a very moody Eiffel Tower

a very moody Eiffel Tower

Kings Island Halloween Haunt, Cincinnati Ohio

This picture is [not] illegal

Aren't nighttime pictures of the Eiffel Tower Illegal?


I was going to say King’s Dominion, Doswell Va

Did you know that during World War 2, French Resistance forces cut the cables to the Eiffel Tower's elevators so if Hitler wanted to get to the top, he would've had to walk.

But at least I'm secure enough with myself to not resort to Ad Hominem attacks

I really hope you see the irony in that statement.

Only if used for commercial purposes

Yes, but this doesn't look like the real Eiffel Tower, it's too small

Oh really? https://www.snopes.com/photographs-of-eiffel-tower-at-night/

We should get a torrent going of a couple thousand illegal pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

No, it's not.

You're right, they would have thought the guy was crazy had he ordered such a thing!

I was wrong in that regard. But at least I'm secure enough with myself to not resort to Ad Hominem attacks. And I agree, the price of shit it pretty dumb. Have you seen how much a fecal transplant costs these days?!

no not true. you cant post pictures for the world to see for free either. kinda like any other copyrighted material.

It's pretty much the same thing, they are or at least used to be sister parks. It's hard to tell at this angle and quality

a n g e r y

The Germans had no knowledge of elevator technology and couldn't just replace the cables?

I'm French and I've never heard of such drastic rules. Is it some urban legend or is it backed up by some proofs ?

Only if used for commercial gains

It's not, this is the Eiffel tower in King's Island, an amusement park near Cincinnati, Ohio. I think it's around 1/3rd the size of the real one? I remember a teacher telling me that when I was younger. Still a cool view from the top though

It's also not the real Eiffel Tower, but there's really no way you could've known that

I wasn't looking to school, rather to illuminate the truth. This is what I'm still wondering: how are you a dumb ass if you were the one (along with the lights on the tower) doing the illuminating?

Because to repair the cables they need to climb all the way up. I don’t think Hitler asking a bunch of people to walk all the way so they can repair the elevator so he can take it and not walk would be a good idea.

Real like Minecraft

It looks like something The Brave Little Toaster would encounter.

Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal.