ABC reports Cohen has been abandoned by his lawyers, and is likely to flip.

ABC reports Cohen has been abandoned by his lawyers, and is likely to flip.

The law firm handling the case for Cohen is not expected to represent him going forward. "Cohen, now with no legal representation, is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors in New York, sources said. This development, which is believed to be imminent, will likely hit the White House, family members, staffers and counsels hard."

UPDATE: CNN reports Cohen has found a new lawyer.

UPDATE: What Cohen is likely to know:

Among other things:

1) Who else Trump has paid hush money to;

2) What pay-for-play deals (if any) were offered;

3) What international business deals the Trump Organization had pursued and how much the company knew about these partners’ records and reputations;

4) What Don Jr and Ivanka knew about these internal deals, and when they knew it.

5) What Trump knew about the Don Jr/Russia meeting and when he knew it.

Will this nightmare of having a cartoonishly evil super villain president soon be over?

There is something very satisfying about him being so fucked that his lawyers - who are likely very good and highly paid - straight up abandoning him. Frankly it's even more satisfying than him flipping.

EDIT: As other comments have pointed out, this is not actually how it works. Rick Gates dropped all his lawyers in favor of one that could work out a plea deal for him, and this is more likely what is going on. The idea of him getting straight up abandoned though is still supremely satisfying. Could you imagine your own lawyers telling you "you're fucked" and storming out?! That would be comedic gold.

Are the Republicans finally going to jump on the impeachment band wagon? Fuck no. And they aren’t drawing this out and expecting it to end with Trump and everyone else involved facing the music. They expect this will end with the fall of the representative democracy and any notion of checks and balances.

classic arrest video

We still have miles to go, but now is a good moment to revisit this .

Justice is coming.

I mean, that's a satisfying interpretation, but I think the more logical explanation is that you do not need a team of lawyers charging you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you're going to be a cooperating witness. You just need one guy who can get you the best deal.

I wouldn't classify this as his lawyers abandoning him, yet. We need more information.

The only way that the word flip makes sense is if Trump is guilty. This ABC headline says that Trump is a criminal and nobody blinks an eye because we all know.

Look at what’s going on. Russia is still trying to manipulate the mid-terms and the GOP is completely silent. After the mid-terms and the “blue wave”, the Republicans will scream to holy hell about how the election should be invalid because it wasn’t secure from outside manipulation. They have zero expectation of losing control of all three branches.

I think they are just hoping to get voted out and can fly under the radar when the handcuffs are being handed out. Because they are all complict.

I don't know why, but I expected this one

None. That's the sad part. A lot of what Trump has done internally could take years of legislation to fix. What he has done to our image on the global scale, perhaps longer.

Either interpretation provides a decent amount of schadenfreude.

If true, this will likely be the wisest decision Cohen has made. I can’t wait to hear about all of the shit this man has done for Trump. It will probably be fucking disgusting.

Usually if a lawyer stops representing you mid-case it is for one of two reasons.

One, the client can't pay. That's quite possible as these guys will milk you for every last penny which can bankrupt even rich people in protracted litigation.

Two. He seriously misled them about what he did and did not do, which would mean that the firm could argue that there is no possible way for them to trust what he is saying and they cannot effectively represent him, or they believe they can't effectively represent him without engaging in some further crime or unethical conduct. Sometimes what you do in this situation is tell the client to agree to let you off the case, otherwise you are going to have a make motion to be relieved as counsel, which will risk people finding out about why they refuse to represent you, because it will usually involve a lot of innuendo about "we can't ethically represent him" or "the relationship of trust has irreparably broken down"

F U U U U C K. Y E S.

I think it all comes down to Democrats re-taking Congress- and not the centrist, "I'm not trying to make anyone mad" Democrats, but people who are sincerely concerned with making America a bastion of integrity and excellence that we at least aspired to be in the past.

Ho ho ho, you wish...

Mueller is chartered to investigate russian influence in the election and any crimes he finds while doing so.

And he's found loads of russian connections, indicted 23 people/companies, including Russians and people in the Trump campaign, and got guilty pleas from some already.

The cult though will think Soros has paid off Cohen or threatened his puppy, etc etc

Rick Gates got new lawyers just before he flipped too. maybe it's normal that the laywers you hire to defend your innocence and the lawyers you hire to negotiate your plea deal aren't the same lawyers?

I'm very curious as to the reason they are no longer representing him. "Abandoned" is not mentioned in the actual article, they used more neutral terms. That would seem super unprofessional for attorneys to just bail on a client, unless they collectively decided he was not going to fight it any longer and opted to cooperate.

he has an 87% approval rating among republicans as reported by CNN just this morning (though i don't recall their source).

so in short: no.

we're stuck with this dude. fol.

