Airbnb guests are finding hidden cameras planted in their rentals

Airbnb guests are finding hidden cameras planted in their rentals

Not gonna lie, I always check air bnb bathrooms and bedrooms because of this.

You should the same in motels and hotels. Happens there too.

I mean of course they are. You’ve got to think that there are tons of people out there that only do airbnb to get footage like this

I once had a friend find a camera in the bathroom of the apartment he and his wife leased. It ain't just Airbnb folks.

I travel a lot for work so I definitely do. I’ve never found anything in a hotel/Airbnb but I have found one in an airline rewards programs shower room. It was under the bench that looked into the shower. Honestly I thought it was super obvious, and the staff handled it very professionally.

Not only that but the renters probably don't trust the people renting and want to keep an eye on them.

the staff handled it very professionally.

This can be interpreted in many different ways

If you find a phone or tablet that is filming, take the fucking evidence before you report.

Except it's illegal in most states to film someone in a place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy without their consent.

LPT don't do it

Camera in your shower room? That's 10,000 free miles for you!

20,000 if you let us keep the footage

This. I always hated that 'maintenance' could have a key to your apartment. There's no telling what goes on.

Finding a cam in a bathroom or bedroom is police report time; keep the camera and call the non emergency police line and enjoy the fun.

In June, a German tourist settled with Airbnb for an undisclosed amount after allegedly finding a hidden "remote-controlled camera" at a property in California.

Hilden said while Airbnb refunded her for the Switzerland stay, and reimbursed her for other travel expenses, she still felt it wasn't enough.

This is so stupid, sue the person who put the cameras up, not AirBnB. This is why we can't have nice things.

I agree, i'm not saying its right, i'm just saying I don't think its just guys trying to see naked people. I think some of these people are under the assumption that its ok if you are trying to protect your stuff. Its not.

Thanks for your perspective on this - it helps.

And it was a $100

An old standby is to turn off the lights in a room and use a flashlight; the camera lens will reflect a shine in a place where there shouldn't be a shine.

As a maintenance man.. We need access in case of an emergency

Like a flood or fire. I can't tell you how many times I've entered a unit for a water leak where no one is home. I know its unnerving but its necessary

Also we don't want to be there. Its too easy for some prick to accuse me of stealing a 20 that was never even there to begin with.

Ocular patdown

Honestly if someone wants to jack it to me shitting my ass dry, I say let them. Those lovable little scamps.

No idea. Let's check the cameras and find out.

this video

I was wondering if there's something I could buy to detect recording devices. I found . Illuminating. (I can't attest to whatever he's selling though.)

E: Apparently, there's this contraption called a cc308+ that can do the job for cheap. Here's one video.

E2: More expensive (and probably more reliable) options.

Put your own camera in your living room then.

I have a PiperNV system setup that sends me a 30s video of it detects any movement when I’m not there and if the doors or window sensors trip I get a text message. Took 5 minutes to install with the 4 door/window sensors.

Hitachi wand would do the job

Visual inspection with ya eyeballs

The place next door to me is an AirBnB. Accordingly, I named my wifi network "airbnb_hidden_cam"

There was someone in my work place (one of the big 4) who was caught placing hidden cameras in toilets and showers, also in nearby coffee shops.

He had tens of thousands of meticulously categorised and indexed videos.

He was only caught because when they watched the recordings from the camera they spotted in the showers, the first recording on it was him putting it there.

LPT if you're going to do it, have a time delay on it turning on.

20,000 if you let us keep the footage

fuck it, you want a trilogy?

AirBnB is also responsible. They are offering a service and acting as the distributor, they have a responsibility to make sure the service they're offering is legitimate.

The lack of responsibility AirBnB has evidenced so far, their incredibly shitty corporate practices, and what AirBnB has done to the availability of housing in many cities are all reasons why I will never use their services and will continually fight against them.

Yes, it's the same as a hotel. The hotel owner owns the hotel, but he doesn't have the right to spy on you. Once a customer pays, it is their private residence for the agreed upon time.

Shut up and let me watch you pee.

Had a group of friends this happened to earlier in the year, about 12 people rented a large house for a celebration (people traveled out of state for this) and they found hidden cameras all over the house needless to say they didn't feel much like celebrating after that and couldn't make a short notice switch for the party since they needed a house around the same size with a large kitchen for food prep. Not sure how they ended up handling it but I would have raised holy hell if it were me.

Where I live the non-emergency line just transfers you to dispatch aka 911.

There's a CA statute which says it's illegal to film or record without consent where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy

Yeah, but in California, it is also known to cause cancer.

