After maining Lucio for nearly 300 hours, I finally got 'the floor is lava' achievement on Temple of Anubis of all places.

The fucking madman no environmental kills either 10/10 Oh shit thanks my guys for top comment

I had actually forgotten that the achievement wasn't for environmental kills.

You're probably the first to get it legit on a map without booping people off the map

I salute you

Hahaha I was in this game with you! I was 'realbad'

Haha told ya it was going straight on Reddit!

no boops

Lijiang Tower

The willpower is strong with this one.

One hell of a speed boost.

My first thought was "are there any pifalls in the temple of Anubis?"

How the fuck did you move so fast

There was another post about this that got a lot of attention. No boops on lijaang garden.

Me too and when I got it this way I was confused and thought it was a bug.

So... much... motion blur...

Great play, OP

Hahaha what are we laughing about again?

can't stop won't stop

"my whole team left and the enemy team was nice enough to let me achieve stuff"

Well it's not achievement when you don't achieve it...

Haha I don't know!

I never noticed it wasnt this makes it so fucking easier, just go hard while riding on liajang tower the map where you can wallride around the top and go for kills god damn lol

I think it's easier to boop three people off the map without touching the ground

I never knew it could be 3 separate boops... how have I still never gotten this achievement?

The "same life" qualification.


Well I personally don't feel like I achieved something if people help me that much. For example if Zarya helps using her ultimate Zennyata with getting Rapid Discord that's totally okay. If 6 people stand AFK letting Zen kill them... Well I won't feel good about that. But hey some other guy totally could and I'm not hating just explaining why other people might not approve.

this makes it so fucking easier

No it doesn't. Getting the killing blow on 3 non-environmental kills whilst wall riding and not dying is exponentially harder than just booping and then wall riding as they die. No way any team worth a damn is going to let you casually circle around the top of Lijiang while you attempt to finish off 3 of them.

Nice one OP. It's one of those achievements you either get organically after a long while, or via cheesy setup

A master lucio does not abide by your rules of space-time

I don't understand how people can just climb walls like lucio is just an extension of their real body. When I play lucio and try that, I feel paralyzed and retarded.

You just have to be on a wall by the time it registers the elimination. I got it on Lighthouse by just chilling on the point, booping people and then grinding up on the wall.

might stop

ugh hate when people do that

edit: i expected to be downvoted tbh

Just three kills in the same life while wall riding. They don't even have to be boops.

Me too thanks

Man I've really never paid attention to what needs to be done for that one apparently. Always had the impression it had to be a triple boop in one wallrun... I have hundreds of hours in Lucio too

That's the most impressive Floor is Lava that I've ever seen. Well done!

second point Anubis is so much fun with lucio.

And good on you for doing it legit and not being one of those people who spams chat during QP asking for help with it. That right there is some shit you can be proud of.

Right but the achievement is made in such a way that it isn't really skillful to achieve 99% of the time. Its down to dumb luck. Most people just want the sticker, it doesn't indicate skill really, just that you got lucky

will stop

Clearly he meant until now.

Same for me. Watched a video of a YouTuber trying to get this achievement at it took him ages, a day or so later I got Ilios and decided I should try it for the fun of it.

Got it that same game, on lighthouse as well.


oh, Oh, OH, TIME TO A C C E L E R A T E


Lose a lot. I stopped playing for couple weeks after that and started back up with the new season. I'm doing pretty well now.

(Ana mains bristle in outrage)

Edit: Start with continuous round surfaces like the ceiling in Lijian's Garden and the bell on Hanamura point A. Then progress with hopping through windows on Lijang's night market and hoping over the walls in Nepal's Shrine.


Get three final blows while wallriding. You can do it all at once or one at a time, as long as you don't die between the kills. It's difficult to get final blows as Lucio because the pancake launcher is so shitty, so most people who get it legit get it by booping 3 people off the map at once, then wallriding as they fall.

Yeah, thats really impressive

That being said, some achievements just really are not possible anymore because players got smart.

For instance, you CANNOT get Hanzo's ultimate achieve, Bastions ultimate achieve, Pharah's Ult achieve or Junkrats Ult Achieve without a Zarya...I mean you's just a waste of time without her.

Or killing 2 people in recon/tank/sentry without dying...people just NUKE you as Bastion now so that's damn near impossible.

I love this because I feel like this was how the achievement was meant to be earned. Props.


oh shit you can get that without booping people off?? i feel so stupid right now

SOnic & Lucio have a secret genetic love-child special grown in a lab.

That child is Tracer.

Holy shit

I think you should look a bit closer

Me too, I've only seen people do it with the boop.

qp though lol, and on maps with no easy boops, it makes it possible lol, I literally didnt know it wasnt boops so its easier by virtue of being possible in more than one way and on every map

Dude, fuck yeah! As a Lucio main to another, that's how it's supposed to be done! Bigup fam!!!

Dropped 1000SR in a week

can i ask how?

they're not both legit.

it's like getting a perfect score on a test normally versus getting a perfect score because the teacher told you all the answers.

It's a matter of perspective and personal values. If your goal is to simply make the game give you the reward, then sure, by all means have the enemy team line up so you can take the perfect shot.

On the other hand, many people find the achievement much more meaningful if they acquire it in the course of normal gameplay. Even if there's a good dose of luck involved, it's more impressive that way.