A 93-year-old widow of Holocaust survivor has donated $22 million to a German zoo saying she wanted to give back to the city where she and her husband met during WWII

A 93-year-old widow of Holocaust survivor has donated $22 million to a German zoo saying she wanted to give back to the city where she and her husband met during WWII
A 93-year-old widow of Holocaust survivor has donated $22 million to a German zoo saying she want...

Zoos often do wonderful research on biodiversity. They contribute to scientific knowledge. Biodiversity knowledge is useful in the prevention of famine.

I see Germany's really changed their views on biodiversity and famine then

I found a german source: -The money will go into a fund(?) and the profits of this goes to the zoo, the reason stated was fears of reduced state funding -she met her husband in cologne (the article indicates that they where young and poor. They married a year after the war and immigrated over Israel to America where here husband became successful.

This is funny because i read the exact same article but she donated the money to zoo Kolin, which is not in Germany, but in the Czech Republic. So which is it???

Christopher Landsberg is the CEO of the Cologne zoo, so they are speaking about Köln in Germany, not Kolin.

Actually yes. Germany is the success story on going green and the public developing an environmentally consciousness in the past few decades.

Also a major contributor of famine relief programmes. And projects which combine the two like anti desertification measures.

I was going to ask how they became millionaires from a pet shop in New Jersey

Maybe it meant köln, that is the german word for cologne.

So are you donating all of your money to said starving orphans?

Because humans are garbage


When you have 22 million do donate then you can choose to whom it goes.

Jesus Christ, this comment section is a fuckfest.

If you donate to charities to help preserve endangered animals, you're stupid cause you didn't donate to others. If you donate to others, you're stupid because you didn't donate to animals that are going extinct and we won't see them anymore.

How do you win this shit?

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Wow this woman selflessly donated $22 million to something I don't like. What a piece of garbage!

Truly the words of a saint. We could all learn a thing or two from /u/NotAgainPlzz

There is no winning with people anymore. They probably curse her for being rich and then curse her when she gives it all away. Everyone these days thinks they should be masters of others wealth.

I would have spent it all on black jack and hookers.

This... Do I think that she should give a zoo 22 mil? I don't care. Are there better ways to spend that money? Yeah maybe, but at the end of the day it's her money and she should be able to spend it how she sees fit

Agreed. It's her money. She can do whatever she wants with it. She doesn't owe anything to anyone.

Zoos in Germany are far more than just a place for leisure and looking at animals.

For an instance they take part in research projects and breed endangered animals to preserve them.

The Zoo in Cologne is also a large contributor to conservation projects all over the world.

Don't live your life around pleasing others, donate, or don't, to whatever you please. Then you win.

You don't have 22 million so you don't get to choose ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The English name is actually closer to the original name than the German name: When the Romans founded the city about 2000 years ago, they called it "Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium".

It's not like Germany is still ran by Nazi's.

He's questioning a zoo

What, people can contribute to causes that they value. I like contributing to charity x y z, but I understand if someone would rather contribute to a b c. Everyone is passionate about different things and different injustices in the world.

Of course it is far from perfect. I would never deny that.

And you can't deny that Germany has made a heavy turn toward eco-friendly policies.

But compare it to even the 80s when there was virtually no recycling and Germany was building coal mines and coal power plants everywhere.

Germany is also doing far better in those regards than almost all the other countries on the planet.

As I said it is still flawed. But what I said remains true. That radically changed its views.

There wouldn't be any sentiment at all if they had donated to a random city. It's not the lands fault there was a genocide on it. Many Jews still call Germany home.

That would mean the end of their preservative breeding programs, their research projects and cut backs at the conservation initiatives they support.

Man, a good zoo is like a 5 star hotel for animals.

I don't mean that is good, but what should we protect if we (the general popolation) dont even know what we need to protect?

This is the lowest effort trolling I've ever seen.

That's absolutely wrong. I keep reading that Germany is this environmentally friendly country when the facts show something completely different. Sure our politicians set all kinds of great goals and everyone applauds, but when we fail to get even close to these goals every single time no one cares. For example the yearly CO2 limit for 2017 was already reached after 3! months. On top of that the car industry is heavily involved in politics and makes laws that prevent them from having to invest in electrical cars since their current business model makes them a shit ton of money. Germany is not an environmentally friendly country.


There's always a more worthy charity if you think like this, there's always somebody who you think needs it more.

Oh, starving orphans? How about all the starving disabled orphans? Oh, them? How about the ones with cancer too? And of course somebody will come in saying it should be given veterans, then somebody else counters with orphans. There's no best charity.

Just let people be generous.

Most zoos in developed countries (not talking about Billy Bubbas roadside zoo, talking nice zoos like San Diego zoo) do a shit ton for saving endangered species. While I agree animals shouldn't be in cages for entertainment the animals in nicer zoos usually have really comfortable lives compared to surviving in the wild, especially if the animal is a species that is hunted or endangered in its habitat. I mean, they are fed daily and have veterinary care and are not in danger of being poached. I do definitely think animals like big cats, bears, orcas and elephants NEED a large amount of space to be happy and most mid-level zoos even fall short in this regard, but not all zoos are the same. I detest roadside zoos and circuses and think they should be illegal, but you can't visit the Albuquerque Biopark or San Diego Zoo without noticing the level of care given to each creature or appreciate the breeding programs they have in place to help wild populations.

You're the grandson of a holocaust survivor?

Well she is a fucking holocaust survivor, so maybe she gets to decide what to do with her money and what sentiment matters.

You know growing up I always wondered what this funny sounding city of Cologne is.

Then someone told me it's Köln in English, it's such a different name, I never understood how that came to be, extra syllable even.

Not what I would have done with the money, but she's free to do whatever she wants with it. It's hers.


The internationally renowned zoo with an attached aquarium and invertebrate exhibit has an emphasis on primates such as bonobos and lemurs, and is active in preservational breeding of animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. In addition, in-the-wild conservation efforts and research focussing on animals of Madagascar, Wallacea, and Vietnam are actively promoted and supported via cooperation with Cologne University and local projects, such as in the case of Przewalski's Horses.

God damn that sounds inhumane as fuck.

From this comment section, I must say I agree with you

The Zoo in Cologne is heavily involved in research and preservation projects all over the world. It is not like she gave her money to an amusement park.

If she had given the money to UNICEF people would still complain. There is always a more pressing cause. Charity shouldn't be a competition.

Zoos work against extinction, which I would probably define as genocide.

The one in cologne(found a german source and their names are german) the husband hided in cologne

While I also dislike the idea of keeping animals in captivity, a lot of zoos house endangered or threatened species so they can be vital for preservation. Captive animals live longer and are more likely to reproduce and grow the species.

Cologne Zoo is an EAZA accredited institution. They require a portion of proceeds to go to conservation efforts, work with species survival plans to ensure a wide genetic pool for endangered species, and accredited zoos have a much higher level of care.

This isn't a roadside attraction. This zoo in particular works with Przewalski Horses, a species that was extinct in the wild but has been reintroduced thanks to the effort of zoos. They are on the ground saving species.