According to the comments, he was 100% serious. Somebody help him!!!

According to the comments, he was 100% serious. Somebody help him!!!

This was actually written by three dogs in a trench coat...

'not a very good people person because most people are scumbags'


Doesn't pay on time, blames others for his problems, and his dogs will piss all over my things? Why would he have to pay at all? Who wouldn't want this gem living in their home?

OP Delivers:

OP from this post is in red while other commentators are black.

What! Landlord even got her a job and gave her rides to work and she got fired??? This woman is delusional.

Let’s play a game called “Count the Red Flags”...

Also, I love how people this self-centered never seem to make the connection that maybe, just maybe, they’re the problem in the equation.

Well, you know what they say...when you meet one scumbag, that guy's a scumbag. But when everyone you meet is a's them, not you, you're perfect!

The “reply with photographic evidence of treat supply” line was what gave it away.

Hijacking top comment to say that I’m a part of this fb page and this person is actually the landlord venting and being facetious because he has a tenant who’s doing this very thing to him.

This is a comment from the landlord aka “choosing beggar” that was posted here:

I’ll tell you exactly why. I am a very tolerant person and have had to deal with complete loser tenants for many years...but I realize that comes with the business. I have actually not been giving my tenant a hard time at all and have let him chip away at his back rent a little at a time. He promised to catch up when he got his income taxes back, but instead went and bought himself a new TV and has to get drunk every night. He told me several weeks ago that he was going to move out, so I said go ahead...he can keep the $400 he owes me as his security deposit return... but then he threatens that he will squat and not pay anything. He has continued to live there and is paying his $100 per I just asked him last night if he was planning on staying.... but he replied with a rant about how he’s sick of living there and has to deal with so much bullshit, blah blah blah. I told him no problem and to just let me know when he finds another hard feelings at all. Then this morning he makes a derogatory post on his Facebook page claiming that I’m a slum lord and will rent to any scumbag. He is partially correct.

Gotta leave room in the budget for drinking money...

He looked after her for three years. That included getting her a job, giving her rides, occasionally bringing her food, dealing with her dogs, and not minding she pay rent up to two months late.

Now she’s calling him a scumbag for wanting HIS money even though he went above and beyond for her.

She really just lost the best landlord you could ever dream of.

My current lease states I have to pay $100/day if I’m late for rent.

Not only that but looked after her for 3 years by the sounds of it.

You have 3 large dogs which means they aren’t puppies and they never toilet trained them. Noooopppeeee. Dog piss is one thing but an owner who doesn’t step up is worse.

"If you keep smelling shit, check your shoes" ...maybe literally, in this guys case, with three non-housebroken dogs running around

edit: girl? guy? not sure what op is

Dude at least needs to post an honest ad. No worries, I fixed it.

"So, I'm such an undesirable tennant that I'm getting kicked out. I can't pay my current bills, so someone please do all the work and help me find the most desirable apartment ever described for pennies on the dollar (which I still won't be able to pay for!). Also I have three big dogs that I somehow pay for even though I can't afford rent. I hate roommates have food phobias."

Edit: Almost forgot to add in that pesky drinking problem. "Booze before rent!" Sheesh.

"Ill just squat here as long as I can". Thats definitely a smart thing to say when youre beggong for a place to live and promising youll pay.

Fuck it you can live rent free!!!

Dude was obviously trying to hit that

This has to be fake, but... someone should def. troll them.

I've got a spare room in my mansion with a private yard for the dogs! I also have a grounds keeper, so don't have to pick up after the dogs bro!

Can only afford 100 ✅

Changes jobs a lot ✅

Might pay rent if it doesn't cut into his "drinking money LOL"

Hmmmm, I might have found the issue.

How heartless of the landlord, wanting money for a service they provide!!! heartless /s

I should be studying for an exam but I just had to count them. 20 red flags, at least!

It all depends on how you interpret it all.

That's called the, "You're a shit tenant and a shit person" price.

It's the price you quote when you don't actually want the person to take your offer, because it's how much money it will take to convince you to put up with them.

I have a hard time believing dogs would have such a poor understanding of how to be an adult human.

Maybe it’s not the dogs pissing on the floor. Maybe homeboy’s just a drunk.

Is the CB a 35 year old woman?

She seats 20...


Vincent Doggyman?

I might get behind on rent, but I'll unusually get it caught up within a few months

Some accidental truth slipped in.

Shit, I wouldn't live in his house for free. Can't believe this might be real.

And you can sleep with my sister.

This is one of my favorite logical fallacies. I worked in a barber shop and someone left a review that essentially said, "X ruined my hair. I guess nobody in (our city) is able to do a decent haircut."

The amount of denial is phenomenal.

I used the approach of ‘based on what he’s offering in rent, what is a wildly unrealistic expectation’ and I counted 27.

Must be a troll.

He got her a job and drove her back and forth until she got fired. I bet she really embarrassed him, he probably put his neck on the line to get her that job and maybe his own position was compromised.

'I went to the carpet and did a business'


But at what cost? I get that some dudes will bend over backwards to get laid (been there) but at some point, a hooker would be cheaper and probably nicer.

My guess is that either she was giving the landlord some booty and then cut him off so he wants her out, or she strung him along all this time and he's tired of it

to many, it's way more than a pet. it's a family member. if someone's willing to be homeless to keep their dog, then it's way more than "just a pet" to them. i'd probably do the same. at the very least, i'd put my dog with a friend somewhere on a temporary basis but i damn sure wouldn't give her up entirely. some people are as attached to their pets as a mother would be to her child.

Not within walking distance


Is "landlord" what the kids call their ex-boyfriends these days?

