This kid fucks.

Regardless of how she answered he still coulda entered with those pics.

You mean you don’t want to just google “photos of little boy in the bathroom?”

Direct message,I guess he's basically asking "may I engaage in conversation via text with you?"

Damn this guys two steps ahead of the competition.

"Open your door this is the FYI! Not regularly checking your engine oil could cause permanent damage to your engine!"

When Twitter started calling it DMs.

What does DM mean here? Dungeon Master and direct message don't seem to work in this context.

This is @dubstep4dads tweet, you can see the original here https://twitter.com/dubstep4dads/status/979546010463555591?s=21


don't want the FYI at my door

where can I find those images!!?

When did we stop using PM?

What how is that a redneck thing to do

Isn't PM Private Message?

Good bot saying cum for Jesus

How is that nice guys either?

I see. I was legitimately curious. I've never used Twitter, which explains why I didn't understand the shift

Some little kid went into the bathroom while some dude was shitting and asked for help to wash his hands. It was front page, trending, or some shit a few days ago.

Lol what ma’am isn’t a neck beard thing to say it’s the same as mrs

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Whats this video from?

@dubstep4dads's latest tweet

@dubstep4dads on Twitter

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@dubstep4dads on Twitter

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Good bot

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EDIT: I need an oil change...

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