After every match, I gotta close and open my game again. Thanks, new patch!

After every match, I gotta close and open my game again. Thanks, new patch!

Thank god they fixed these very important 3 bugs lol

Definitely worth restarting the game each round to not see a molotov in the plane.

I get that message but no "offline" status. I can join into another game no problem.

Gonna be a fun 11 weeks.

I think I'm just gonna play something else.


Really. The AS bug was pretty annoying but I got used to it, but closing and re-opening everytime? This is upsetting.

You don't seem to be getting the point

I have the same text on my screen and like you I can join another game no problem.

Thx blueballs

First, I wasn't referring to it at all, I don't even know what you are talking about.

It is exactly what you did, the joke is just sarcastically thanking someone for something that you're clearly not thankful for.

Second, it doesn't make you cool calling us 14 year olds.

I never said that it did, nor do I know why you'd even think that was anywhere close to my point. My point is that this sub acts really immature, responding by telling me I'm only saying that because I think it makes me cool, only kind of proves my point.

and I posted this picture because we share our frustration, not to say the devs are dumb.

That might be true but when half the posts on this sub seem to be people having a bad game/experience and then using this sub as a place for them to come and bitch about the game and it's devs, it definitely doesn't come across that way.

Basically all I wanna say is that this is an annoying bug.

Then just say that, that's how an adult conveys frustration with something not working properly. They talk about t rationally instead of making catty jokes.

Think of it like this, if this was your job and you made a mistake, would you rather that someone addressed the issue respectfully by saying "hey ___________ is really an issue that's causing your user base a lot of frustration right now and needs to be addressed immediately" or "Well you completely broke it! Thanks, /u/SomeNicePokemon! "

Devs do read these forums, when you post on them you should do your best to talk as though you were face to face with them because if you wouldn't pull that kind of attitude with someone in real life you shouldn't do it online either. This isn't just something about your post either but the entire culture of this sub over the last few months.