Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide
Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide

tfw you could've won multiple super bowls and have millions of dollars, and all you had to do was not murder someone

Motherfucker had everything in the world. Had to throw it all away, even his own life.

4 years ago, he was a world class football player.

4 years later, he is sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Now, he is dead. How fast life can take such a dramatic u-turn.

Not sure if this has been explained yet but...

So out here in Boston there is a local sports talk radio show called Toucher & Rich. Last hour they had on a law professor and a lawyer to explain what's going on and why he probably did it.

Because his murder conviction is in appeal, and his recent gun charge will go into appeal...now that he is dead, those appeals cannot be heard and those convictions will be vacated. And while this doesn't help with the civil suits his family/estate will face from the victims families, it does make it so that officially Aaron Hernandez does not have any convictions under his name.

Now what that means in the grand scheme of things is his family is now technically entitled to his NFL pension, his signing bonus and any other money the Patriots owe him. I'm sure they will fight it but it gives the family a leg to stand on.

This happened in the case of the Catholic Priest that touched all those kids. Father Goggins I think his name was. Convicted, appealed, offed himself and they vacated the convictions. The families still were able to bring civil charges but he officially never got convicted.

TL;DR - Hernandez convictions will be vacated now, he is no longer a felon and is owed his nfl pension, his signing bonus and more money that will all technically go to his family.

Hopefully now his kid can get the rest of his money, instead of it being wasted in appeals.

I'd like to see them study his brain. Would be interesting if they found CTE.

It would not absolve him of his crimes. But it would be good for science and psychology because of how much interview and questioning he has gone through over the past few years.

His story will always be remembered as one who threw it all away. But maybe we can learn a little something now that he's no longer around to be a menace.

EDIT: To everyone replying something along the lines of "he was bad before ever playing in the NFL", yes we all understand that. But it does not mean we can't learn from his brain. And it does not mean he did not suffer years of head trauma in college first. And four years of head trauma in high school before that. And 8 years of football before that as a kid.

I got my first diagnosed concussion at age 7. After my fourth diagnosed concussion at age 13 my personality began to change. I became depressed. I developed anxiety and social anxiety which was the polar opposite of my outlook growing up. I began taking risks and acting irrationally more and more. By the end of high school I was already considering taking my own life and others.

By the time I left high school I had 9 diagnosed concussions and I have now learned I had thousands of more concusive blows to the head during that time. I have since had two more concussions after leaving high school.

Stop trying to save your sport. CTE is real and the impacts are devestating. Concussions can literally change who you are as a person. Trust me. I know. I live with the impact every day. And we are all lucky I didn't follow his path.

Head injuries don't just happen to athletes paid millions of dollars. They ruin the lives of nobodies like me too.

Oh good, they're the ones who really need it

Patriots are visiting the White House today. Maybe it really drove home what he threw away.

Well there goes the prison football team.

2012: Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are a power combo of TEs, scoring endless touchdowns.

2017: Rob Gronkowski just won his second Super Bowl ring, is on the cover of Madden NFL 17, is the primary face of Monster Energy drinks, featured in two Super Bowl commercials, and is a part owner of the new Las Vegas NHL team. ...and Aaron Hernandez is hanging himself in his jail cell.

Why did he wait till after the trial I wonder?

You done messed up, A-A-Ron

I guess prison isn't as fun as being a rich NFL star who can have sex with models on top of piles of money.

Now what's Adam Sandler going to do?

At lest he died doing what he loved, killing people.

Equality of opportunity, not of outcome.

Going from a famous football player making millions to just another convict in a jail cell would probably be very difficult to cope with. I would kill myself too. It is strange that he waited until after his trial. The fact that he showed emotion after his win in court 5 days ago tells me this was planned. That was his last hoorah. He probably felt like a winner and that his acquittal would be the last good thing to ever happen to him.

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"Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease found in people who have had a severe blow or repeated blows to the head"

It's pretty much an open secret he shot someone here in Gainesville 10 years ago while a freshman at UF. I honestly believe he is a serial killer.

Edit: Grammar

Covering up the double homicide he just got acquitted for was the very reason he killed Lloyd. He's in jail for life because he was found guilty of a murder he only committed to cover up one he just got away with. He just found out his entire life is forfeit for that.

We won the war we can name our cities whatever we want, Old England.

I don't feel bad for Aaron Hernandez one bit, but it is totally sad to see what could have been a great success story and ended up being a story about how one piece of shit just couldn't rise above the influences around him. Such a waste of talent and human life.