I run an airbnb from the spare room in my apt.

I put a dark activated night light in the bathroom-for. Convenience. It helps in a dark place you yave never been before. It has a little glass light sensor that happens to point towards the shower.

I have had multiplw guests unplug it and put it under a towel- I suppose they were being paranoid it was a camara.

Also, nothing new. Conventional Landlords/maintenance workers/hotel owners have all been guilty of the voyouer. I am not excusing it, it's just not airbnb specific or something new with airbnb.

I always assume someone is watching at all times, and therefore, it's my responsibility to put on a good show for them.

Anyone recommend a wand or something that you can sweep a room for cameras with?

Yeah, i tried to call a non emergency line with a noise complaint because I thought 911 was for emergencies.

The secretary on the other end laughed and told me to call 911.

You have to wait until it's dark (Or close the curtains).

Turn out all light sources in the room and stand in the corner. Get a flash light or torch, and shine it across the room. Any camera lenses will reflect the light and you'll know to check that area.

Also works with spiders in the garden.

Works but you have to shine the light at the same angle takes forever and a large room for error

Steal the cameras. What would the owner do? Report that they had hidden cameras taken out of the tenant bedrooms?

I’m pretty certain that’s illegal in all 50 states

In another article they mentioned turning the lights off and use a flashlight, the lens of the camera will reflect the light. Won't find all of them but it's a cheap effective method

Dear lord if someone has watched me when my stomach gives me trouble, they are scarred for fucking life.

funny these cameras were found in the bathroom and bedrooms pointed at the bed. You can put cameras in normal places for safety and let the renter know. Safety was not the purpose in these cases.

But $100-$200 investment for one of these at the very least.

Fuck that's cheap compared to a couple of years ago.

If multiple people have been creeped out by your nightlight why do you keep putting it back in? Why not remove or replace it?

Creepy. Why are people so horrible?

No easy way to sweep for battery powered or plugged devices that record to a memory card. At least not as a civilian.

It could literally be inside a stereo or even the cable box. If it's not transmitting wirelessly you aren't going to find it with a wand.

Although I like Airbnb, some of the responses to this article are giving me /sub/hailcorporate vibes.

Had the opposite experience where my dumbass neighbor kept calling 911 to complain out noise from my family. Police had a policy to respond to all 911 calls so they kept having to come down to tell us that our construction work was fine they just have to show up.

To the extent Airbnb represents that the listings they have have been vetted and are safe, then they put themselves on the hook for legal liability. Sort of similar to how lyft and Uber, despite referring to their drivers as independent contractors, expose themselves to liability by representing that they background check their drivers to ensure safety. If they both put a big disclaimer on their site that says hey you’re totally doing this shit at your own risk, they’d have a much better position legally. But then, not nearly as many people would feel comfortable using their services.

Oooh, is it like a fun Harry Potter thing? My kids would love that!

Yeah this is a pretty foolproof system, I'm thinking of getting one. But $100-$200 investment for one of these at the very least.

Grab a paper towel roll and a flashlight and hold the roll up to one eye and close the other. In a darkened room, turn on the flashlight and place it at eye level next to the tube and slowly scan the room for the telltale white reflection. You can pretend you're a pirate standing on the bow of your cutter if that helps. Arrr.

Hell, if someone were filming me, they may pay me to get dressed. Either way, I win.

huh. one time i found a forum of people posting 'airbnb porn' on mega. thought it was all fake.. now i'm not so sure

Their logo is a ball sack and people are surprised there are people spying on yours?

One time I caught maintenance guys going through my cupboards in the kitchen. They didn't know I was home. Called my roommate, and she told them she wouldn't be home for a few hours, so they said they'd come in the afternoon. Turns out they were standing at the door when they spoke with her. "Uh, we're here to fix the leak." "You mean the dripping faucet in the bathroom?"


It’s like a cows opinion. It’s moo.

100% best buy we've made this year.

If they have WiFi then you can also use an app like Fing to see if there’s any suspicious devices on the network.

Assumes they’re dumb enough to use the same network you’re on, anyway.

I recently moved from a really sketchy apartment complex and I flat out did not trust the management/maintenance, even better the maintenance people were a 3rd party contractor so even if they stole our shit while we lived there, apartment management couldn't be held responsible.

They often sent out notices for "inspections" for this and that reason and every time, I called the front desk asking what time my building would be inspected, as I would be taking an hour off work to be in the unit at that time. Amazingly enough, my apartment was never inspected......

