A 10 year old girl attempt at Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting. Not bad.

A 10 year old girl attempt at Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting. Not bad.

Bob Ross taught a proven technique. He wanted everyone to know that they could paint. My all time favorite quote from him is "Talent is a lie."

I would agree with this. I've never painted before and my wife got me a Bob Ross kit last year. Here's what I've done so far, from my first to my most recent.


It's very fun and rewarding when a painting comes together, but it's also very, very challenging, at least to myself.

Edit: Thank you all for the kind words.

I'd expect better from someone who is an entire decade old

Very cool. I love that last one in particular!

A lot of "art snobs" like to look down on Ross and his technique. I just think they're pissed because with a little time and effort anyone can enjoy creating art. It makes their club a little less exclusive.

found the chinese dad

While I'm not going to take anything away from the girl, my friend does painting classes for children and every child that goes into his class will paint something of this quality. He tells me that it's easy with children because they don't think they can't do it

http://imgur.com/B3Rw7qA my boyfriend has painted the same one :) I love it

my boyfriend has painted the same one :) I love it

"Aaaaaaanybody can learn to paint this way, it's so easy"

You got to be fucking with us! Those look fucking amazing. Those don't look like someone just watched a video on painting and produced this. I can barely change a diaper after watching like 50 YouTube tutorials, you watch one Bob Ross video and now your painting things that look better than the crap I've paid to put on my walls...


This was my first attempt following along with Bob Ross. Literally my first painting. People don't believe me when I tell them it's my first.

People are all impressed, but the truth? Bob Ross's method is actually VERY accessible and not hard to pick up at all.

That looks like a happy little tree right there

I mean art should be fun. I did my degree in art and design and having to do it In a structured way killed any enjoyment I got from it. You can see his paintings are using the same technique but it's fun and they look good from most people. I hate people who think you have to wack out the oil paints and produce a perfect real life to enjoy or make art, that just isn't true.

A 10 year old painted this ? Whoa !

OP, if you know her personally, please ensure she gets professional training to further learn and improve. This is one budding talent that the world should watch out for.

As a kid I painted everything, I sculpted, I sketched...any form of art I loved...so I went to Art school. Worst mistake ever because it destroyed my imagination. I had a design teacher who set an assignment that we had to create a 3D environment of one of our favorite memories. I got an old suitcase and spent hours creating my memory (catching fireflies at dusk in the summer at my parents house). I was so proud of it and then our professor just picked the whole damn thing apart to the point where I trashed it after ward. It was awful and I don't even remember the last time I painted now :(

Dead serious. I just watch his episodes on my laptop and paint along. It takes me about two hours to do one.

On your way home tonight stop by the art store and buy your paint, brushes, tools, and canvas. After work tomorrow set up your work space. On Friday spend 10 minutes to get the background going. The next day start the next layer. Keep going 10 minutes per day until you've got a new painting done.

It was /u/sootybird's daughter, who would now be 12 or so. It took her about four hours.

As for the name, /u/sootybird explained here:

Her name is Davan. My brother's name and my father's name is David. My brother died in 2002 jumping off a cliff into too shallow water. I named her Davan after him as it is the female version of David and I hated Davida. My father died this past November so I'm very grateful I decided to name her that.

OP further explained:

It is a birthday gift for my mom. My mother and my daughter watch Bob Ross together. She bought her the Joy of Painting set two years ago. We are surprising her for her birthday next week as this is my mother's first birthday without my dad. He died in November. Been a tough year. Hope this brings her some joy.

I feel like you are completely ignoring the thread, lol you CAN paint, anyone can paint. I'm also a guy who has done a few Bob Ross inspired paintings, and they look amazing for having zero experience. It's all about his techniques.

Love Bob Ross. Did this as a tribute to my late Grandfather using some of Bob's techniques:


That one thing that I've noticed when kids draw or anything like that. They don't even hesitate and just dive right in. That's a mentality I wish I still have.

In fact, you can't make a single mistake, just a happy accident

Step 2: Set the brush and paint down, and step away from your finished work. Take it all in, appreciate the way the brush strokes work together. Notice things that you didn't remember painting, like that blood splotch, or the way the light bounces off the gleaming ax head. Realize that you've painted a crime scene involving your wife, you can't see the face of the man wielding the ax, but you notice he's wearing your wedding ring.

Grab the painting, throw it outside onto the lawn. Douse it liberally in gasoline, set it aflame, and look nervously over your shoulder. Get rid of the charred remains by burying it in a shallow grave in the garden, pretend you don't notice the ax leaning up against the fence post.