Edit: Tons of inbox replies about his upbringing and asking about influences. Influences are not only from youth - they occur as an adult a well.

He didn't have the most important thing in life, a strong family. By all accounts his downward spiral started when his father died. All the money and talent and fame in the world can't help you if don't have strong family support.

That is no excuse for what he did or how he lived, but to say he had everything is disingenuous.

Nah you're right...like 80% of his accrued salary

I think he had resigned himself to a guilty verdict in the double homicide and when he was acquitted the reality of just how incredibly stupid the Odin Lloyd murder was finally hit him like a ton of bricks and he couldn't bear it. Remember, the motive in the Odin Lloyd trial was that Hernandez was worried Lloyd might have been talking to people about the exact double homicide he was just found not guilty of. So he basically killed a guy, his future sister in-law's boyfriend no less, because he was worried about him possibly talking about other murders he ended up getting away with. He openly cried in court last week, something he did not really do in the first trial. I think he had already played the possible outcomes out in his head, and like I said earlier, was resigned to a guilty verdict. Had he been found guilty i think it would have in someway justified the Lloyd murder in his head or at least not changed his mental status quo. When he ended up being found not guilty it added so much more pain and self hatred to his decisions involving Lloyd that he simply could not deal with the stress anymore.

Makes you wonder if he'd still be alive had the Falcons not blown a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

I feel badly for DJ Hernandez, Aaron's brother. He was a starter at Uconn and went on to coaching. When this Hernandez shit went down he had to leave the sport forever, because no parent is going to want their kid committing to a program that employed him.

He had to abandon the game he loved because his brother couldn't get his head out of his own ass.

SI long Form article: https://www.si.com/longform/2016/aaron-hernandez-brother-dj-hernandez/

A lot of his money was given back the league I thought? Am I wrong about that?

Despite what he did I can't help but feel like this is a sad ending to an even sadder story.

Or be used to cover up evidence of chronic brain damage...

I feel bad for the family of the guy he murdered.

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

I often tell this to people. I don't make excuses for people who commit haneous crimes. But there are reasons for why it happens. We can say "he made a choice", and that is true. But your life experiences shape the choices you make. We like to think we are better than the riff raff of the world. But if raised in a similar situation I can't guarantee I would make the "right" choices.

What Hernandez did was despicable. Personally I think that kind of murder deserves the death penalty. What hernandez did to himself is still sad to me.

please no

The spotlight is off now. All the attention, all those courtroom dramas- all about him. Now that's over and he has to sit in a quiet cell for the rest of his life. He opted out.

Say what you want about the Patriots organization but they do give guys a chance to show what they have and make something of themselves. They can take average players and make super stars of them. They gave him a chance at a whole new life. At the end of his nfl career hernandez was having is role expanded and was getting more and more play time and ball touches.

He threw it all away because he felt disrespected or something. I would think a guy in professional sports would know how to deal with that. Who knows, with him still there they may have had another superbowl win or two and he may have been a legend. Idiot.

Pretty sure that's not what his Lawyer meant when he said "hang in there" after the double murder acquittal.

A lot of people with shitty lives manage not to kill. I have little sympathy for someone who is given the keys to a life of wealth and comfort (and the blessing of having a child) and still has to go gunning down people in cars.

I get your point, but this sack of shit is a bad example to advance it. I agree with you, though. We are very much a product of our experiences.

Damn. 3 lives ended over spilling a drink. Some people take that shit way to serious.... Whoa that takes me back, I once spent a night in jail, and two years fighting a court case against me, over similar trivial shit. My friend bumped into someone in a busy bar, or whatever, and a bit of beer was spilled on someone... Went nuts. Tried to start a fight.. We were drunk but not stupid enough to get into a fight, and walked away, but he kept harassing us. As we tried to walk away he grabbed my collar and I pushed him away from me, and thats where other people jumped in and tried to "break up the fight"... bouncers came, and he accused me of hitting him with a glass. (Had a scratch on his face, but not my doing....) Drunk me didn't even know how the fuck to explain what just happened and they hauled my ass away and called the cops. Eventually I pieced it all together with witnesses who were there, and got aquitted, but it took 2 years. Never really talked about it, but had to get it off my chest for a minute there... The bullshit some people start over a spilled drink.

The victim spilled some of his drink on Hernandez in a crowded club; H called him out and the spiller apparently laughed/brushed it off---that was it, no real altercation, just the perceived "disrespect." As they were leaving, Hernandez spots the guy coming out of the club and basically tells his buddy in the passenger seat "Watch this," calls out to the victim, shoots him, and goes all HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW.

