All Holidays Matter

All Holidays Matter

On behalf of The Human Fund, I'd like to wish you a happy Festivus.

Is christmas a holiday? Yes. Are you being told to enjoy it? Yes. I still don't see the reasoning for outrage over being told "Happy holidays."

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As a Jew, I just want to chime in that I really couldn’t care less about “Happy Holidays” vs “Merry Christmas” (nor does any other jew I’ve ever met as far as I remember).

I get that this is Christmas time and all the decorations and songs and stuff are about Christmas. I feel 0 need to have my (completely insignificant) holiday (Hanukkah) included in your celebration.

It was kind of you to spot the Trump supporter a few brain cells, but you and I both know that if they even think the phrase "systematically oppressed" their cognitive dissonance kicks in and all they can manage to spit out is "black-on-black crime!!!"

Merry Kwanza!

People, especially Americans, love underdogs - so if they're not underdogs, they'll pretend they are to make themselves feel good.

The pole shall remain unadorned!

Honestly, as a non-Christian myself, I don't care either. But I've had people actually get mad at me for saying "happy holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas!" Acknowledging that the plural of anecdote isn't data and all, in my personal experience, Christmas celebrators are more likely to get upset about being told "Happy Holidays" than non-Christians are about being told "Merry Christmas."

My grandparents, as well as many other conservatives here in the south, get very offended by the phrase "happy holidays".

Who the heck thinks like this.

Io Saturnalia!

And "What about Hilary!"

can confirm

am merican

love underdoge

"Money For People."

Happy Day-We-Celebrate-Christ's-Birth-Even-Though-He-Probably-Was-Born-Midsummer-And-The-Reason-We-Celebrate-It-In-December-Is-To-Preserve-Pagan-Traditions!

I know that about 20-25 years ago, "happy holidays" was either taken as Christmas + New Year or as the older "holy days". No one said it to be PC or inclusive, it was just a lazy man's "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". I was a bit surprised when it started being a thing about "attacks on Christmas" and no trees at the mall or whatever started being on the news like anyone cared. Of course, once it's on the news, all those people dieing for things to complain about we're all over it.

At the same time, I'm super annoying by people that celebrate Kwanzaa. Some dude in California just makes up an African sounding holiday from scratch, then imprisons and rapes two of his female followers and you're setting up green and purple candles? I mean, fine, my kid's play dreidel and we have lights and a tree and we're not religious, but maybe not go with the traditions made up 40 years ago by a crazy rapist that didn't know very much about Africa. He named it after "matunda ya kwanza" or first fruits in Swahili and thought Kwanzaa meant fruit and that west Africans spoke Swahili (it means first and east Africans speak Swahili). Pick an actual African Holiday.

i'm ready for the "Airing of Grievances"!

I don't think Happy Holidays was invented to include Hanukkah or Kwanza per se. It was invented for strangers as a shortened Merry Christmas (or whatever) and a Happy New Year under the assumption that you won't be crossing paths any time soon... and it was viewed by businesses as an added measure of safe secularism and inclusiveness.

Even the most obnoxious Christians complaining about 'Happy Holidays' don't say 'Merry Christmas' to family members every day in December!

So, yeah Hanukkah isn't as important even to devout Jews as Christmas is the barely practicing American "Christians", and neither is new year's eve, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, or the Winter Solstice, but I still prefer 'Happy Holidays' up until a few days before Christmas.

There is, but it's easier to just deliberately misunderstand it so you can keep hating the people who are being killed. Then you don't have to care about their plight.

Libtards are trying to take away Christmas and replace it with a festival queer, holiday fluid, non binary day where we exchange blue hair and soy candles. And it fucks me off.

Trump voters are impervious to logic, irony and facts. What other groups are like that? -- cults, Nazis and fascists. So who taught them to be this way? FOX, Briebart and the GOP. So isn't FOX, Briebart and the GOP guilty of conspiracy against the government and the people?

I think "What about Barack Hussein Obama?!" is more likely. They still seem to think he's a secret Muslim atheist communist.