Also when I turned in my notice that I wouldn't be renewing my lease, they sent me a notice telling me that management would be doing an unannounced inspection sometime within 10 days before or 10 days after the end of my lease. I called the front desk raising hell, and they told me that they had no such policy and didn't know what I was talking about, even though I was reading directly off the notice stamped with their management logo.

How do you check exactly ?

What is it that you look for? I'll be travelling and using AirBnB because it's the cheapest option for the area I'll be in..

I caught a maintenance man stealing weed from me once

Moot* is the word you’re looking for.

The real LPT is always in the comment...thread.

Because it’s a great night light, and their suspicion and ignorance doesn’t make for valid ground to remove something that does its job very well, and is in fact not a camera. I’m sure if they asked, he’d happily inform whom ever or even temporarily take it down for their stay. Ps. I picked up a similar light on Amazon and have had people mistake the light sensor globe for a camera; thankfully mine faces no showers at the moment, but it might someday.

Those laws aren't just for hotels. Hotels just follow that law and usually are pretty good at following it because they're a business and don't want to get fucked. AirBNB is just random people and we all know how good random people are about following the law (drive around town for an hour and you'll get the idea).

Then you clear them for passage.

On the flip side of that...

There's a guy on my hockey team who's in the middle of a divorce. They owned a big house in a nice area together, but since their splitting, they're going to sell it. In the meantime, while the divorce is hashed out they put the place on Airbnb so that there's money that can come in for the mortgage.

Ok. So now I've set the table for does this relate?

Apparently one of his Airbnb guests hosted a high-class swinger party at his place. He only found out about it from his neighbor who had remarked about the people coming and going etc.

The funny thing is...he's never had the place so well treated by any other guest....ever. He said the place was immaculate. It was as if they cleaned it even to a better degree than he did.

....and then, of course, my team asked if he had hidden cameras.

...he...did not.

This presumes the cameras are wireless

In the Soviet bloc, it was routine for hotel rooms used by Westerners to be bugged for sound and video. Useful potential blackmail material.

Even happened to James Bond (although that was in Istanbul)

I pitty the poor person that gets a video of me in the buff. It'll look like a grizzly escaped from the zoo.

You can sue both, this America damn it.

They're going out of their way to watch people deuce and you think a little diarrhea is going to scar them?

I'm a dispatcher. Next time ask the officers what their department policy is on harassment by police. At my PD you can be charged for repeatedly calling the police for an issue that isn't illegal.

You think I'm talking "a little" diarrhea??

cameras are found in hotels all the time though...

Set off a nuclear device 60,000 feet over the building. The EMP will knock out any cameras.

During my trip to Europe this summer one of my hosts somehow knew that I had switched my train ticket to an earlier time. I never mentioned it to them because I was going to be out long before checkout time. Then the cleaning lady showed up 3 hrs before my original checkout time, right as I was leaving for my train. Got on the phone with my host and he somehow knew I was on the 1030am train instead of the 2pm train. As soon as he mentioned it he started backpedaling and told the cleaning lady to leave immediately. Can't prove it but they either had cameras in the place or they were monitoring my internet usage, either way, creepy as hell.

Two way mirror tip.

If you place your finger on a mirror and theres a gap between your reflection finger tip and yours, its legit.

If there is no gap, that is a two way mirror.

Aren't most camera lenses convex, so there's a way bigger angle at which you'd see glare?

Everything you say is logical but he is hosting people and needs them to feel comfortable, so he can get good reviews and repeat business. A nightlight is a few $. Easy to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

I'm friends with one of the girls. She was a cheerleader and this was where they all tanned.

You should the same in motels and hotels.

But what about Holiday Inns?

cue in porn music

but what if it's in the corner you're standing in? O_o

??? A two-way mirror is just a mirror that lets some light through the reflective layer instead of reflecting it all back. It doesn't have to be silvered on the front of the glass.

My girlfriend and I found one. The only way it got found was because she saw the colored reflection on the lense and recognized it from my FPV drones. It's a little $20 Aomway camera from Hobbyking. I'd post pictures, but there's an ongoing investigation right now.

How paranoia are you willing to be?

And be professional. We owe it to the person who spent that much time/effort setting the camera up to begin with.

AirBnB do hold some responsilbility as it was rented through them as a service.

Issue with a lot of these new businesses like this they want the money without any of the responsibly or regulatory commitments. If someone commits a crime using their service they should be just as accountable.

Nah it's moo. It's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo.

Is there an efficient and reliable way to check for cameras? It's pretty easy to hide one so that they're impossible to find

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Suing the corporation would likely ensure that they start setting standards so this won't repeat at other locations and lose more money again.