Aluneth voice lines by Matt Mercer! (McCree, Kobolds Trailers, etc)

Aluneth voice lines by Matt Mercer! (McCree, Kobolds Trailers, etc)

Check out the Skull of the Man'ari too!

What I like most is that both use the Artifact voicelines from WoW, completely redubbed.

More relevantly, Matt's the voice of both Rexxars, both Ragnaros, Nefarian, and some other Blackrock Bosses!

Why is Matthew Mercer always associated with McCree? The man has voiced so many memorable characters, seems weird to always refer to him as McCree

Because for some reason overwatch has given players a much stronger association between characters and voice actors. For most games most players don't even think about the voices having an actor behind them, but in overwatch that seems different. Maybe because so many of them are just super positive and friendly and even post content of them doing voices. Also he did a really fantastic job with McCree.

Priest should have gotten the knaifu

Also he is arguably one of the world’s best DMs.

I've been DMing for years and considered myself pretty damn good at it. Watching him DM still makes me feel like I know nothing about it. Truly one of the best.

Yeah, I'm kinda sad our script wasn't able to associate all of the card sounds to the Legendary weapons automatically. =[

Skull of the Man'ari lines.

Only if it whispers wrong lethals

It's high noon!

flash bang, right click, Matt Mercer voice