Abusing the new hook for good

Yeah but what do the omnics down below think about it? I bet they're not happy to have a bomb dropped on their homes.

Let's dispel this myth that Roadhog didn't know what he was doing, he knew exactly what he was doing.

Seems fair as her alt eats other players ults?

So you're saying hook 2.0 nerfed D.va's ultimate. Well, she was asking for it.

Those weren't very good Dva ults in the first place, you saved them the humiliation.

Junkrat has a dislike for omnics (and rightfully so because the lore around Australia and the omnics) so I wouldn't be surprised if roadhog did too

Roadhog is the reason Australia became a wasteland, to get rid of omnics taking his and other people's homes, in the government's attempt to create peace with the omnics.

I don't imagine he actually hates omnics, but we know one thing, don't take his stuff.

Yeah, but after the explosion there were giant spiders and strange fauna and.... oh wait...

To be fair, there's not that many maps where you can do this consistently.


Ilios (esp on Well and Lighthouse) Hanamura 2nd Point (Hook into the underground area) King's Row 3rd point (as demonstrated) Eichenwalde 2nd point (bridge) Oasis - University? (One with the well) Nepal - Sanctum (Pit around point) Lijiang Tower - Night Market (From the back/sides of the point)

The rest of the maps don't have areas to drop DVa's ult into without killing Hog as well

Edit: Added Eichenwalde and Oasis

Edit 2 : Added Nepal

Edit 3 : Added Lijiang Tower

A roadhog hook that didn't destroy his team!? Upvotes!

D.Va: "Nerf this!"

Roadhog: "Ok."

Do you think anything really changed in Australia after he blew up that reactor? I'm living in the middle of bush country here and it's 40 degrees Celsius on average.

As a D.VA main, this is gonna be annoying.

Oddly roadhog was supposed to be preventing a bomb being brought within range of the omnics. In his attempt to do this he dropped two D.Va ults on the omnics. Guess the other team can't kill them if he killed them first.

Only if you let it.

I'm imagining Roadhog just sitting there, waiting for armed bombs to roll his way so he can drop them on the Omnics.

Usually they'd come from Junkrat, but any bomb works.

People have no right to get mad at Dva eating ults if they are firing right at her face. I got mad when she ate my graviton surge, but I did just fire it right at her. Which is dumb

Yeah wow everyone is so unskilled they just aim and shoot by pressing 1 button /s

Also a Roadhog that went for an obvious target instead of going for someone around a corner 100 yards away and then complaining his hook didn't land. This isn't an exploit, this is much better than the 1 shot tank he used to be.

That D.va kinda deserved it for throwing her ultimate like that

Now I want a talking Crocodile to be a hero...

Main Renekton. Wait. Wrong sub.


Was playing hanzo and ulted behind the choke wall and SHE ATE MY ULT THROUGH TWO WALLS


30 degrees Celcius is melting point for Europeans

Not to mention anybody with the boop ability can just boop him off as he's vulnerable near the ledge looking for plays like this gif

I'm sure they have some lamp posts down there that they can hide behind

First one wouldn't have killed anyone. The second one might've gotten 2.

That's because it wasn't designed to get a lot of kills by itself. Just like every single other tank ult.

Say nerf this one more time...

Nerf Thiiisssss

Well... Hanzo's ulti arrow can go through a wall or two sometimes before triggering the dragon, so that's probably what happened in that case.

It became more like Mad Max, I guess.

And dang, we're only getting around 30 degrees in Melbourne.

Welcome to Australia, where you melt and we grow stronger.

So you're arguing about a skill in the game for going through walls because it stops you from successfully using your more preferred skill in the game that goes through walls?

Face it man, that D.Va either got lucky (shit happens, doesn't mean she's supposed to get nerfed for it) or she is skilled enough to listen for ults and react to them in time before seeing them.

This is honestly what I'm going to do all day after Hook 2.0 goes live. Give them a fair share of "game balance" with that glass hook.

As a Dva main, I use my ult more to get my meka back instantly than to kill people since it's so easy to avoid. Throw it at a point to try and get people to clear out and get the meka back instantly to do real damage.



Well, no, he doesn't beg to differ. He can get a lot of kills with it, but it depends entirely on the situation and it's rare.

I for one welcome the new "twist the camera while hooking". It's a way cleaner, logical and skillful thing than the old "blind hook".


Chain Hook

Targets are now pulled directly in front of Roadhog (rather than straight to him), except in cases where Roadhog drastically rotates

Hooked targets are now released if they leave Roadhog’s line-of-sight before being pulled

Line-of-sight checks (which detect if targets should be initially hit by the hook) are now done from Roadhog’s position, rather than the hook’s position

Or Zarya. Zarya melts Dva all day.

Actually the first one was in mid boost heading towards his team

I think you misunderstood the content you replied to.

Geoff already has said that the whole pulling people off edges by rotating them isn't going to hit live and he and the team are already working on getting rid of that.

Yeah every D.va knows you don't throw it straight on that part of the map...

I've learned the hard way that if you do that you don't even need a roadhog to do this for you

Geoff said it. They're going to add a slow effect to the hookee to try and make it harder to break LOS. Personally, I'd prefer they just stop all momentum completely, but we'll see how it works.

this lad is absolutely bonkers he actually did it

his name would be "interior crocodile aligator".

In gold, everyone plays out in the open against road hog and lets him hold positions like in this clip :) so obviously the nerf doesn't look that bad

t do the omnics down below think about it? I bet they're not happy to have

Well if first bomb didn't get them, the second did :3

I thought him suggesting Winston was even funnier. At least sym will do some damage. And no mention of Zarya? Lol

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