit before

Looks like a concussion evaluation. Hopefully nothing major