Go inside, have a nice refreshing glass of iced tea. You deserve it after all that work. Notice your wife's phone sitting on the table, it's just gotten a text message. It's Chris, he thinks it's time to tell you about them, it's been going on for so long now. Stare out the window at the patch of recently upturned dirt in the garden.


This is absolutely fantastic.

Any one can paint like this though if you've watched enough Bob, his techniques are so simple he completes a whole beautiful painting in one episode. It's so great to see he's still inspiring people long after he left us

You know who else resented the view of his art professors? THAT'S RIGHT.

10 year old me couldn't even follow the Lego instructions properly. Admittedly, Bob Ross is better than Lego.

Drawing is a mechanical skill and can be learned if one puts in the time and effort.

If you suffer from aphantasia that really doesn't have anything to do with talent. It's a disorder or condition. Most artist don't draw from imagination either most of the time they are going off a model.

Fuck them. A lot of them judge Bob Ross on his quick 30 minute paintings he does on the show but if you ever see an original he painted outside the show where he had lots of time they look god damn stunning.

He is pretty good at teaching. Also painting isn't as hard as many think. The right techniques and the right colors and you can't do too much wrong.

I'm a Kyle too. Kyles really are pretty great.

impossible to mess up, at worst, you end up with a few "happy mistakes"

Thats awesome.

I got a "real degree" and have been too busy working :( I'd love to start again.

So not at all like bob ross. 

Watch bob ross and you'll understand what everyone is talking about. It's the opposite of this picture. Its slow and the whole time you're like ya this is actually easy. One stroke/dab at a time. 

Im sure there's a good amount of him on yt.

So not at all like bob ross.

Watch bob ross and you'll understand what everyone is talking about. It's the opposite of picture. Its slow and the whole time you're like ya this is actually easy. One stroke/dab at a time.

Im sure there's a good amount of him on yt.

Why not start again?

Just mathematically speaking, considering it only takes Bob Ross to do a painting in 30 minutes, 23 paintings could theoretically take less than a day.


Bob Ross is better than Lego

Saying things like that will start a Reddit war.

Fuck art school. Fuck art classes. Fuck art teachers. I've never had a good art teacher. Best I've done is just take some of the shit they taught n make it my own but .. taking their opinion into account is the worst fucking idea. My last class, two years ago, still has me beating myself up. It's bad. I hope you do art again sometime. You've got a sad story. :/

Really?? That's gorgeous! I struggle to draw stickmen but I love art and am always jealous of people who can draw and paint!

Just make sure you do not tell anyone.

He's not bad at landscape and architecture but he falters at people.

Talent is not a lie when you are talking about art. Some Chinese art students I know spend 6years practicing sketching and memorizing color composition on an average of 5 hours a day since they were 12. They love art, they have all the mechanical skills you can name, but they just don't have an understanding of light, perspective and and colors, which means they cannot produce pleasant, catching, creative work. They can paint and draw decently, but they can't express their thoughts with their work. On the other hand you have 14 yrs olds who have only started learning art producing amazing work because they have talent and understands how to depict things in aesthetic, intriguing and correct ways. Art is about practice, but to be seriously good at art you must have talent.

Just grab a beginners kit and a couple brushes. You don't need a high quality studio setup. I bought some paint, brushes and some entry level crap canvas and it cost me $25

Can confirm. My boyfriend's name is Kyle. 10/10 would recommend.

That's the whole appeal of the paint nights... it's not actually that hard, and the paints can be very forgiving

Is it really impressive if the kid is just following a tutorial?


That doesn't mean you lack talent, it means you have a disability that prevents you from learning the skill.

Just because dyslexia exists doesn't mean reading is a talent.

You know, the more I see, the more I enjoy Hitlers work.


"Talent is a lie."

Tell that to my aphantasia while I'm attempting to draw even basic things.

The art is impressive, but that coax outlet made blood shoot out my nose.

Yeah I'm always telling my wife that everything is what you make it. If you go to work on a project or try something new you need to have a positive attitude. If you start anything thinking, this is hard or I can't do it, then of course it will be hard and of course you won't be able to do it

Jesus I thought you said you got a kit this year. Was wondering how you were able to already do 23 paintings. Nice job though. I really like number 19.


But you'll want a palette and canvas as it doesn't come with one.

No, it would mean that the "girl attempt" is 10 years old. If you are going to criticize grammar, you could at least do it with correct syntax.

I think you're confusing talent with imagination or creativity. I have been drawing since before I can remember and I would safely say that talent is a lie.

I don't.

I never could figure out his technique with mountains and the little knife thing. I either end up with a giant blob of white on them or nothing at all.

I think I spent almost $100 on supplies to try it out and rage quit because of those stupid mountains.

Then utter to yourself in a quiet breath "the aristocrats"