Alternate angle of Michelle Jenneke's warm up dance

I’m 34 minutes in and I can’t look away

I'm sure she's very popular with the other competitors. They must love her.

those other racers look so sick of her shit lol

I was just remembering how much me and my siblings hated girls who did this shit before races. Like stop being cutesy before you kick my ass please (in my siblings cases they usually won, but hey, we can't all be fast right?)


As far as I know she is one of the best hurdlers in Australia but she hasn't won anything of significance internationally.

swiggity swooty, I came here for the booty.

I think you're missing the point of the gif, but she is soooo good at gifs.

And the day is now done

She was in the Olympics but she isn't that good?

In comparison to other Olympians no she is not. Compared to an average person or track athlete she's a goddess, but compared to her contemporaries and based off her competitions with them she would be considered, "not good".

Edit: more importantly though, she sure looks good! And that's why we are here!

I had the same issue. I just stared at the screen for who knows how long until a coworker said something. I snapped out of it wondering where I was for a moment.

I know I'm missing the point of the gif, but is she any good at T&F?

Does she actually win races?

The black girl next to her be like "Give me a fucking break"

Usain Bolt does this.

Do you feel the same about male athletes though? Not trying to insult you or anything, but I find a lot of people seem to have a problem with women being cocky and confident but no one cares when

I suppose you could say she's pandering to the male audience, which she might be, but to me it seems like she's just having fun.


Why would u want to?

I'm torn. I like the jiggling buns, but that attitude kills it.

Women hate her

The guy did ask generally if she was any good at T&F, I think being an Olympian qualifies as good. That's all I was saying. Your edit is spot on haha

Not sure if there is footage from this particular race, but it’s usually shown from the front when they introduce the athletes:

Not sure if there is footage from this particular race, but it’s usually shown from the front when they introduce the athletes:

Not really. Didn't even make it out of heat in Rio 2016.

She looks annoying.

"This bitch"


Im not OP and I didn’t really care about her “attitude” but to be fair usain bolt is the fastest human being alive (maybe ever) and has a ridiculously good career.

Michelle is absolutely great but not on the same level as usain

Me: Googles how much are first row tickets to the next Olympics

Whoa-man (I'm a lady who appreciates jiggles)

Compared to most humans yes, compared to other Olympians and the people she competing vs when it matters most to her... Nah not really.

Where’s the angle that this is an alternative angle to?

You sir. Have changed my next couple days. Thank you.

Ugh, confident, athletic, beautiful girls. I cant stand them!

Rightfully so.

Objectively, it’s a fairly obnoxious warmup display.


👈 my gal 👈

What the fuck?

Not sure about T&F, but her T&A check out.

Since every keeps fighting you on this, I just want to let you know that I get what your saying!

Does she need help with her narcissism?

Oh she's very good. Every Olympian is very good, just in comparison to other Olympians she's not the best is all! And ya I think the edit is the most important part too haha

Women's track and field and volleyball are two of my favorite sports.

Usain Bolt can do whatever he wants

Boys boys boys

There’s a reason people like her get to where they are. Accepting admiration from other people isn’t always a bad thing

I think my willie is bleeding, but I can't look down to check.

Are you working at the WH?

A new view. Alright Alright

This is beautiful