Activision must be so happy that EA is distracting people from the hot pile of garbage that WW2 still is

Activision must be so happy that EA is distracting people from the hot pile of garbage that WW2 still is

Well to be fair, WWII ended quite some time ago.

WW2 was the worst.

Want to avoid concentration camp? Microtransaction. England on the brink of collapse? Microtransaction. 3rd Panzer division about to crush the defenders at Bastogne and...

wait. Are we talking about...


Never mind.

I haven't had any issues with WW2 on PS4, maybe I've just been lucky.

The French kind of did.


Edit: Thank you krystof_kage. Here's one for you since we are both firmly in the "WTF TWD" camp.

Star wars ended a lot longer ago though...

Me either? Honestly have been really impressed with this game after the damn near decade of trash.

Imagine being the Germans where you were guaranteed a win at Dunkirk, then came microtransactions. I would've rage quit WW2.

My Grandfather has a bunch of French WW2 rifles in mint condition. Never been fired, only dropped once.

Yep, this one has been amazing so far, brings me back to the COD4 days.

In a galaxy that's far far away too!

Game runs fine for most people I'd say

Same. My only issue is that I am old and cant twitch shoot with these damn teenagers any more.

Yeah I haven't had any problems with the game besides disconnected at the end of a match a few times but that's way better than most games now days. I've been a cod hater since they released mw3 and said I'd never buy another, but WaW is one of my favorite games and this looked so similar. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and it's a nice break from 2 straight years of siege.

Ok so that's not really fair then. Your title implies that the game WWII is a "hot pile of garbage", but in this comment you imply that the problem is with the servers and I think it's unfair that you did that.

Except the game isn't garbage and activation is actively working to fix the problems it has such a servers and whatnot

Something something trade federation.

Not sure what you mean. I love having to reset my build after every single fucking game.

On ps4. When I can connect to a game it's great, not many issues. When I'm in a party, it's just a disaster. Non stop disconnects from each other, drops after matches when we do. Sitting in a party chat and all having to play our own matches has been getting old. Not a single hiccup in party chat though! Good Job Sony!

How does it put you on an uneven playing field? By having cosmetic uniforms, calling cards and pistol grips? The only slight advantage supply drops give you are the epic weapons that function exactly the same as the stock version except with a 10% xp boost... and weapon, division or normal xp boosts that last for 20 minutes tops. PLUS the only way to get supply drops at the minute is to do major howards orders or to buy the contracts so everyon can earn them if they're good enough! Stop crying dude

Really? CoD4?

I've been debating on getting WW2 because CoD has been trash for so long, but CoD4 and MW2 were 2 of my favorite games, so if you can really compare it to 4 then maybe i'll check it out

The campaign was great.... did you even give it a try?

Xbox One X. Been fine for me.

It’s happening to me too man

Honestly it feels nothing like the old WW2 CoDs. The map design and gameplay feel very different.

Something something something dark side.

how do you keep baguettes in mint condition for over 60 years?

"Play to win" has officially become the most retarded phrase I've heard this year, thank you /u/psychodreamr

I got kind of tired of the campaign, but the last few missions saved it in my opinion. However, as someone who has studied wwII pretty extensively, the historical inaccuracies and action movie feel at some points were annoying. I think the world at war campaign was better.

Everyone says “COD never innovates.” So let me ask you this, how should they innovate? They tried jet packs and everyone hated them and said “I wish call of duty would go back to its roots!” And here we are.

Something something something complete.

I've yet to have an issue with WW2 besides a few disconnections. This is hands down my favorite Call of Duty since MW3, it feels like a really nice return to form. No one denies that launch was a little rough, but I don't think anyone judges games on the first 48 hours of their existence. The Call of Duty hate train is an easy one to hop on, especially when most people upvoting this post have never touched the game

Yeah apart from the occasional but completely expected squeaker that tells me to go fuck myself the multiplayer has been fine. Surprised at how much fun I actually am having playing this one compared to the full one day I had Infinite Warfare installed.

Yea I honestly get a shit ton of loot boxes by simply earning them in game. Haven’t found p2w to be an issue yet. Been getting awesome epic guns, cool skins, and a shit ton of xp multipliers for free!

So wrong to say, but I can't stop laughing.

Take the gold.

Me three.

Was in an overwatch game and asked everyone how old they were. All were guys age 20. I'm 34. Reflexes and twitch just aren't what they once were.

And they're actually doing a pretty good job. Every day there has been a new patch on PC and it seems to be running better and better everytime I play. Diggin it so for.

Yeah we... We don't talk about that.

I hadn't bought a COD since black ops, but MW2 was my all time favorite. That being said, I am enjoying WWII a ton. The back to basics gameplay(no flying, running on walls bs) is great, and the loot boxes are all cosmetic except for XP boosts, so there is no pay 2 win. Zombies is also fucking epic and the campaign is nice as well(I don't really care for COD campaigns, even MW2 so take that into account)

I actually have Mas-36. Its beat the fuck up and a huge pile of shit though. The trigger and bolt suck so bad and I always pinch my fingers between the XBOXHUEG bolt handle and receiver. It's not an enjoyable rifle to shoot, I'd recommend a mosin 91/30 over that heap. You can actually find ammo for the mosin too. The funny thing is that the French pioneered rifle development with the lebel rifle being the first general issue rifle cartridge using smokeless powder.

When you look at the score board there’s a button/key dedicated to muting all players at once , greatest thing since sliced bread

Except WW2 is a really decent cod game. WTF are you talking about? I sense a blind activison hate here

Umm yeah it’s still the same franchise ? Everything that you listed it what makes cod cod and that’s what people like , this game tho has just better mechanics it’s back too boots on the ground and the sniping has waaay less aim assist, it just plays more like cod 4 which was the golden age or whatever of cod

Actually things have been running pretty smoothly lately. They’ve been working to fix all the problems and have done pretty well so far.

I have WW2 on PS4 and haven't had any issues... no idea what OP is talking about.

Secretly it's Activision that have been driving the dislike train against EA.

Same. Got shit talked for playing the new COD when I mentioned it, and was like "have you played it? You know it's good again right?"

Naboo was under an attack

Just cause you're online going 0-40 mate , doesn't mean the game is a pile of garbage. It means you're a pile of garbage! :D

Something something something something

You're just back tracking man, you literally called it a hot pile of garbage. If you're not sure what that implies, it doesn't mean you find the gameplay addicting

Session is full. Ok I didnt pick a specific "session" but whatever - let me just retry... wait why do i have to go back to the main menu?!?!

Caffeine my friend. And pot.