After Taiwan, something big with IOTA is happening in Seoul guys!

After Taiwan, something big with IOTA is happening in Seoul guys!

Someone asked Dom on discord about present involvements with Seoul and he denied it very explicitly ! I'm sure you meant good but rumors based of photo collages like this are actually harmful for the credibility of the project :)

Haha I almost didn't see the copy note at the bottom of your post... Was reading through like "damn, this guy either really likes Per or just actually is Per" xD

Yeah somehow i don't know what to think about him. His tweets were missleading a couple of times. i remember when he posted that he would talk with dom in russia and none from the foundation knew about it and dom or david (i dont know who of them) had to denie it.

Per Lind twitters much during a long day...

Per, born in Denmark and currently residing in Thailand, is the epitome of a connector with a digital rolodex very few can match. Not only is he extraordinary at bringing the right people together, he is also an accomplished business developer with a diverse background from a myriad of sectors.

He started his career by obtaining a degree in economics before jumping right into becoming a pioneer in the renewable energy industry before working as head of marketing at Bang & Olufsen. From there he achieved success at several companies in different sectors including IBM and ResponseTek in the US and Europe. Throughout his career he has worked directly and indirectly with several of the largest brands in the world including Ford, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, SonyEricsson, Virgin Media and more. He was headhunted to work in Thailand 12 years ago and decided to stay ever since.

At the moment he leads his own business development company Farmor Cloud Factory which works with a wide range of western companies like HYPR, and iMotions aiming to establish themselves in the Asian region. He is also a mentor at StartupBootcamp and work closely with regulators to boost the ecosystem surrounding the innovative technologies he finds interesting.

Per recognized IOTA’s unique potential after having witnessed the limitations of regular blockchain architecture in his professional life for the past years. He has already been of great value for the IOTA project by opening a lot of exciting doors to world leading institutions that are interested in utilizing IOTA in value streams and new business models.

The IOTA Foundation welcome Per Lind and look forward to the exciting voyage we are embarking on together.

(Copy from the "Welcome Per Lind to the IOTA Foundation" blog post)

Like this?

Take what he says with a big grain of salt: If nothing eventuates from his talk after all that, he'll be the equivalent of Carlos from Bitconeeeeeect to me.

He joined the Foundation in December 2016 or so, as a Business Developer in Asia. I’m not sure of his official position in the Foundation. We need a complete remake of ha ha

Lol. Per is one of the first members of IOTA Foundation, and he handles a lot of talks with governments and banks in Asia. That’s why I follow his Twitter a lot

Out of the loop, who is Per Lind?

Wow thanks for the great and fast response. Must have missed that one. So does he completely work for the foundation now or is he on the supervisory board like Johann Jungwirth?