Agent for Dee Gordon issues a weird/annoyed statement post-trade

Agent for Dee Gordon issues a weird/annoyed statement post-trade
Agent for Dee Gordon issues a weird/annoyed statement post-trade

Sounds like he's just sticking up for his guy. He's right, just because Gordan is a great athlete and a hard worker doesn't guarantee success - it'll be a difficult transition and his value can suffer if he doesn't succeed at a really high level.

i mean he kind of has the right to be. marlins and mariners were both like "yeah hell do fine in CF" while Dee was like ".....wait what."

I think this is what OP is talking about:

The Mariners did not get Dee’s approval in advance but they have asked him to move to center field for the 2018 season.

They're worried their reputation could be tarnished should this CF endeavor not work out and they get the blame for it. They're saying they had nothing to do with the change of position, and putting it solely into Gordon's and the Mariners' hands.

He sounds pissed lol

tbf this could negatively impact his career

The Mariners did not get Dee’s approval

Good thing they didn't need it mr. agent man

Which is exactly why Gordon/his agent are annoyed. What is the confusion

Hey Ohtani, we will let you play where you want, we don't care. Watch us trade for a career middle infielder with no outfield experience and make him our center fielder.

Dee Gordon is more valuable at 2B than CF. Agent has a right to say it.

I wonder if his agent took it on his own to write this or he is conveying Gordon’s thoughts here. Whatever the case....passive aggressive much?

Chris taylor?

Tl;Dr: wtf guys, he's a 2nd baseman now and you want him to become a center fielder?

dipoto did talk to him and his response was that he was more than happy to play where the team thought he would improve us the most

Nothing wrong with that, what he said is correct.

I think it's taking it out of Gordon's hands and into the Mariners' hands.

My favorite part was “one of the best second basemen in the league”

Dee was just on KJR and he sounded quite optimistic. He's gonna be working with Griffey to become a center fielder. In fact he stopped in the interview early becuase he was getting a call from Griffey.

And that is the difference between a good organization and a shitty one. Good ones talk to their players about such a major move even though they don't have to.

Yeah from second. It’s a whole different ball game at short.

well this article is about his agent, not him

listen to jerry dipotos podcast. this is what our gm said

I'm talking about SS.

You're talking about 2B.

He was fine at 2B for us too.

The throws are different from there.

That's what I say every time me and my mom are on the phone