All yall snowflakes need to stop name calling

All yall snowflakes need to stop name calling

Hes running for president he shouldnt be acting like a god damn child either way

He did the same groveling move when talking about Ted Cruz.

He's 70 he shouldn't act that way anyways

I guess the only person who really knows why Hillary lost is Alyssa, it's her big secret.

He shouldn't act like a child because he is going TO BE RUNNING THE GOD DAMNED COUNTRY! Someone in his place needs to be level headed, rational, and not lie as much as he does.

He acts like a sensitive spoiled child with his Twitter rants. They need to keep him off Twitter.

That whole birther movement was just a fluke. That lasted four years. That he never apologized for. And literally was started and continued by racists.

And grabbing women by the pussy has never been a misogynistic action in the history of humanity.

Trump shoots a black man

Trump supporters: What about when Obama shot that fadeaway mid over a white man!!?


Honestly I wonder how big his PR team is going to be, because that is going to be a 24/7 job, like he is going to start feuds with other leaders while he is on the toilet.

the reporter didnt backpedal, trump lied about what the reporter originally said

As soon as a person calls Obama Barry you know they aren't worth listening to.

So the defense is that he often does the stereotypical mentally handicapped impression, including when he is making fun of someone who fits the image. Yeah, very presidential.

No. He shouldn't be mocking people in general. If he's gonna be the fucking president he needs to be held to a higher standard that a god damn middle schooler.

No he doesn't. Serge speaks perfectly normal.

Serge isn't mentally handicapped. His condition only affects his right arm.

And then mocked him.

Calling someone on their bullshit and mocking them are two very different things. If you actually look at the comments you'll see that was my point the whole time. I literally said he shouldnt be acting like a child.

Okay but he did make fun of a disabled reporter. Just because he wasnt doing that move specifically to make fun of him doesnt mean he still wasnt trying to rib a fucking disabled person.

Are you high? Only liars think everybody lies.

Is that it?

Thats the most Obama insult ever lol. "Ha! I scored so low. It was like special olympics or something." BURN!!!!

Is they the same they that DJ Khaled warned me about?

True, except for the part where they didn't.

Edit: and that's some tried and true whataboutism if I've ever seen it. Even if the Clinton campaign started it, does it make trump any less of a racist ass for perpetuating it?

actually Hillary didn't fulfill her Crown duties lmaooo

/sub/rpdr we outchea

I feel like we're back to the whole white/gold, blue/black fiasco

Bruh. Don't even try me with that "Trump isn't racist; you're brainwashed if you think he is" shtick. Here's a comprehensive list documenting his very apparent racism.

Yeah, with and without consent. Guess which way our president elect likes best?

Which trump imitated... but forget it I try not to argue with people who like trump cause y'all don't see reason half the time

Why would it be? There's nothing but relatively civil disagreement. Unless you think disagreement is a reason for locking a thread, but I'm not into that kinda insular mindset

It's because they can't just call him "boy" like the good ol days.

This made me check the subreddit I was in.


Sometimes the crazies bleed over, there is a reason why so many threads about certain issues and people get locked.

Screenshot? The video is on Youtube. I will say I'm not fully on the side that he did actually mock the disable reporter, but the hand gesture in general mocks disable people. So, it's more of an indirect attack on him than a direct one.

Trump mocking someone for backpedaling.

That in itself is a hilarious concept. Remember all the things he said about Clinton back when it suited him?

Because we kept calling racists, racists, right?

No, you voted for him, stop with this b.s already.

when mocking the reporter he specifically said how he was mimicking the physical motions of the reporter

and he knows this reporter well, he's been interviewed by him multiple times, has requested to be interviewed by him more times, and reads his column.

trump has no excuse

Not on a regular basis. Not enough to excuse it as something everyone does. Not enough to be called a liar. To be quite frank, I'm very honest.

There are right ways and wrong ways to grab a woman by the pussy.

If this was true, it woulda been in effect as soon as he became president elect.

Ehhh I dunno man, I feel like if Trump made those same comments the Internet would turn it into a massive thing, and I'm the farthest thing from a Trump supporter. Probably not Obama's sharpest comment.

Even so, it's still not on the same level as mocking a physically disabled person

Please refer to my earlier comment please and thank you

Oh so he wasn't mocking a disabled person. He was just mocking a disabled person the same way he mocks everyone else. Good to know. Super presidential.

I agree. But people read headlines and don't bother doing actual research.

I don't think anyone in the Trump camp is disputing that he made fun of a disabled reporter. He did. There's video of it. The Trump team's argument now is that he didn't make fun of him for being disabled.

The_donald users upvoting this post 😒

Love how you put up that wall of text yet ignored the fact that Trump should act like the President of the US and not get into Twitter arguments when his feelings get hurt.

Dumbass Trump supporter.

Omfg, shut the hell up with the same bullshit! The election is over, stop it!! We all just want him to do his job and stop acting like a fucking child!!

Pot calling the kettle black.


Gila Monster

Who are "they"? He's the man in charge. He can fire anyone from his staff if he wants to.


There you go, mentions the reporter, specifically mentions how they physically move "you gotta see this guy... makes disabled people gesture"

Are you fucking retarded?

Big fucking difference between you having a different opinion and the President of your country constantly on Twitter being a little fucking bitch when someone says something mean about him.

If you seriously think it's 100% okay for Trump to act that way on social media, then you're a damn moron.

EDIT: Why am I not surprised. Your dumbass came from TD.

call him on what bullshit? trump lied about what the reporter wrote