After seeing that Siri has never watched Star Wars, I decided to ask Cortana...

After seeing that Siri has never watched Star Wars, I decided to ask Cortana...
Siri has a surprising number of Star Wars related comments... here's a few I dug up.

Siri has a surprising number of Star Wars related comments... here's a few I dug up.

I feel like the asteroid field one doesn't count since it is just showing you the reference that wolfram alpha is making.

Cortana is one of the main things I miss about not using my Windows Phone as my main phone. That and Maps that I can actually use without data and that work. But I Need my iPhone for work. I occasionally tell Siri that I miss Cortana. I think she is starting to hate me lol.

She is coming to Windows 10 tho, which i am excited about. Also my Lumia 1020 kept having this weird email issue that wouldn't get fixed and it was an OS issue. The emails kept on either not formatting correctly for me to view on the screen or it would not show content. It was interfering with my job and daily life.

Cortana coming out for IOS and Android

That's it. Cortana > Siri.

I just picked up a Lumia 640 the other day. My coworkers and boss played around with it a little bit, and sure enough, the next day that's what he and one of the other techs had too. I'm really surprised at this phone. Kicking some serious ass.

Siri was the vehicle on the information superhighway that got you there!

When I finally went from Android to iPhone, I was blown away how undeveloped the Siri feature was. Based on the commercials, you'd expect it to be extremely polished. Google Now and Cortana are almost on another level.

Lack of apps seems like a deal breaker to me until I realize I never play games on my phone and the only apps I use are Youtube, Facebook and Reddit.

I miss my WP.

Siri is in the middle. Google Now is straight to the point, often getting all the information ready for you before you even ask.

To me, Cortana and Siri are "AI assistants", Google Now is the computer from Star Trek (hence the codename "Project Majel").

Baconit and Readit are both better than anything I found on my old Android phone. I think there's a new one that came out a few weeks ago that's pretty decent, too, but I don't remember its name.

But Cortana is on Windows Phone...

I would love to give windows phones a go but the lack of apps seems to be a big deal breaker. How are you getting by with it?

That's the joke.



Are you serious? I've tried the reddit apps on android and they're junk compared to baconit or readit. I know baconit had some issues, but a few of them were just recently fixed, and readit is pretty nice (although it seems to kill my battery, but that could be the windows 10 preview also)

iWing confirmed

So you're upset you can't play a cut-and-paste, pay-to-win game if you get a Windows phone?

They both have their strengths. Cortana is a lot more personal and chatty though. Siri is more to-the-point.

Wouldn't an i-Wing just be a TIE fighter on its side?

Well for one I've heard it's better for porn.

See I think the more people use Bing the better it should become, but I could be wrong since I don't actually know how their search works differently than Google's.

No, that's an I-Wing.

No, it's the windows phone equivalent

Makes sense that she would only notice the robots in the synopsis.

Cortona has a surprising number of custom answers, most of the Halo ones are gone, but they do try to keep her current. Ask her what the Fox says. I loved my Nokia 521, until my wife picked up a 640. Now I want a 640.