Activists worry Doug Jones isn’t doing enough to turn out the black vote

Activists worry Doug Jones isn’t doing enough to turn out the black vote

If the alternative to electing a pedophile is voting for a nonpedophile, and you still wont go vote, you deserve whatever comes your way.

A pedophile who says America was better when slavery was around

One would think they wouldn’t need a lot of extra motivation to vote against a man who basically said the best era in the country’s history was the slavery era.

We're talking about black Alabamans though.

Roy Moore seems to be doing it for him though

Roy Moore Believes America Was Great When Slavery Existed & Six Other Problematic Comments

EXACTLY. I get the cynicism and frustration with the system, but if you don't fucking vote, you're basically voting for the status quo. That part of our society NEEDS to change. Elections have consequences.

Fuck better PR. Just make voting mandatory like in a bunch of other functioning, first world democracies. You can write in whoever the fuck you want. You can write in "nobody" if you want to protest. But holy fuck, this isn't that hard. Just make SOME CHOICE mandatory so that you don't get pissed off people who are just lazy. And at the end of the day, no choice is still a choice. The only change is that you need to affirmatively make no choice if you want to.

How would you define it, Humbert Humbert?

If just not being Roy Moore isn't enough motivation then they deserve him