According to @nacholeber on KFAN, apparently Sean Payton was mocking fans behind the Saints' bench with the Skol chant prior to the final play.

According to @nacholeber on KFAN, apparently Sean Payton was mocking fans behind the Saints' benc...

If true, that was probably so overwhelming for him to seconds later see that scene. That crowd doing the Skol led by Keenum was one of the better moments I can ever remember in the NFL.

Payton wants to challenge this claim, but he ran out flags

That's actually pretty hilarious considering what happened.

Hubris causing downfall is the theme of this year's playoffs

All the Saints fans defending Payton-

Guys, your coach has major character problems. Why can't you just embrace that instead of trying to defend him ?.

Let's review

• suspended for a year for involvement in pay to injure program

• cheated on wife, lost custody of kids, caught by TMZ right after divorce acting the fool on a dance floor all over a woman later identified as a stripper

• constant rumors of drug use (Molly / pain pills / Adderall)

• constant shit talking to players and fans of opposing teams

• made choking symbol to Falcons player

• bad behavior towards refs for years, one resulting in a game ending penalty this season

Can you all name any other NFL coach with these kinds of issues? Do you honestly think in this day and age of Gruden contracts, he's just staying with your organization out of loyalty?? It's because nobody else wants him !! He's a good coach and if he could be a decent fucking person the Giants, Bears or some other large market team would throw money at him, but he can't, he's a PR liability and every other team knows it.

Seriously, name another active NFL coach with these kinds of issues ?

Sean is a fucking scumbag and deep down you all know it

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Also, I do agree one part of this post is incorrect - I forgot the NFL wasn't like CFB where coaches can be poached like that damn traitor Jimbo Fisher. That said, I don't believe a major market team, other than the cowboys, would hire Payton if he was fired because of his character issues. Also, if you could poach coaches how much money would Jerry Jones offer Belichick? Lol

I like Sean Payton as a coach and a brilliant offensive mind. But is he a ...douche? With the choking sign against ATL and this news coming out, it seems like he is full of it. Not the behavior you want from a HC

The fans are absolutely cocky fucks, but the second Belichick displays a lick of hubris, Satan will order a dozen snowblowers.

He already ran into the locker room by that point.

Hubris causing downfall is the theme of this year's playoffs

NE pls

Very much so. Very arrogant too for a coach that hasnt won all that much the last few years.

Sean Payton always had that look on his face like he walked into someone's fart cloud and can't escape it.

Sean Payton challenges the ruling on the field that the grass is green

Oh you know, you're right. Although, I wouldn't doubt for a second that the Skol chant coulda been heard from anywhere. And no matter what, he will see it somehow. I would say poor guy.. but, you know.

This would be much less believeable if it wasn't the same coach that just a few weeks ago did this

Oh and that weird handshake with Koetter too

This would be much less believeable if it wasn't the same coach that just a few weeks ago did

Oh and that weird handshake with Koetter too

To clear a spot for the game winning field goal

No one is going to believe me, but I have a friend whose brother's coworker briefly dated Sean Payton. She said that on their first date they went to a restaurant and Sean ordered two different bowls of soup and mixed them together one spoonful at a time before eating both bowls mixed together as one soup.

Plus the fact you have Drew Brees and still don't win 10 games every year.

Edit - Saints have gone 7-9 four of the last six years.

And he has a stupid fucking face. Butthole lips lookin' motherucker.

And that fucking visor.

Don't forget the broomstick he brought onto the locker room after the 3rd Panthers win.

I have a hard time being upset with him for that. Like at that point you kinda earned the right.

Why would Belichick order snowblowers on himself?

I am sure they heard it in the locker room. Part of me hopes they didnt for the players sake, but Payton deserves to hear that whenever he closes his eyes for the foreseeable future (if this is actually true, which i believe it is)

There's still like a 50/50 chance that this isn't a meme

Someone MUST have video of this

My friend told me he knew someone that has met a lot of NFL coaches. And he said that Sean Payton was the biggest asshole out of all of them. No surprises here.

Sean Payton has always been my least favorite coach. Objectively...he is a dickhead.

