Aladdin bullshit

Aladdin bullshit

I mean, he's also standing in the sun vs sitting in the shadows.

how light work, me no understand

Are we not going to mention the fact that he knows that Aladdin is getting blown by Hercules?

The giveaway is how he has nipples in the second picture.

How tf does your screenshot have a stain

That's what I came here to say. I don't think any of the Disney guys have nipples in the movies

Edit: I just want you all to know that my life has been greatly enriched don't get there so many Disney nipple expert on here

Edit 2: my top comment ever is about nip nops. This is been a great day

Beginning of the Movie he was poor.

End of the movie he was getting his dick sucked by a Greek demigod.

Simple solution - light is obviously racist.

Well this whole thing is stolen from a 200 year old Tumblr thread, so the guy probably knows it from there.

Herc does i think. They're really angular

Skinny Hercules has interesting nipples.

Skinny Hercules has

He (or whoever posted this first) drew the thin line circle in paint while he was also censoring the names.

'I recognise that gay blowjob!'

fuckin knew it

god they are so angular

Surprised this shit doesn't come with 100 free hours of AOL.

Seems he did everything right.

I mean, we don't want kids to see any man nips. Draw some swirlies.

"Guy really knows his Aladdin porn"

He has swirlies for knees and his chin too. It's just the style.

Now we're queer

I mean, just a Google search of "Aladdin at end of movie" even shows them in the night sky on the carpet with just the same skin tone as the before picture.  

One has to be pretty lazy to just repost this article, or just content living in their echo chamber of "everything is racist".

I mean, just a Google search of "Aladdin at end of movie" even in the night sky on the carpet with just the same skin tone as the before picture.

One has to be pretty lazy to just repost this article, or just content living in their echo chamber of "everything is racist".

He has nipples on his chin, and knees, too!?

It hates gingers the most

Huh, I thought there was a hair on my screen but you're right.... what the hell?

I've heard that clickbait authors will intentionally put false information into the headlines / descriptions of articles, so that know-it-alls will be tempted to click the article to correct them in the comments section. Very sneaky.

open paint, start crossing out names with pencil tool.

"why isn't it working?"

start making circles to test

"oh it's set to 1px"

increase size without hitting undo first

Why did I click on this

Started from the bottom...

who doesnt

Worth noting, from the US Census Bureau:

White – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

He was white the whole time, anyway.

So literally fake and gay? Amazing.

All I could find in a quick google search was this. Obviously very NSFW!

He probably didn't mean to. Maybe he had it on the thin setting and squiggled it and didn't see anything, and when he switched it to the thick line he never bothered to erase the original line.

You don't?

You know why.

Guy really knows his Aladdin porn.

It's my day off and I could be out having a beer or something, but I'm at home in the dark looking at Disney nipples. Where did I go so wrong??

The kind of font no one pays attention to when they've got Herc's big horse dick in their face

The whole Disney as evidence of racial oppression thing gets really really old. Honestly, talk of racial oppression gets old in general, but using cartoons as examples is just goofy. I'm a black man. I understand that racism is real, but the idea that everything and everybody is racist is just lazy.

His pubes even match the animation style. The artistry here is pretty damn good

but why? why /u/quizno50

You guys weirdly know when the men have nipples in Disney movies.

Triton in Little Mermaid does, I think

You're right what a fucking garbage font choice


I've started to suspect this is a huge thing with reddit. Redditors love to correct bad information or spelling/grammar errors as well. I feel like increasingly there is more and more /sub/titlegore for this reason.

echo chamber

Pretty much describes every Internet community.

Maui has nipples. They're disguised with tattoos but they're there. (no joke)

And the guys in Mulan

I mean, it's by one of my favorite artists, so I recognize it even when it's flipped...

For the interested... Source (NSFW)

I certainly don't , not when they are kissed by fire

Yeah but what the fuck kind of font is that

Big Disney fan

I recognize that bulge!

I.. I kinda wanna see this porn now.

Reminds me of the better off Ted episode where the auto lights don't work for black people.

"it's not racist. It's just... Ignoring them."

I recognize that bulge!

This sound gets me pumped to go to GameFAQs and print a walkthrough at my dad's work off of his dot matrix printer.

Kingdom Hearts

Had to look it up, you're right!

Now the whole team fucking queer

The sun is racist!

Sucked the tan right out of him.

Uhh, why is goofy there?

I only have nipples on my chin

I thought the link would show Tormund.

I'm greatly disappointed.

Thanks for making me smudge my screen trying to swipe away a non-existent red strand of hair.

Pfft. Not MY internet community.


Go 'head Herc

Not all whites are middle eastern.


Gods, I was angular

Not even as a fucking joke, I totally get the porn, rule 34 is super real so whatever, but that font... no fucking excuse.

that a weird "getting blown by Hercules" face then. He looks like he's rubbing lotion on his back

Somehow I don't think /u/PutASausageInYoButt is telling the truth here guys.

I came here to point that out also. The movie doesn't show him with nipples at any point.

Kingdom Hearts II?

Yea not a good enough answer.


I mean...they have a history of racist stuff because they're been around since racism was okay. But they also have a lot of multicultural stuff. Lots of different characters with different accents and musical styles. There's been a Disney princess in just about every race at this point and it seems like they really try to accurately portray the cultures rather than some gross stereotype.

Of course there's been missteps but I used to paint my face black and wear fishnets on my arms. I'm not one to judge.

I fucking love you.

Sounds about right.

I thought that was just the artist's representation of hairy Greek nipples.

Everything and everybody? No. But Disney has a history of some crazy racism in their cartoons, so this isn't really that goofy.

Bright dot in sky. hurt eyes. but make eyes work more. dot go away. hunt hard. color not same.

"Everything the light touches is racist Simba"

Wow, they would have even needed to edit Hercules's hair out of the image to make that shot

Honestly, as soon as he said Triton, I was like 'shit.. yea, he totally does'

But how does he know that....

It probably started with you clicking on links that you damn well knew were Disney nipples. It kind of cascades until you ultimately decided to get involved in the discussion about Disney nipples.

Get your god damn life together.

Not all middle easterners are white.

Cunningham's Law

That font is criminal.

Source: 4chan


Damn, Sherlock


Here, you're sure Sora and the guys won't mind you "borrowing" the gummi ship? 'Cause they might---

--- fmite fwhut? *lick, lick*

Ooohh... need... Uuh, it... mm, yeah...

Oh god! Uuh... Wonderboy, your tongue sure feels like- Oh, yeah, right there... -heaven

Completely irrelevant, but I got banned from /sub/latestagecapitalism because someone called it an echo chamber and I repeated what they said, as a joke. Fucking power tripping asshole mods.

Sorry for ranting.

Sexual awakenings can come from anywhere.