Adoption blep

Adoption blep

I love that the only photos of the cat on that page are him blepping as well. Would totally adopt

He is licking the window. He is a window licker. A super cute window licker that I wish I could adopt so he could lick all the windows he wants. Or...he might just be trying to escape very slowly. But he is not blepping. Its even the third rule down: A LICK IS NOT A BLEP. Why can't you people take blepping seriously? D you think this is a game?

Someone needs to adopt this blep. I mean that's some kind of blepping there. This kind of talent must be nurtured.

Awwww, who wouldn't want to adopt that little blepping kitty!

Pfffft ha! Truth in advertising.

Someone needs to adopt that cat and turn him into the official /sub/blep mascot, ASAP!

In the absence of /sub/lick, I accept this submission as a good try. Also, the cat vaguely resembles mine, so that's a big double approval from me.

OP please tell me you adopted that blep!!

All these comments. I'd consider that a lick rather than a blep?