A young Charlize Theron

A young Charlize Theron

that is one hot african american.

Young or middle aged she's hot no matter what.

Mr. F...

This is why in Britain black people are black, not "African British".

Didn't she ruffle some feathers when she won an award for Monsters Ball for being African American?

I work with a South African girl who looks like a young Charlize. It is a good time.

You can't just ask people why they're white.

Hurry up and marry her.

That makes a lot more sense. I have a friend that is born in the US, but his mom is from Jamaica. He is black, but people call him African American. He often says "My family is actually from Jamaica, but I was born here. I'm American. I'm just black as a motherfucker though."

Once in college, I had a group of people over in my dorm for a few beers, including the kid who lived next door (CJ), who happened to be black. He and I liked to tease each other, and he playfully told me I only liked craft beer because I'm white. My response was, "Are you only drinking that 40oz because you're black?"

Cue my roommate freaking out, screaming at me for being racist, small-minded, and immature, etc. She then apologies to CJ on my behalf, saying, "I'm sorry, some of us know that you're African-American."

CJ started to laugh and explained that he was, in fact, Jamaican, and was certainly not African-American in the slightest.

"Yeah, but that was just retar-"

You're thinking "Monster". Hallie Berry won for "Monsters Ball". I don't recall which of these African-Americans was the first to win an Oscar though.

I know she parodied being an African American on SNL one time.

If she's African then why is she white?

What he means is that they are basically the same as all the tits are fake in the first sub anyways

It's from Mean Girls.

Aww, she's cute.

She doesn't look underfed. She looks like a skinny normal young woman. Maybe you live in a place where people in general are overweight. What people think is healthy weight/look changes with how the average person looks. That is why for example overweight people have become the new "normal" in some places, so they don't identify their own overweight as a problem. It's good for their self-esteem, but bad for their health. It's not hard to imagine healthy people being labeled underfed when the average person around them is overweight.

Even from her role in Monster? - bra and panties nsfw

'African American', when used properly, distinguishes American descendants of slavery from Ethiopian Americans, Nigerian Americans, etc. The former group, being descended from slaves whose families were deliberately split up and distributed among differing linguistic groups to mitigate the possibility of insurrection, cannot look back to times before the ships crossed the Atlantic to lay claims that they're anything more specific than "black".

Genetic tests are changing that, but I have absolutely no reason to tell people I'm such-and-such percent Igbo and that my great great grandmother was raped by a Scottish slavelord. I am African American. Those realities are bound up in the term. And despite us both being black, my history is different from the Nigerian American (who by contrast is the most highly educated ethnic group in the United States, surpassing whites and 'Asians').

*Edited for clarity.

Go see Atomic Blonde. Hot damn.

Still is at age 42. https://www.google.com/search?q=charlize+theron&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjR_vq15qLWAhURzWMKHQZIBs4Q_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=1105#imgrc=Utmazb6sXFcr7M:&spf=1505327638237

My nickname in my sorority is Cady (pronounced Caddy) because I'm a white South African. I can't tell you the amount of times this joke has been said to me.

FFS, relax. It's a line from Mean Girls.

Nope. I'm black. But I'm also African American. My step-father is white. He also identifies as the son of a 2nd generation Italian and a 3rd generation Irishman. This ethno-cultural origin information is important to people.

Do you have a problem with someone just calling you black?

US children are indoctrinated to use certain terms or risk social condemnation. No matter how useless the terms are given the context.

"African American" being the most egregious example of words that don't mean what is being said. "Ethnically Black" the concept must be said using the phrase "African American".

I bet most people your friend 'corrects' don't even understand what he's correcting at first.

In the same vein no one would call a white person born and raised in Africa who immigrated to the US an "African American", outside as a joke or to be cute. Because the concept being stated is "Ethnically Black" despite the words used.


Dead link.

Might as well already be living in our post-net-neutrality dystopia.

That sub should be called /sub/boltontitties

What a disappointment

I'd buy an issue of Bumpaddle if she were in it

Mentally Retarded Female

It was in FHM. Teenage me remembers these things!

I find it more funny she freaked out about the term 'Black' as opposed to the actual racist part of the joke...