Al Bundy's Insult Highlight Reel!

Al Bundy's Insult Highlight Reel!

Remember when making fun of people was funny?

jefferson laughing at his wife getting roasted by al made it all the funnier

I would love to see how the casting went down for this show.

"WANTED: Heavy set women to be ridiculed about their weight on televised sitcom"

No ma’am

yeah unfortunately times have changed :(

Nah, that’s not why those jokes worked.

They worked because Al was a piece of shit and karma almost always bit him in the ass. He wasn’t someone people aspired to be. He was an antihero.

Pretty sure Bundy started /sub/fatpeoplehate

Except I think these jokes would be funny to someone who has never watched the show and has only seen these clips.

It still is

This show still hold up. IMHO, you could delete the live audience laughs and woos, put it on Netflix, and totally have a big audience all over again.

Given how hot Peggy is, it's actually surprising how little interest al had in sex.

I loved this show when I was a kid

I read your user as u/bitchtits

Ricky Gervais definitely helped