Lol I’m not like a anti feminist but like just switch the roles there and that’s pretty god dam creepy.

It's creepy either way unless you're attractive

Why do our brains accept that these characters have no noses, and mouths located at the side of their face?

Why is she objectifying that poor man just trying to do his job?

If an ugly girl said this to me my ego would be STOKED so no

Suspension of disbelief, once a ruleset in a given fiction has been established, people wont find faults in it as long as those rules arn't later contradicted

~~kills and eats me ~~

Not if they knew each other


I liked it when we knew where they all were , now they're spread out and it's really annoying

depression isn't a joke dude

aye man depression doesn’t make a bitter retard

There’s a guy who draws characters with the eyes literally off their face and ppl are somehow ok with that

Rule number 1: Be attractive


Well if an ugly girl said this to me I would be creeped out. Not everyone feels that way :/

To be fair he is one of the most consistently funny webcomics.