Loved the fact that he is going home...or where ever he sleeps.

Yeah this is the reason why I’m leaning towards this not being true

Don't forget the broomstick he brought onto the locker room after the 3rd Panthers win. He is absolutely capable.

Fuck Sean Payton.

I saw Sean Payton at a grocery store in New Orleans a few weeks ago. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but that I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and opening and closing his hand in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any defensive infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

I no longer hate the Saints as we settled our revenge, but Sean Payton still deserves it.

Don't forget one of his main reasons for having the Saints practice at the Greenbriar for years is to go bang a chick near there

Sean Payton is an asshole? I'M SHOCKED !!!

But is he a ...douche?

He's an S-tier douchebag.

I've been saying how much I like the Saints players. Drew Brees, Kamara, Ingram, Thomas and Lattimore are so fun to watch but I will always dislike Sean Payton. He just seems like a massive asshole. If Payton were not a part of the Saints, I would love to see Brees get another ring because he deserves one for how well he has played in his career.

Said it for years - on a better team Brees could very well be the greatest qb of all time

Dude oversaw the bounty program. Piece of shit doesn't even belong in the league.

Don't forget this weird exchange with Bucs coach Dirk Koetter after the Saints loss to end the se...

don't forget he literally put a bounty on players heads against the 49ers in the playoffs 5 years ago.

What little respect I had for Payton is gone. If you’re gonna be a cock, stand up and take your lumps when they come back at you. And have your fucking team ready to play the last play.

Incredibly unprofessional and just plain shitty on all levels.

Clearly the worst offense in the list.

Under a bridge, making hissing noises at the passersby

Yeah, I don't feel any sympathy for the guy. If he's classless enough to make a choking gesture toward Atlanta, he's classless enough to do this. Couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole.

And Brett favre the last time we met in the playoffs

Sean Payton has challenged the ruling on the field that you found the joke funny

I could never root for a Sean Payton led team. He and Mike Tomlin have both moved onto the Schiano-tier of head coach douche-baggery this postseason, still trailing Bobby Petrino by the width of an index card.

Hope they shouted back VICODIN VICODIN right after the game winner.

And this weird thing with Koetter.

What starts out as a normal post game handshake got turned into a shoving and chest slapping contest by Payton. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Somebody replace Paytons uppers with downers plz.

It's an older meme but it still checks out.

It's a meme, but it's about Ty Lue an NBA coach

The whole state was doing the Skol chant. Hard to believe you could be anywhere in Minnesota and not hear it, much less anywhere in the stadium.

Oof haven't seen that one in a while.

I never said I had a problem with it, it's just another action that's in line with all of these, as a reason why I would instantly believe this story.

I've also hated Payton since way before this season.

He's always been a douche.

That's why no one shed a tear for him in 2012.

damn that guy got laid in only 5 minutes

No video, no TV footage, finding it pretty hard to believe tbh.

Thanks for the laugh lol

There was that time he went out on the field to basically block a kick return.

They definitely did, Nick Underhill made an article about the Saints locker room and talked about how loud the chants were even in the locker rooms

And yet, all we hear as Panther fans from Saints fans is how Cam is a piece of shit/sore loser while they employ this jack ass.

This is the perfect image.

Anything with the prefix "Iowa" can't be good.

Towards the end he was picking apart our defense and making it look effortless. I was impressed and depressed all at the same time.

I wouldn’t

Those of us that remember the dark days aren't cocky. We're grateful.

Brees is like the anti-Payton. He comes across as genuine, likable, kind, and he seems to REALLY care about the city of New Orleans. Sean comes across as a guy who would abuse pain killers, taunt opposing teams, and run a bounty program -_-

This is all true and also he has butthole lips

I think a lot of us NFCS fans feel the same way. Last night was an "off" Drew Brees.

Greg Williams was the mastermind that concocted and operated the bounty program but Sean Payton knew what was going on and allowed it to happen.

Me and dude that I met 5 min before were doing it at a bar in Montana...

I think if you get disqualified for an entire season because you promoted an environment encouraging your players to injure your opponents that qualifies as mega douche. Fuck Sean Payton and fuck Gregg Williams.