Money laundering is a big deal, certainly if it put him in a position of being manipulated by Russia. It could frame all of his actions toward Russia as being clearly complicit with them. In sum, an agent.

Obstruction is tougher because of his position as president, although the Comey firing has a great deal of evidence of his motive being the investigation. But to his fanatics, they could rationalize away obstruction as being within the rights of being prez.

Working with Russians to get elected, and money laundering, he’s going down.

current mood at the White House

Epic! I'm guessing this is the .

They have zero expectation of losing control of all three branches.

Faux news was on in a store I was in recently and they were talking about how Republicans will sweep the elections and win even more seats with zero chance of "out of touch loves elites" winning even a single republican seat. They honestly have no expectation of losing because they are spoon fed bullshit that tells them they will never lose.

Yes. They still get a vote, and we still have to run the country with them in mind.

Trump is a symptom, not the disease itself.

to me, this is proof that cohen has been sold on the idea that a pardon won't save him. which means mueller and others have a pardon-proof plan. which is very good news.

When/if this comes down to Trump seizing our country as an authoritarian state, we rise. The Republican party has demonstrated that they have no intention of upholding the rule of law and Republican voters have no intention of maintaining our freedoms.

I truly hope this doesn't lead to civil unrest or, even worse, civil war, but we all need to be prepared for the minute chance of that happening. The Republican party is now a terrorist group (see: myriad of shootings, bombings, et al by white, Christian nationalists).

Their use of terror in separating children from their families and planning then in concentration camps (that is exactly what they are, let's stop mincing words here) is particularly vile and a clear violation of U.N. laws concerning human rights. We rise.

I understand that no everyone can drive to DC, but for those of us that can, we should be planning a demonstration for the Fourth. In a very loud voice we need to remind the traitors to this Country and the people who have enabled them to endanger our republic that this will NOT be tolerated.

I say that this Independence Day, in the Capitol of our country and in the face of tyranny; to protect our fragile Democracy WE RISE!

Just to be clear, ABC says his lawyers are not expected to represent him going forward in the the case, not that he fired them or that they ‘abandoned’ him. Nor do we have any official documentation (like a withdrawal letter). Not saying it isn’t true, but a similar report happened with Gates lawyer (Tom Green?) that turned out to be false.

Well know soon enough, so don’t go celebrating too hard just yet.

That and/or retire before shit hits the fan, but never ever ever ever stand up for our democracy or the people. Fucking traitors.

The current controlling democrats spurred the atmosphere of money laundering and pay for play by corporations to get us Trump.

We need democrats that care about people not corporations.

Paul Ryan retiring is probably the best example of this.

It sounds like he's running out of money. He's got a legal team working a ton of overtime trying to sort through all the documents they have, and it's been reported that his costs are upwards of 350k/week.

From the sounds of it, this is a story that's coming out partly because Cohen wants it out there. It's a message to Trump: "I'm running out of money and I'm going to have to drop my lawyers. I need a pardon soon, or I'll be forced to cooperate out of necessity"

Stop, I can only get so erect.

Funny, I don't recall saying accidently. I actually said the exact circumstances.

which is very good news.


Saw an analysis of Trump's interaction with Un last night.

Probably the most horrifying thing he has done so far is meet with Un in that way. For that alone, he should have been removed from office for failure to keep his oath of office.

"His people love him."

Sorta like the women of Iraq loved the sons of Saddam Hussein, I suppose.

Link for anyone curious about the pronunciation of schadenfreude.

"Yeah but those 23 indictments don't count because they just don't okay"

Lawyers have to ask the court’s permission before they can “abandon” a client and there are only certain allowable reasons. (Non-payment, irreconcilable differences, etc.)

So likely here it’s a mutual decision and represents a change in strategy or simply a transition from one stage to the next.

| They have zero expectation of losing control of all three branches.

They have zero expectations of losing because of outside manipulation. You think Mitch McConnell is losing any sleep over this? Man, hell no. He knows the blue wave isn't happening, but is cheering on the expectation of it because of how demoralizing it'll be when it doesn't happen.

I've no faith in this country or it's laws anymore, even if the cheeto despot is outed the morons who put him in office and who continue to support him still exist and will keep trying to turn this planet into a smoldering pile of shit so some cunt who had more money than half the planet can improve his portfolio. Until the issue of ignorant voters is fixed this will just keep happening, they will keep voting against their own interests because they are simply to ignorant to do anything else.

I expect things to get significantly worst before they get any better.

What he has done to our image on the global scale, perhaps longer.

Bush managed to completely squander global goodwill after 9/11 and put US image in the toilet.

A young, charasmatic and intelligent president was able to turn that sentiment around pretty quickly.

"Federal Prosecutors..."

So are these state crimes or federal crimes?

I smell a pardon in the morning (literally).