All the pages of this book are blank.

All the pages of this book are blank.

As a woman, I'm offended that they think we won't get offended by saying nothing.

I guess that makes the author A. Lyre, then.

Waves at woman without saying a word

"Fuck off, creep!"

Appallin' lyre?

Man, a lot of people must be getting disappointed with the increasing number of blank books I'm seeing on the internet. Who buys a book if they know it's blank anyway?

You're looking way too far into this joke.

Not true. We know several rules.

You're not allowed to know the full list. If suspected of such, the rules should be changed. If it's "fine," you're probably in deep shit. If "nothing" is wrong, you're also in deep shit. You can and will be at fault for anything you do in her dreams. Any question regarding physical appearance is to be approached with extreme caution. You will get shit for leaving the toilet seat up so try for the compromise of both lids down for flushing safety to avoid splatter damage.

That was the joke made by the book - appalling liar.