all urges gone

all urges gone

DELETE THIS Battybwoy!

uh no the fuck we not

I've told this story on here before but i was fucking this girl up the ass and her unborn food baby was massaging my helmet just right, best orgasm I've ever had. Clean up was horrendous; worthit though.


y'all don't fuck with that shit?

my guy.... wtf

You ever smelled a girl poo while on their period? Wew lord

Comment got me weak😂😂😂

Back in middle school, my friends and I were eating lunch and chillin. Suddenly one of them says “isn’t it weird that girls pee out of their buttholes?” That was over ten years ago... I still worry about that kid.

lmaooooo bruh we all been there

Username shits out.


Bro anal game strong

They also pee too so we ain't got no worries.