Aaron Rodgers practiced in pads today

Aaron Rodgers practiced in pads today

Rest of nfc bout to be browns fans for the week

Watch the browns win and ruin everything

surprisingly our bandwagon is pretty open.

Welcome back to my lineup, Jordy.

Dudes matchup proof. Set and Forget.

Hoping you mean for next week.

Placed a sizable emotional hedge bet on Cleveland +3 just in case

I hope I make it to next week to start him

I mean... he's starting next week, he better be practicing.

Seems fitting that in the first round of the playoffs I am playing my best friend who picked up Jordy after I dropped him. fuck me

Right? Rodgers back next week and Zeke the week after that. My team is going to be getting way better every week of the playoffs, but I have to win first to make it to the next level.

Username does not check out


Someone picked him up off waivers when I dropped him three weeks ago. Jokes on them though, I'll keep ARod on the bench so Jordy wont feast.

Upvoted for "emotional hedge bet"

His matchups just suck so much though. Still have to start him if he plays I guess.

That's like picking between Brady or Rodgers to start. Go Wentz

Of course. I can't contain my excitement, though.

Y'all just fired one of the drivers though

My username was actually influenced by this stache

My username was actually influenced by

Tonight...goes off at his tv screen when his fantasy players play shitty

I had him pegged for more of a tampon guy.