Alfonse and Alfonso (Animal Crossing Pocket Camp)

Alfonse and Alfonso (Animal Crossing Pocket Camp)

Looks like Alfonse found something to do while on the bench

Hilariously enough, Alfonso's catch phrase is "it'sa me," very fitting for his t-shirt.

When Alfonse is out playing Pocket Camp, Alfonzo is in charge of Askr.

Alfonzo: "Leave it to me!"

I like how Alfonse is benched in this. Also the art style is really nice.

Frederick looks like he's picking up his seashell phone I love it

Yeah he's lowkey RPing Mario.

Bench buddies!

other way around bro

Thanks! It looks that way since I originally drew this on paper and coloured with red, blue, and grey alcohol-based markers, then filled in the yellow and bluey parts digitally.

your coloring is super nice! love the water color feel