I always thought that there was an implied "too" at the end of "Black lives matter."

Pretty much anyone over 40 and right wing oriented, these days

Trump supps are too politically correct.

Because they like to steal language and tactics where convenient.

Christmas is not being systematically repressed

That is the point, why the "but"?

I would get way too frustrated trying to explain this to my parents.

"I got a lot of problems with you people!"

Play them BING CROSBY singing Happy Holidays back in the 50s.....

Why is the trump supporter talking like a gender studies major?

I had my first experience of it this season over the weekend. Said happy holidays to a lady at a craft fair and she turned around and kinda snarky like said merry Christmas. I replied with my stock answer, "between Nov 1st and Jan 15th there are 29 holidays observed by the 7 major religions. Mine aren't the only ones that count. Happy holidays."

*Alllll poles shall remain unadorned!

I grew up in a black neighborhood and the only time I heard anything about Kwanza was white people bitching about it.

Luv Underdoge




Also are the biggest snowflakes

Not sure if you need this: /s. But I'll leave it here anyway.

I think the most ive ever seen Hanukkah demanded around Christmas time was when my dormmates asked me to show how to make latkes.

The thing is that nobody really cares either way other than the War on Christmas people. Saying Happy Holidays is just a suggestion and alternative. Nobody is forcing it down anyone's throats.

I always assumed people meant their preferred Holiday + New Year. Like, I'll be saying Happy Holidays to my coworkers come the 22 of December since I won't be seeing them till after New Years.

Are you really going to say that nobody has pushed the “war on Christmas” narrative? Or the “all lives matter” narrative?

That's the whole point of the comic. It's mocking people who pretend Christmas is being systemically oppressed but then ignore actual systemic oppression by shrugging it off with "all lives matter."

As a misanthrope, I just scowl at people and go on my way. I don't say "Merry Fuck You", but I think it.

I’m not sure who I hate more

So you are literally the kind of person that the comic is making fun of.

TIL that Bing Crosby is a godless commie

Happy Day-When-The-Sun-Is-Out-For-Almost-The-Least-Amount-Of-Time-And-We-Want-Some-Happiness-As-We-Freeze-To-Death.


If people can't see that's sarcasm then they deserve the last 8 years of a communist socialist Muslim who took our guns away and made us all eat halal toast for breakfast.

All lives do matter, including black lives. That's the point. But a lot of police, and much of the US act as though black lives don't matter. Hence the motto.

I personally know many people that get offended by the phrase "happy holidays" here in the southern US.

This is super cringey

My imagination isn't strong enough to picture being as delusional as a trump supporter.

“Those people are terrorists”

I heard on Alex Jones that BLM is literally working with ISIS now.

Festivus for the rest of us.

It just creates a bit of a false equivalence. There really is systemic racism in America while there isn't really systemic oppression of Christmas.

As I rained blows down upon him, I realized there had to be another way!

I was working at a Wendy's back in 04 and I had a senior citizen scream at me for saying French Fries instead of "Freedom fries".

And Socialist. Can’t forget socialist.

Yeah that's what I always thought too until people started getting mad about it over social media.

I used to think this was only something the lowest common denominator would spit out. Then my aunt started spewing bullshit about how he was a communist muslim. It’s really scary to realize people you used to think just had differing opinions are seriously fucked.

The strawman does.

Yeah I’m not sure they were being sarcastic, sadly enough.

I celebrate December-ween. Its 55 days after Halloween

The implication of “Black Lives Matter” is “Black Lives Matter too”. The implication of “All Lives Matter” is “Black Lives don’t Matter”

It's an old nonsense conspiracy fox news and others have been pushing since bush was in of five. They claim every subtle thing like a show saying hapoy holidays instead of merry Christmas is a liberal conspiracy to destroy Christmas.

And its never even stuff done to be inclusive or any other shit. They will outright lie and claim a place "used to say merry Christmas and now say happy holidays" when neither is true.

Years of this and people on the right don't even think about it, they just assune it's true because it always has been.

