After releasing 136 Xbox 360, 13 Original Xbox & 7 enhanced Xbox 360 titles in 2017, the Xbox One Backward Compatibility team is taking some time off for the holidays. Releases resume after New Year. Thank you for all of your support this year!

After releasing 136 Xbox 360, 13 Original Xbox & 7 enhanced Xbox 360 titles in 2017, the Xbox One...

Congrats to the BC team. I was skeptical as fuck, and expected that they would release 2 batches of games and stop. Instead they proved me very, very wrong.

Thanks to all of you for the support. We aren't all going away for a month, just not releasing as we wrap up some stuff ahead of vacations and such. And looking forward to next year. Have a few surprises in store. We aren't done yet!

tl;dr - no more backwards compatible games until 2018

Yep. They've done awesome work. Never expected we would have xbox 360 and now original xbox games running better on an xbox one than they do on the original hardware. Just hope 2018 sees another bumper crop of BC games including Elder Scrolls 3:Morrowind Game of the Year edition

Your work is one of those great examples of ROI that can't be shown on any spreadsheet.

I was tempted to jump to PS4 due to their VR unit. But backwards compatibility as a priority kept me loyal to XBox for another generation.

Seriously, thanks to you and your team. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y'all!


They've done a lot of good work since BC was introduced. I look forward to what 2018 has in store

They surely deserve it. Hopefully when they get back, we’ll finally get those games we all want. I really want MW2 and Max Payne 3 to be backwards compatible

I don't think MW2 will never ever happen because Activision knows they can re-release MW2 just like they did with MW and people will gobble it up. It really sucks too, because MW2 was definitely one of my top titles for the 360, but I don't want to deal with a re-released version that has loot boxes and all the other shit that they've added to their games.

I would play the shit out of morrowind again




Here is a list of all backwards compatibility games.

Really hoping Splinter Cell makes it to the list some day.


If they do what Modern Warfare Remastered did, where they keep the old progression system and unlocks intact as they were and add some new cosmetic lootboxes, I can live with that. The new stuff has no effect on my enjoyment of the game and I can ignore it pretty easily.

I'd prefer a remake like that than to try to play on the old, hacked online gameplay of the original on BC.

Edit: I forgot they added new weapons in the lootboxes. I take back the nice things I said.

This is Xbox, what else is there to do?

Honestly one of my favorite features on Xbox One :)

Makes me feel valued as a customer that my "old" digital licenses aren't worthless when a new console iteration launches.

Good job to them all. A well-deserved break.

KOTOR release alone makes you guys worthy of all the praise I can give you. Thanks and enjoy your holiday!

If AnusSausage is happy with it, it's good enough for me.

You’ve earned it, next year Halo Reach and ODST enhanced!

At this point in time your team is the very best thing about Xbox, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Please never stop what you're doing as it's so important for the future preservation of digital titles. We love you.

Too early for a Nobel Prize nomination?

That is never going to happen, for the same reason no new NCAA games are ever going to happen.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I highly suggest you check out Open MW for the PC then. Runs much smoother (and looks better) than the original game. Takes advantage of multiple cores! Most mods work with it, too.


2018??? That's like the distant future. Heck who knows if we'll even make it that far. The third Angel will attack in 2015 and the moon will be flung out of orbit in 1999.

Or maybe throw Reach in with the new and improved MCC ;)

Oh God Morrowind with updated graphics would be legendary. Hell I'm almost afraid of it because I don't have that kind of time anymore.

Radio on the internet?

any hint if we are getting Simpson's hit and run/jet set radio?? :D

Tables lives matter man please ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

never heard it shorted like that

Pick up a finance book listed full as fuck of similar acronyms.... the horror

I hope the rest of the gaming industry takes notice. I’ve always felt the industry was should be more like the movie industry in that way. Can you imagine if you wanted to watch home alone this christmas you had to go on the internet and buy a specific vcr model from the 90s?


Just kidding. Had some slow weeks but overall I'm satisfied. Playing three generations in a single console is a blast and worth it.

NO, THEY DON'T!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Literally everyone wants jet set radio. It was a mastahpeece. The problem is the license is all split up, some parts of it are held by companies that are out of business now. To make matters worse, all of the awesome obscure music in the game is licensed individually I think, making it a bureaucratic nightmare. I don't even care about the music, they could make it the chicken dance if I can play jsrf on my Xbox again.

Enjoy the time off, you guys deserve it! Amazing work so far! Would love Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Morrowind from og Xbox and Ninja Gaiden 2 and Max Payne 3 to get the 4k treatment for the one x!!!!!

I was almost certain we'd get about two dozen games - at the most - and then we'd never hear about backward compatibility ever again. I'm pleasantly surprised and quite grateful.

Do the dew to the Exxxtreme

Return On Investment, idk I never heard it shorted like that but it makes sense

They added two or 3 new weapons to every category and it killed the game imo

Thats true, I actually didn't think about modders and all the modded lobbies. I agree with you, I have no problem if its just cosmetic.