It's one of the most pathetic things I've ever read about.

Edit: I'll pop this on here. A few people have helpfully pointed out that this is an alleged account of the murder Hernandez was acquitted of. Source here was the passenger, who's also had some run-ins with the law.

Guy was a massive POS who pissed his life away and treated others' lives like they were equally meaningless. The world won't miss him.

Great explanation, this should be much higher in the thread.

The wonderful thing about pensions and annuities, at least to the person receiving them, is they're untouchable in civil court. That's what allowed O.J. Simpson to live comfortably after the civil verdict (NFL pension) and it's why Ken Lay (CEO of Enron) was able to provide his wife and family with judgement-proof annuities:


All he had to do was basically just not kill people and he would be a multi-time SuperbOwl champion making millions every year doing what others only dream of. But, no.

It's probably just easier to not murder anyone.

I almost murdered a classmate who borrowed my rune scim and never gave it back

Could've just been another prisoner that told him. Or he learned it himself while studying for his own case. Prisoners have a lot of free time.

I can attest to this. I am a recovered opiate addict who grew up in a chaotic household. Briefly, my mother was psychotic and had been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. I was never told about her mental illness and so, to me, she just seemed highly irrational. Most of the time she was beautiful, loving, creative and fun but sometimes she was angry, hateful, violent and sad. When I was 17 she hung herself. At the funeral, my boyfriend offered me heroin as a means to cope. I has denied his previous offers many times but he wore me down and at that moment I would have done anything to alleviate the intense sorrow and grief I was feeling. Anyway, I used heroin for about a year and was arrested for possession when I was 18. Ages 18-22 were spent in rehabs and jails and I must admit that sometimes when life is hard, I do feel nostalgia for and miss being in jail. Almost zero responsibility, deep connections with fellow inmates who seem to understand your circumstances more than almost anyone you've come across. You read a lot, learn a lot, spend a lot of time in self-reflection and plan out your future with high hopes and daydreams. Of course when you're there, it almost always is not fun and you can't wait to get out. But when you're out and life gets tough, to the institutionalized person, jail can seem like a vacation of sorts. I know it won't make sense to most people who haven't been there, but it's just the truth.

As a guy that knows nothing about this man's crimes, this is what I got:

-Football player killed two people because somebody spilled a drink on him.

-In order to get away with those murders, he killed another guy because he feared the guy would rat him out.

-Football player was just declared not guilty of the first two murders, rending the third murder pointless.

-Whole lotta mental turmoil going on and he took his life.

edit: OK, OK: The third dude he killed was necessary in a dark kind of way, as it got him off the double homicide. Stahp.

At least it won't get taxed or anything...

I think it went like this...

Hernandez: "Is there any way at all my family could get that NFL money?"

Lawyer: "No. Not unless you die before the appeal is heard."

(Queue Always Sunny Music)

Aaron Hernandez Kills Himself

Often its not a bad circumstance compared to where they came from. For a millionaire, not the case.

The last line of the article I read was something to the effect of "the murder resulted over an argument about a spilled drink at a nightclub", which I felt really accentuated how pointless and sad it was

Edit: Yes, thank you for all the responses that this was the one he was acquitted of. Let's amend that to "the alleged murder", I don't remember exactly what the article said

My dad died when I was 18. Mom is an alcoholic and has been in and out of jail most of my life. Yet the most illegal thing I've done is speed 12 miles over the posted limit.

No great loss here, he chose to be a scumbag. Moving right along to real world issues. Anyone seen my car keys?

I think you mean a lot MORE impressive.

Next thing you know he'll be president.

Yeah but if he didn't do the second murder it's a lot less likely he would've been acquitted of the first double murder. It's a catch 22.

don't forget Gronkowski just made his Wrestlemania debut in front of over 75,000 people a few weeks ago

Good thing society is so supportive of people engaging in therapy. Especially men.

Before any starts shining up their pitchforks, I am a licensed therapist and have daily first hand experience with my sarcastic comment.

Found the guy who didn't get shot by Aaron Hernandez!

"when keeping it real goes wrong"

He probably watched the celtics game

To be fair, he might have murdered someone before he played pro.

I guess in the end he just couldn't stop killing people

What about severe repeated blows hmm? Have they thought of that one? I think not. Now, continue on NFL, you're in the clear

This. If you're from a stable, loving, middle-class background then life in prison sounds utterly unbearable. However, if you're born to an abusive or uncaring family in the ghetto, then jail doesn't seem so bad. It's all relative.