Maybe that's why hes "suddenly become a dick"

Started finding some good non crazy strange

He lets three large dogs poop in the house, so I'm thinking the money isn't the only issue.

Landlord is a good dude.

I'm assuming someone is writing this on behalf of their shitty roommate that needs to move out post haste.

Plot twist...there are no dogs.

I feel like this small fact makes it a hell of a lot more believable.

All she needs is someone to help her out and give her a chance! /s

Also you won't need money for alcohol because I work for a beer distributor and I get to keep the leftovers at the end of each day.

It’s for the dogs, honey! NEXT!

Instead of ‘red flags as a human being’ try ‘red flags as a potential landlord’.

Some of his requests aren’t red flags, per se, but are fucking ridiculous considering what he’s willing to pay.

I can't even imagine how gross that is. We have a big dog who NEVER pisses in the house, but 3 that random do it? Damn. And if they do that, they are probably also tearing up the walls and shit.

This post reminded me EXACTLY of a similar person who wanted to move in with my wife and I; the major red flag was the 'it's everyone else that's the problem' thing. Ended up really dodging a bullet there because he turned out to be, as far as I could surmise, a genuine psychopath.

EDIT: full tale of anyone cares to read it:

Easily found on FB. It’s definitely not a woman.

Downvote all you want folks, but you can find it pretty quickly yourself and check out HIS profile.


A 6 month old Great Dane should be basically housebroken, though.

And not to do with all the dog shit on the floor because they aren't fully house broken yet.

No. He is a man with an uncommon unisex name (e.g., the name Leslie). His profile picture has multiple people in it, one who is a woman, so I guess they assumed it was her.

Lol he's about to run into the reality wall hard. I wonder how good his current situation is if he thinks he's going to get all that for $100/week.

35 year old kid

Yeah it’s a guy.

Also interesting, in one of the comments he says “Well, this is real....just a role reversal. I’m being my tenant.”

So it’s actually more satire than an actual room wanted ad, but funny nonetheless.

😅😂😂😂😂😂 nearly every sentence of this post was a red flag. It just got worse and worse. Holy macaroli

Excuse you but dogs are good boys who do not act as choosing-beggars.

This is one of the best ones yet.

Do I have to?

Commenters are idiots who don’t realize Sascha can be a mans name.

Also he posted this post on 4 other yard sale sites where plenty of commenters correctly refer to him as he.

I wanna see the comments so bad

Needs to live in walking distance to his job.

Changes jobs often.

Equals= will never be in walking distance to his job.

Wall = hit

That line makes the whole thing worth reading.

You're closer. I just recounted and I'm up to 28

I'll deliver comments in roughly an hour!

With that weekly money also accounting for phone, internet, power, water, lawn, and snow. How much does that leave for actual rent, which needs to include furniture. I can’t even think of s weekly motel that would meet that price range.

What. The. Fuck.


Nothing in NY that has that is even remotely that inexpensive.

$400 a month might get you a small, unfurnished apartment in a midwestern city but certainly not all the extras.

Thank you for this. It's so satisfying to see people calling OP out on their shit for once.

Not to mention that your future tenant admits to not being able to hold a steady job, is behind on their current rent, and will more than likely always be behind on your rent too.

And that’s before you even consider 3 large non trained dogs.

I like the top comment that this was written by three dogs in a trench coat.

"Give her a chance" like she's just one month away from becoming the successful shoelace designer she was meant to be. Then all the scumbags will regret being mean!

Yep, my guess is that he either started dating another woman when this woman wasn't giving him attention and his new woman put her foot down on this, or as she's gotten older, she's not attractive enough to keep his attention for all the drama she puts him through.


I suspect it wasn't a serious offer.

I adopted my dog at three months and had him housebroken in a week.

Nope, it's a man. Found the post and his fb profile. People just assumed his name could only be female.

What I often see in situations like the original post tho are people who just feel entitled to as many pets as they want just because they want them, without any real thought to how they will care for them.

I wouldn't want my family member living in a car. By allowing the pet to go to another home (whether friends or just finding someone else willing to care for it) they get a better life and so do you.

I don't want to assume... but I have a feeling someone who doesn't understand the basics of money and responsibility probably hasn't taken very good care of their appearance or hygiene.

It's a living animal. Once you have it, it's a bit shitty to get rid of it. Obviously in some cases it would be best all around if the animal was rehomed, but for many people it would feel like getting rid of a child.

You really shouldn't get a pet (or a child) if you aren't prepared to care for them and if you don't have the means to care for them, but an unfathomable number of people disregard that.

This needs to be higher up as a comment

That may be the problem. She's basing renting off her past experiences and that consists of landlords that act like caretakers. She's got one of the worst cases of a reality check coming her way with a vengeance.

But he's "only" behind by about $800! Which, if his current rent is the same that he is looking for, is at least 2 months.

The park would be the perfect place for him to stay then!

I'm in NY and that's cheaper than the 2 bedroom loft a family member has, which is 3200/month + pet fee every month, so it is entirely possible it was a real offer. It depends where in the states you are. Although I am surprised that SoCal is cheaper.

My friend had 3 Chihuahuas that weren't house trained as puppies (his mother was a typical rich gold digger who wanted them more as an accessory). Them shitting and pissing everywhere was bad enough.


Dogs don't know the value of money though, they might not realise they've lowballed it. They also might not realise that some people wouldn't be too keen on having 3 dogs running round their house.

The more I think about it, the more the dogs-in-trenchcoat theory makes sense.

If it smells like shit everywhere you go, then ... I guess that’s just a weird coincidence.