He should’ve shut his mouth when he heard Stone Cold’s music.

He's both a Grade-A B-hole and a Grade-B A-hole.

lol really? Hometown is near there, can't imagine being desperate enough to go to backwoods WV for some pussy

Twice the pride, double the fall

Count Dooku

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken"

Colonel Sanders

I don't know what that is, but I don't want it.

After further review, the call in the comments is confirmed: the joke is funny.

NO will be charged their second timeout. They have no challenges remaining.

Pride comes before the fall.

-Mark Dantonio

-Michael Scott

You do understand that they are clear as day to us sitting at home watching on 60 inch TVs with 4 different replay angles available in slow motion immediately but perhaps someone who doesn't have those luxuries may have not seen them clear as day.

ah they should really make the name of the chant more descriptive

You guys are becoming a rare breed. There are legal adults who aren’t old enough to remember a Patriots team without Brady and Belichick.

Watching this makes me so uncomfortable and I don't know why.

"Weird? How weird can it be?"

watches clip


What the hell was that?

Wow, holy shit I never saw this. Payton is a fuckin doucher

Or was it an "on" MN defense? And he looked pretty great towards the end

All he did was trip the guy, he wasn’t even watching the field so how can you get mad at him? /s

Saints play a road game at Minneapolis next year, right? On the basis of finishing in the same place in their respective divisions. It should be fun to see how the Viking fans remind Payton of how this play went.

C'mon.we all know he's passed out from Vicodin in the alley outside a sleezy strip club after being thrown out for licking a stripper

And yet wait is exactly what you'll do.


And somehow not one person recorded a head coach taunting the fans.

"They have a lot of good players but Bortles is just trash."

With you! The Saints are fun as hell to watch, but Payton deserves every bad football moment that comes his way.

Sean Payton has challenged the ruling that he has no challenges remaining.

I'm a little out of the loop about Tomlin. What happened with him?


Belichick always respects his opponents. That's why his team hardly ever gets knocked on their asses.

Cam can be a baby but no one can say he’s a bad person. Peyton is just a waste of space and oxygen.

Exactly. Reporter "I asked coach Bellicheck at the half how he feels his team is doing, being up 99 -6, and he said he wants to keep doing what he's doing. He said that the other team has a lot of good players."


He went from a loveable coach

since when tho

Him and his most punchable face, with his tiny little butthole mouth.

I've got nothing but respect for the Saints and their fans, but literally fuck anyone involved in Bountygate. Especially Sean Payton.

this x2

he's never been a loveable guy, he's an asshole and sometimes it's funny

That is 100% how Brady and Belichick are spinning it and if you don't think that you clearly haven't been watching the Pats over the last two decades.

Anything minute thing to galvanize the team with an us vs them mentality Bill uses

I mean this is the same guy who threw up the choke sign to freeman, said he didn't remember doing it until he realized there was video. Not hard to believe really but video would be nice

Doesn’t sound surprising coming from the bounty coach

That’s not what his article was saying at all Bill


that play couldnt have happened to a 'nicer' guy.

Payton was the same dude that made a choking gesture at Devonta Freeman and iced the Bucs kicker while he was up 20

Maybe it's because the Saints could do no wrong that year


Man, can’t wait till him and Tomlin go head to head.

Tom Holland frog-in-his-mouth face lookin'

If it was anyone besides Sean Peyton or maybe Greg Schiano I wouldn't believe it either but it's Sean Peyton. Also Leber has no reason to lie. He is a stand up dude that is not the Vikings homer PA is. He constantly gives sound level headed criticism of the team even though he is a former player.

They both seemed kind of petty in that weird handshake exhange.

The Iowa Soup Sandwich. It’s a thing. You have a problem with it, fella?

Are you fucking kidding me ? If that’s the case then man karma came back to bite us in the ass for that one. The head coach out of all the people should know not to mock the opponent/fans before the game is over.

Seems like that is tempting fate, just begging for karma Payton. This aint the playground man, you're like 55 years old!

I believe it

Payton is an asshole