Yep, in front of what used to be Gator City.

Unless you're Adam Sandler...

The fact that he showed emotion after his win in court 5 days ago tells me this was planned.

He has been locked up in a cell with essentially nothing to do for years now. Of course this was planned. You have a lot of time to think in prison...

But he served all the time that was sentenced.

It's kind of weird that he didn't just off himself when he was sentenced to life in prison, but waited until he was acquitted of the other two murders.

Still saves a huge sum of taxpayer money spent on housing his ass for decades.

So they think his lawyers told him about this "loophole" and encouraged him to off himself?

good thing he did this before all that taxpayer money was spent on expensive trials, oh.....

That seems a lot less impressive than that other stuff.

Bristol, UK native here. Please stop stealing our city names. Ta.

Old England

I am outraged.

This isn't that big of a surprise, but still, can't help but feel for each and every single person in this story.


That was the darkest laugh I've had all day. Jesus Christ.

I am close to someone who was serving time with him, on his block. He wasn't one of those guys that went to prison, took responsibility and then tried to better himself as a person. He went in there, was a "tough guy" and continued his ways. He apparently thought he was untouchable there, but no one cared who he was, he was one of them now. He still didn't get it.

There are so few of us

Prisoners who are serving life sentences must develop a very positive outlook or something. I dont think I could do it...

His lawyer said this week he has very little money left and would have to rely on loved ones for financial help, my guess is this had something to do with his suicide.

You monster

That title though

I'm starting to think of that too. Plus after the trial he's still in prison for life anyways.

CT native here, Bristol is overall a shit hole. There are much worse areas for sure but Bristol is a bad town. Only the main shopping area on route 6 and the routes to and from ESPN are not that bad.


Theory time.

Aaron hernandez was actually guilty of double murder. He spoke about the crime to Odin(while drunk possibly). Kills Odin in a panic because he is afraid Odin will reveal the truth. Found guilty of Odin's murder. Found innocent on the charge of double murder. Turns out he killed Odin for nothing. Ended up getting life. Couldn't handle the fuck up he committed. Killed himself.

haven't we all?

Did the crime and couldn't even do the time.

He was a murderer and I don't feel sorry for him. But I do feel bad for his family, especially his daughter.

It's not the first Super Bowl they've won since A-Hern went to the slammer.

To be fair though in the other hypotheticals, had he not murdered the third guy that guy could have been put on the stand and potentially landed him a guilty verdict for the other two murders

was a serial killer

I have not seen your keys.

The salary he didn't earn was obviously given back because he wasn't playing, but he was still given the "guaranteed money" in the contract because he was not convicted of the double murder in Boston.

This would have meant that he signed the contract in bad faith. There is a morality clause and he would have lied about there being "no secrets kept" that would otherwise nullify the contract, by signing it.

He was running out of money in 2015 due to lawyer fees anyway. But, it's looking like his family will get something, if nothing other than the $1.5m house.

Edit: wow, update. In short, layman's terms, all of Hernandez's criminal charges are to be vacated, and the Patriots will likely still have to pay him.

In Massachusetts it is mandatory for first-degree murder charges to go through an appeals process. Basically double checking to make sure that before a person is thrown in prison for life we will hear the case twice. However, if the person dies during the appeals process they cannot be found guilty, as this country's motto is "innocent until proven guilty". Because he can't be PROVEN guilty now, all of his criminal charges will be vacated, including the gun possession charges.

So, he can't be found guilty of any criminal charges and his family can now be entitled to what remains of his estate and money, making it very difficult for the Lloyd family to collect further compensation.

It's absolutely a loophole, that is not exempt from suicide. Quick vid from a lawyer on the case

He killed Lloyd because he would have been the primary witness for the murder that he got acquitted for. Without that witness they didn't have enough evidence to convict him of this one.

Would this be the reason for the Chris Benoit murder/suicide?

I remember reading that he basically had the brain of an 80 year old or something, but I'm not sure about the details.

For those wondering, Chris Benoit's signature move in WWE was jumping off the corner turnbuckle and headbutting his opponent. Yes wrestling is fake, but repeatedly throwing yourself head first off a 5 foot platform is going to fuck you up.

It was suspected he killed Lloyd because he knew of the murders. Maybe his lawyers thought if he was acquitted on the double murder it would change his sentence.

Also, I'm sure the lawyers wanted to keep the money rolling.