A Way Out - Meet Vincent and Leo

A Way Out - Meet Vincent and Leo

Watching Geoff try to get that guy to stop talking was the best. I was starting to wonder whether or not Geoff actually had the balls to tell him "no, shut up and show the trailer".

Man that guy was high as fuck.

But I kind of liked his point about EA. Sometimes EA is Battlefront II, sometimes it's games like "A Way Out" that wouldn't have had the same budget otherwise.

Man this was nuts. I remember this guy last year coming on and being like "I don't know how to describe my game, ya just gotta trust me it's fuckin' amazing!". Usually that'd immediately make me think "DON'T TRUST HIM!" but he apparently made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

The dev was fucking hilarious. Shitting on EA, and then we realize they're his publisher - I couldn't stop laughing. Game looks interesting too.

I like it because you know he gets the fuck EA thing, but him speaking as a game dev, getting to realize their vision is much more important and meaningful to him. Good for him. Funniest and most memorabld moment of the conference.

Hell watching Geoff try and wrestle for a moment to cut him off and wince in awkwardness was worth staying up late for! Absolutely hilarious!

Also, Conan O’Brian really made me laugh out loud! Especially that Horizon line about women.

I don't think he was shitting on them, he was complementing them about how they pay for all their development and how they have been good to him so far.

Well, in most games with online coop each player has to buy their own copy to play together. It looks like two friends can play A Way Out together with a single copy of the game (the things we take for granted, huh?)

Umm was that dev drunk? I doubt hes going to be invited to the next one with all that cursing lmao. That was good comedy though.

I don't know, my gut says it was coke.

When you buy the full version of A Way Out, you’ll get the special chance to invite friends into the full experience to play with you for free.


Josef is definitely just like that. Think it's just his way off showing "nerves".

Overly confident and talkative, it's coke for sure.

Or maybe he's just like that. I knew a couple of dudes who get excited like that.


It's not about what it "looks like" but what you can do. It's an interactive co-op story designed to be played with two people. There are very, very few (if any) good co-op games that try to have dynamic story content. That makes it worth making at least. Whether or not it'll be good is up in the air but it looks promising to me.

It's an amusing act. I can appreciate someone who's proud of their work. If he starts shitting on other games or developers then yeah I'd be salty but otherwise it's just pretty funny and interests me in the game.

But yeah, I mean it could always just be garbage, that's a possibility. I'll hold off judgment on the game itself until it's out, tho.

In Sweden he is a famous film director, one of the best in recent years actually. He was a regulatoriska guest on a radio show about videogames and now also make games. A great guy with alot of passion.

To those saying he was high... Josef Fares is like this all the time. He also directed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Some versions of the game include a commentary mode where he narrates an abridged playthrough of the story. As you might expect from his "jetlagged" performance here, the commentary is both interesting and funny.

i couldn't care less about the actual game but watching this man come up on stage and pull a tommy wiseau absolutely saved the show for me and inspired me to become a better man

watching his wikipedia page get bombed with edits after the show was pretty great too

Yep, he was basically saying that EA screwed up big time but that doesn't make them all bad. EA helped make his game a reality and I think he's grateful for that.

Conan's reading the back of Persona 5's box was great too.

I liked how he made a jab about lootboxes and then remembered who was publishing his game and walked it back about a thousand miles

It's something virtually no other game does, that's what makes it special. What's hard to understand?

You're reading too much into marketing adjectives.


Wow! Really enjoyed his rant. I wish we would see more developers and publishers be this excited and passionate about making their games than doing the standard PR stuff. This is what I miss in the industry and I stand right behind this guy in what I want to see in the industry.

He's definitely a character. I honestly have no idea how it's going to come out. It looks so ambitious for an indie game that I really feel it's going to be a game of extremes where it's either fantastic or an utter travesty. I'm tentatively excited but time will tell, I suppose lol.

I thought that too, but now I think he was just trying to get his point accross (EA is lootboxes but in my case they've been hands-free) the whole time but he kept interrupting himself.

highly depends on the substance

One of the characters is the guy's brother.

Are you kidding? So many people are going to be talking about this for days/weeks to come.

It's a narratively driven fundamentally co-op experience based on environmental interaction and player choice. It is absolutely nothing like GTA.

The guy was high as fuck.

They just dropped unravel like a year ago. I'd bring that back to a 3-5 to 1

id say for every way out you get 10 battlefronts... also im very interested in this game but it could be terrible for all we know. it certainly looks very ambitious.

Nah. It’s online as well. It’s just that it’s always splitscreen, even online.

Nahh, it was probably just cocaine.

He did a few lines of enthusiasm for the game industry before he came out.

taps side of nose

Then you got a really wrong impression. It's a split screen coop mostly linear game with a branching story.

This looks like Brothers: A Tale of Two Suns and Grand Theft Auto V frankensteined together.

Edit: Whoops. Meant "Sons" instead of "Suns," and I feel dumb.

I think the stuff from E3 better showcases what the game is. It is really nothing close to GTA and looks incredibly unique.

This game looks really promising. It looks exactly what I want in a multiplayer couch coop game. This is DEFINITLEY staying on my radar.

I work in publishing and definitely know people who get exactly that kind of confident and opinionated after half a drink and a little attention.

Nah man, we definitely get ten Battlefronts every year. Because EA are evil. Unraveled came and went because GAMERS were likely too busy being outraged over something at the time, so we'll just pretend that one never happened. It's better for our narrative. Also, Titanfall 2 definitely didn't happen (and fail due to people not caring) either!

Unravel was 2016. Titanfall too. In 2017 they released Andromeda, NBA Live 18, Madden 18, Star Wars BF2, Fifa 18, NHL 18 and Need for Speed Payback. Guess what ALL these games have in common? Yes, microtransactions. All of them tied to progression.

He made Brothers. I have faith.

The developer was ridiculous (in a good way). Game looks great too.

This is what I wanted them to talk about but that guy just started rambling. Pretty funny but he could've used that time better.

I'm guessing it'll be like Far Cry 4 which let you give a "free" copy to a friend that they can use to play with you, unless they just meant couch co-op :/

The moment he said local multiplayer I went from 0 to 100% interested. Kind of sad that the bar is that low nowadays, but god damn it, I want something to play when a friend comes over!

I worry how well the game will sell because of the forced co-op. Like I can appreciate the risk to do so and also making the game free for a friend but unless the game receives critical acclaim I can see it underperforming.

Whatever, for now I'm interested. Definitely something I'll pick up in a sale if I'm looking to play something with a friend.