Let's hope they succeed. EA Sports needs to be toppled.

This is all I want and it’s disgusting

EA got their license revoked, but other game studios are trying to get licenses to publish the series

Please drink verification can

MWR wasn't just cosmetics though

Do KINGDOM UNDER FIRE!!!!!!!! Best game ever on Xbox.


I know, I was kidding. Can never resist a silicon valley quote when the opportunity presents itself.

Now what?!

Really hoping for splinter cell: chaos theory soon, fingers crossed

So much love to the B/C team. You've really helped Xbox regain it's image imo, a lot of people respect it for the backcompat now. Doing it for us and for free!

They might not be taking a month long vacation as such, just not doing any releases in December. I don't work in the video games industry, but I do work in a game development company and it's pretty common for us to freeze releasing any new features or products during December to minimise shit going sideways during the holiday period.

Having said that, if their experience is anything like mine there's a good chance they'll probably be taking some vacation time during December too, It's easy to get to October and realise you've barely taken any all year if you do a lot of releases. One year I was so caught up in work that I had all my vacation days (less one or two) left to use in mid-October. Hello, 3 day weeks throughout part of November and December, and finishing for Christmas on the 13th!

Yeah it's free. It's an open source engine that allows you to play through Morrowind. It still requires you to own Morrowind though. Think of it kind of like you would an emulator: The software is free, but the game is not.

As someone who just bought Morrowind GOTY on Steam...What? Is Open MW free?

When I got skate 3 I was done complaining

Yeah, I hope Nintendo realizes backwards compatibility is... Oh wait, they did... RIP WiiU

Huh, I hadn't even noticed that.

Never mind then, praise retracted.


Also: an entire month off? Christ.

Microsoft compensation is in line with the rest of the industry. I used minimal vacation during the year because we were getting Scorpio out the door, so I had a pile of use it or lose it days. I left on Thanksgiving and I won't be back until January.

Additionally, there are service changes associated with title releases. We try to eliminate any service changes during the holidays for one key reason: Maintain stability. We don't want services going down on Christmas morning due to a bad change, so we get stuff into a stable state around this time.

Actually, now I don't know what this could mean, but I saw a commercial about NCAA games coming back next year. I saw the ad a couple months ago

I’ll get right on it!

The character animation is pretty dire by modern standards, and it's generally difficult to improve that sort of thing with mods.

this guy fucks

I want motor 2. Like right now now.


Modern Warfare 2 when you come back please 🤞🏼

Really wish it was Skate 2. But the team has done a great job.

Hopefully they can speed up the loading times. I remember renting that for a week over a summer break in high school and only playing a few hours of actual gameplay.

These guys are the reason Xbox remains a better option than PS4.

It's way better on steam especially with it installed on an ssd

What about right meow?

Or at the very least have competition.

Madden used to make good games. Even now I’d say the games are “good” but they have hardly innovated anything in the last 6 years.

I think there’s probably some developer frustration there too because they just keep polishing the platform they’ve been on for so long. It needs a ground up overhaul.

They forced you to buy infinite warfare if you wanted cod 4 remastered.. that’s scummy.

This... Was one of the greatest threads I've ever seen on Reddit. So much emotion. Oh how the turntables.

You can get ODST with the Masterchief collection, but it’s basically DLC you have to buy and download.

Not an issue. Hope they enjoy their holidays! :D

And the MCC version of ODST didn't have firefight mode.

It's probably not they are talking the time to plan out next year and work on improving processes internally and all that other stuff

Excellent work by that team - I'd say they've surprised most of us especially with the X updates.

NFL Street 1 & 2 pretty please?

what? GTA IV is BC?? Since when??

The new releases slowed down when they started working on Xbox Originals and X enhancements. Plus I have to imagine the pool of games publishers are offering for the program is getting much smaller, as well.

I really hope they get Mercenaries: PoD backwards compatible! I know it had trouble running on the 360 though, but fingers crossed!

Backwards compatibility really made my Xbox 360 obsolete

Me too thanks

Thanks man, we're all counting on you.

Well deserved

I can't believe some of the audacity of these studios.

Re-selling an already existing game with minor updates for full price, plus adding on new game play affecting gambling "features" for additional revenue streams.

Just give me the option of buying the whole thing without any changes and charge whatever price for it. Don't f up an already good thing, that would require minimal effort to produce.

Hopefully modern warfare 2 is in the works

It's the Xbox way

Well MW2 doesn't really seem to have that many modders. WaW is a different story though

At least we got EDF 2017 in sweet, sweet 60fps before you left. ❤

Thanks for all of your oustanding work, 4k 360 games are the future. Hope you have a relaxing holidays and look forward to what you all have in store for us in January!

Backwards comparability is a great feature

I hope we can get MW3 sometime next year:)