A USMC Marine uses his entrenching tool to hold his helmet and attract enemy fire while a spotter searches for targets through a small hole in Fallujah, Iraq, 2004 [2000x3000]

A USMC Marine uses his entrenching tool to hold his helmet and attract enemy fire while a spotter searches for targets through a small hole in Fallujah, Iraq, 2004 [2000x3000]

"If it looks stupid, but it works, it's not stupid."

Here it is

. But that wall is made of drywall and this wall is made of concrete... I would say that a concrete wall is a pretty good defense against bullets, but I don't have ~17 years of explosion experience like you do.

A United States Marine Corps Marine. That's not actually redundant. You wouldn't say "a USMC," as "USMC" refers to the whole corps and not one member of it.

A USMC Marine

An entrenching tool made that hole, not enemy fire.

Myes. I did 'what bullets go through what stuff' lessons in basic, was only 5 years ago though not 17. Obviously most eastern block weapons are 7.62 variants so more than enough punch to go through a wall.. however a wall is harder than skin and a wall is better concealment than nothing. Also his arm is on a 45 degree angle so his torso isn't in the centre of mass target the shooter would be aiming at. I'm assuming they've come under fire. Make the choice: a) Stick your head up. b) Use your helmet as bait, risk a secondary in the arm. c) go looking for a long stick in the desert.

Safe? oh sweet jesus no. Stupid? not by a long shot (see what I did there?).

"...whom Major Koenig thinks is an idiot..."

By the looks of it, it's the same exact picture, just taken at a different angle and later on in time.

However, the key difference between the posted photo and the linked one is that the latter is terribly cropped, stretched into an asymmetrical black border and then emblazoned with a bold sans-serif font showing the type of intellect, maturity and respect I've come to expect from the morons associated with that sort of garbage.

Caliber, mantle, charge, metal type.

ahhh the old helmet on a stick routine

I've sometime questioned doing that myself; as far as I've seen, it's correct terminology, even if it appears to be a bit redundant.

That's a Hooligan tool, not an E tool but nice pic!

Concrete walls generally count for cover not just concealment but I don't have almost 20yrs.

Came here to wonder about that.

ATM machine.

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Man. Sure are some stupid motherfuckers even in /sub/militaryporn.

I have a little experience with guns and this one time I saw a movie where a guy was shot through a wall but then one of them called a mag a clip and I'm all like phhhhhtt, fake!

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nah, the ak-47 just hits the bullets out harder.

7.62x39? Absolutely. 7.62x51/54R? Hell no.

Wonder where you got this, this pic looks very familiar, I'm positive I know these guys, this is Operation Phantom Fury and these guys were in direct support of Lima co. 3rd Battalion 1st Marines during the push.

Great team, I might be mistaken, but the guy holding the helmet is a line attachment helping with security, most likely 1st or 3rd platoon....

You know scrap that, these guys are PART of Lima co. this is a team in 3rd Platoon, I know both of them, or at least...did...sigh, I do know the guy with the binos is a team leader and he was a senior Lance, guy with the helmet is PFC Schuh.