Adam Savage working on the original R2D2

Adam Savage working on the original R2D2

Wouldn't he have been like 3 years old in 1977?

Didn't the original have an actor inside?

IMDB only has credits for Adam (and Jamie as well) for Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clone. I thought Jamie worked on Empire though?

10x more realistic and 50x less cool

Could you imagine if there was a 'continuity-correction scene' in Rogue One in place of the appearance we got of 3PO and R2? some tech has R2 lying on his side, playing with the rocket boosters when the raid crew are all deserting to go to Scariff and the tech goes, "I'm sorry R2, I've got to go with them. I'll fix your rocket boosters when I get back" and closes the panel and runs off. As he runs away 3PO goes, "How rude."

Most likely from EP1.

So we can blame him for those stupid rocket boosters r2 randomly had that would've been useful in countless situations throughout the movies. Like r2 falling in the swamp in dagobah.

I believe the canon reason is that the company that made the rocket boosters went out of business, so when R2's boosters wore out they could not be replaced.

There were two types of R2, one on 2 legs with Kenny Baker operating it, and one with 3 legs that was remote controlled.

10 apparently, maybe it's an original from a prequel?

OP: "I said original you guys! The first one, Episode 1!

[goes back to doing homework]


Time travel, stupids.

Oh god! You don't think OP thinks there are only the prequels do you?

The 3-legged was much better.. Very good choice in leg amount

On an episode of his Still Untitled podcast on Adam mentioned he help refurbished one of the original R2s for publicity/red carpet appeances for episodes 1, 2, and 3.

He never left, they just slowly replaced him with parts.

"He's more machine now, than a man."

Star Wars Episode IV: The Increasing Dislike Of Sand

lol. An original from a prequel?

Actually find that cool because this makes the world feel more alive

Don't these nerds understand numbers? One comes first!

Some say I have three "legs". Wait, I think I'm 12 again.

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

Not a prop, I guess OP means.

Still though. How fucking cool would that have been. He has no knowledge of what the prequels would become, all he knows is that the series he's worshipped since he was a child wants him to help build fucking R2D2

There were two types of R2, one with Kenny Baker inside, and one remote controlled - that was the one with three legs.

We've gone plaid.

Wait. Is there an episode four!?



This is like doing open heart surgery on Buzz Aldrin.

You better not kill our national treasure.

Alive in a way that makes you want to die.

Yeah, it goes 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 3.11, 95 ... shit - wait -

Jaime's built so many things he's probably built the Death Star.

I <3 sci-fi apologetics

Grant Imahara has credits as a model maker for ILM for Episodes 1,2 and 3, and is only 1 of 3 official R2D2 operators for Lucasfilm.

My head canon for that has been that he is no longer the droid of the a hero General or a Queen so his fancy crap doesn't work anymore.

Prop replica is what I meant.

Star Wars Episode V: Fuck it, glass the planet. Literally.

Then he drops from orbit in an escape capsule and spends however many hours or days trundling about a desert environment, and we all know how annoying sand is and how it gets everywhere. Either the landing or the environment could easily have borked his more fancy kit. And after that he's the droid of a variety of rebel scum who have better things to spend their precious spare parts on than an outdated astrobot with an attitude.

But he is the droid of a princess at the start of ep 4

sort of true. the reset occurred with the Disney acquisition in 2014, and everything released since (with the exception of SWTOR) is a part of the newly established, single-level canon, thanks to the story group. that means video games, tv shows, novels, and comics from the last three years and forward--so depending on the source of the information in question, it could very easily be canon.

Also present in this picture are 2 of Adams infamous toolboxes.

Paging u/mistersavage

It's still a bit weird that such a useful feature wouldn't get restored over a comparatively long period.

Uhh, the original R2-D2 was just a midget in a costume.

Thought the rockets got damaged in Episode 3.

No, and I doubt you did either.

Makita cordless drills existed in 1977?

Warp speed when we hit 88mph, Chewbacca!

No, Jamie did that. Jaime built the estrella de la Muerte.