"African-American" is one of the most demeaning terms that people think is proper to say. It's ridiculous. Africa is a huge continent with multiple countries, multiple cultures, and multiple languages. It's not all the same. Plus not all black people in this country are "African-American" some are Jamaican, some are from Brazil, some are from Europe, etc... It's a bullshit term that needs to go away. If you are black and you are a citizen of this country you are an American that happens to be black. There is no hyphen involved.

My favorite is when liberals refer to black people in the UK as African American. The stupidity is astounding. Not only are they not American, but their families could have easily been in Europe since the 1600s.

Teddy Roosevelt would be proud.

i remember seeing reporter calling idris elba 'african american'

Her & her sister love some President Trump.

Diamond & Silk are amazing. I would love to have them as my backup in a debate. Drinking wine and wagging their fingers disapprovingly at my opponents haha

Nailed it. There are over 180 countries outside the continent of Africa whos natives are dark skinned. Why would anyone want their American-ness presupposed by their ancestral geographic origin?

Reminds me of the white South-African immigrant dude I knew when I was in the army.

Checks the "african American" block on some form in basic

EVERYONE freaks out black Sgt who's supervising ppl fill out the paperwork freaks out starts screaming at SA Dude

SA dude's like: WTF I was actually born in fucking africa, like the fucking continent, you've never even been there, how are you telling me it's 'your block'

Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are in meltdown

I've never once called a black person an "African American", I'm sorry I don't believe in it for the reasons listed here. I call them black, they call me white, and that's just the way it is.

Was cringe situation when girl from South Africa won African-American scholarship... Was all over news when she was declined because of skin color.

Don't downvote fellow pede, just because he didn't recognize Trump girls

Even liberals hate political correctness.

This girl is hardcore conservative. She stood behind Trump from beginning when everyone was laughing....

I stopped saying African American years ago. It's retarded. If it's okay to call me white, then it's okay to call you black. If you prefer African American then I want to be called Caucasian American. Sounds retarded? My point exactly.

does this mean i have to stop making people call me anglo-american?


Drinking wine? Half the time she's drinking some electric green riot juice. lmao

The government and the MSM are pushing racism, classism, and division in lock-step.

There Is No Global Flag, No Global Currency, No Global Citizenship. We Will Be United As Americans

SA Dude did many push ups, but left the african-american block checked

DJT needs to invite em to the WH some time.

Donald has more black friends than Obama and Michael.

Charlie Murphy? Darknesses! Huhuhu

Yeah man. I know the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear that accent is 'American.'

I don't even know where Caucasia is.

Don't let the liberals know you don't wanna be part of their social groups. They'll attack you to show their tolerance.

Yep, white South Africans easily highlight the silliness of the "African American term." I knew a few kids in high school who were these white Jewish boys but they immigrated from South Africa. Thus, they are technically African-America.

And then you get Joe Rasta who comes to America, never set foot in Africa, and is labeled as "African America." It's silly. I tend to just say "Black" since it's more accurate.

What happened after?

I've never met one black person who objected to being referred to as black. It's insanity.

I love those ladies.

I HATE being called Caucasian.

Even liberals hate political correctness. They just don't realize

Love her. Based.

Even this, when people ask me where I'm from, I don't say Ireland or Germany, I say America bc I was born here and I am proud of it, that's what makes America Great, the diversity which gives us unification

I call them brown. I dont go out of my way to do it but if I need to describe a person I will say the light brown guy, or the dark brown lady. I have seen some really brown folks but never a black one.

Why is the IRS knocking?

Haha true

"mmm hmmm, that's right!"

This was long before the days of Wesley Snipes

I have never once met a black person who wanted to be referred as an "African American". I have met plenty of (white) liberals who insist on using the silly term.

"I'm an american."

"I'm also a black american."

"And I'm also a black haired american."

All of these statements are true.

Are you a "white American"? Or just "American"?

Black american?

I only know where it is because the Caucasian mountains are great defensive locations for troops.