I do. It follows naturally from things like the fact that they care way more about poor people getting "obama phones" and steak and lobster than they do about, well, anything else besides abortion.

whats wrong with saying that all lives matter?

This is what I mean! Why is black Friday so important? All Fridays matter

come to the southern midwest, i will personally introduce you to people that think like this

i think it's mostly a "i don't have a good life" mentality more than anything. these people just need something to bitch about to distract them from how shitty their life is, combine that with 4 hours a day of right-wing-insane-style talk radio and there ya go ;)

seriously the local radio station has had a talk show for the past 10 years that features a "war on christmas" segment in the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas. the radio station is half a mile from my parent's house, the host of the show lives a few miles away from them. these people are everywhere here, you would have to be willfully ignorant to think they don't exist or that this hasn't been a narrative pushed by Fox and their ilk for years

Or you can try to operate above the level of an elementary school student and take the 2 minutes to learn about the movement instead of swallowing the GOP’s misdirections.

You do realize you could reverse this right?

Latkes are good.

Yeah, clearly. But it's also 2017.

Checkmate, Soytheists.

I think it's the America thing. I can't even begin to imagine boycotts against Starbucks over fucking cups (as just one example) ever gaining traction in Australia, and we are still pretty conservative about a lot of things

Edit* to be fair, Australia is getting worse, not better, as America continues to export it's brand of politics-of-fear worldwide

credit to michael che from snl

, lol.

What about when they're actually nazis though? Is it too harsh to call them nazis?

randomly brings up "black lives matter"


It's not random. It's showing the hypocrisy...

The group themselves did a good job doing that themselves. People that say all lives matter are in two groups, one trying to take away the momentum of BLM like you implied and the other that simply wants to remind individuals that misuse BLM as an excuse to get special treatment for their skin color, which BLM unfortunately greatly attracted.


I get the point of this comic but Christmas is definitely not getting systemically oppressed.

Trump freaking out about coffee cups and wanting to boycott companies over their War on Christmas is total bullshit.

A jolly Feast of Satan to one and all! May you sacrifice many red headed virgins!

The Trump supporter was being hella rude. Why does she then have some kind of moral obligation to understand where they’re coming from? I think it’s a pretty natural reaction to look down on someone who’s being an asshole to you.

It's implied the Trump supporter is supposed to be the bad guy here, but that doesn't justify the girl's character to try and present herself as the superior one. She even brings up a random, unrelated, phrase in the last panel knowing it would trigger the supporter. She isn't doing anything but trying to make herself come off as the superior individual in the situation, she thinks she is above the individual. Rather than understanding where the individual is coming from, she immediately looks down to the individual. She's a snob. It's one thing to have your own political beliefs, but to start thinking you're better than someone for it by something as small and petty as a holiday or specific holiday greeting makes you a fucking snob. She's a snob.

and there's nothing you can do about it nerd

That snobby bitch? Where do we start?

Blessed Bodhi Day! (One day late)

wouldnt the reverse be true too?

talking with a shill: "all lives matter"

shill: "Excuse me, you mean black lives matter"

me: "what, other lives dont count?"

shill: "well sure, but black lives are the ones thats being systemically opporssed"

me: "..."

me: "merry christma-" shill: "ALL HOLIDAYS MATTER, HAPPY HOLIDAYS"

"I know you are but what am I?"

Weesa goin under water hokiday?

Looked at your history. Not shocked you'd say that.

What the heck is this thread

Please tell me your comment is sarcasm. Because that other shit was obvious.

Giddy up

What a bunch of snowflakes.

And yet, one could still reverse it

Chicago! twitch twitch squawk.

Polly want a cracker!

Oddly enough, the left side seems like the implied good guy at first but the way she turns around and randomly brings up "black lives matter" seems to portray her as a stereotypical character as well.


Why? Trump wanted to boycott Starbucks because their cups weren't Christmassy enough for him.

But Trump supporters cheered for him when he claimed he would have everyone saying "Merry Christmas" again and when he attacked a private company for their alleged War on Christmas.