All TF2 voiceactors

All TF2 voiceactors

It seriously bugs me that some have the voice actor in the upper left and some in the lower right.

Miss Pauling. Not a playable character though. She's the announcer's assistant

Wait... there are girls in TF2 other than the announcer?

And Miss Pauling from the game (right down one) and Scout's mom from the comics, also Heavy's sister i think it is (i actually havent read the comics) but there are a lot of fanmade female ones, like femscout, fempyro,..

That's...not Jerma...

Yeah, it's Ashley Burch.

Well yeah, the scout is WAY taller.

I think there were 2 and one became soldier's wife if i remember correctly

Sniper's voice actor looks like an older, retired version of the player model.

Thats Miss Pauling

pretty sure she is also the voice of GLaDOS in the portal games.

I couldn't remember anyone's name so I just didn't say any names. But I meant the actress

Is that the life is strange woman bottom right