A Texas man is suing his date for texting during 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'

A Texas man is suing his date for texting during 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'
A Texas man is suing his date for texting during 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'

It's not about the money, but about sending a message

"Texas man spends $1000 + in legal fees to recover $17"

Sending a message about not sending a text message.

She should countersue that he didn't take her to the Alamo Drafthouse, because that shit would have been shut down.


Redditor sues redditor over pointing out obvious punchline in other redditor's joke.

I'm torn, she sucks for using her phone in a movie, but this feels a little /sub/niceguys

I took a friend to see Guardians of the Galaxy at an Alamo this past week. We both got baked but she decided to start trying to talk to me during the opening scene. I shot her my best "YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH RIGHT NOW" look. I'll be damned if I'm gonna get thrown out of Alamo because of her after I paid for everything.

Oh, I bet so.

It's their first date, and they met online according to the article. She's not excited about his comic book movie, but politely goes along. He's furious that she's not 100% invested in him and talking raccoon movie.

'I paid for the ticket! She should be sucking my dick in the theater, not texting!'

Edit: to those replying about the texting, nobody is defending texting in the theater. Yes, we know it's annoying, you don't have to tell me that.

Frivolous lawsuit vs movie texters, throw them both in jail lol

I'm not allowed to sue people for money because I'm Canadian. Hope everyone has a nice day. Sorry for interrupting..

This is small claims court. Legal fees aren't that much. However you still have to properly serve the defendant, which will probably cost no more than $100, and you have to pay court fees, which aren't huge but are still more than $17. There's no lawyers in small claims court, so it's just those two costs.

The first date is worse. You never ever go to a movie on a first date. That is dating rule number one. You literally sit there not talking and not getting to know each other. She would have learned more about a space raccoons relationship with a talking tree than about the person she is on a date with. Go for coffee, a walk, the zoo, anything that allows talking. She was probably texting her friends making fun of the dude.



Well yeah but we had both JUST watched the whole "talk and youre fucking gone" psa and heres my buddy just being all chatty cathy with me.

Yeah, I could have been nicer about it. But after paying around 40 bucks for both us to eat there and around 20 bucks for tickets i feel like throwing her the ol stinkeye was a measured response.


OH YEAH, and they were my medicated edibles.

Such an underrated comment. Seriously though, Drafthouse > every other theater ever


They boot your ass out

Frivolous lawsuit vs movie texters

Dawn of Injustice

Oh man. I'm not torn at all.

He took a woman on a first date to a movie. And now he's suing her.

Fuck that guy.

To make a point, I should think.

"Oh, you're such a rebel, defying social mores by texting during the movie we're attending? Let me show you how professional assholes operate, honey, and see how you like it."

It's always the person who texted during the movie.

I actually thought I was there for a moment...

Everything is bigger in Texas, including assholes...

He's wasting everybody's time to send that message over $17, this is as frivolous as it gets.

God bless the Magnited States of America!

PACING ISSUES? Ok, that's it, I'm suing you!

Suing? I do believe texting during a movie is treason of the highest order. She must be publicly executed.

Can you not shoot a quit whisper to the person you are seeing the movie with?

Just found out that Drafthouse is opening a location in my city this year. Can't wait.

As everyone else mentioned, you don't actually talk. You just write down what you want (food, drinks, refill, reporting a talker/texter). Then, they act as ninjas and take the paper away, and bring back what you ordered. There have been times while watching a movie I've written down a refill, continue watching the movie, and the next time I've looked down, not only is the paper gone, but my refill is already there without me even noticing them!


4 U.

This is thread is such a Rorschach test for neckbeard/nice guy tendencies--I love It!

One group upon hearing the facts rushes to the defense of the gentlesir, imagining how angry they would be if someday a girl dated them and texted during a movie.

The other group immediately wonders what kind of person would 1) take a date to a movie, let alone to a potentially niche sequel like Guardians of the Galaxy, on a first date, and 2) thinks it is a good idea to sue in a petty personal way because they are butthurt the date left when they tried to awkward as F shush her in a movie theater for nominally impacting their precious movie. Classic.

what part did she start? was it around the pacing issues area of the film

You go to a movie on the first date for an early viewing and then have dinner afterwards. Then you have a common talking point if nothing else!


so it's really just $100 + in legal fees or whatever you call them to recover $17.

Thanks for killing the joke, joke killer.

yeah that's why she was texting during it. she wanted to see it sooo badly that she didn't even gave a fuck about it.

How stupid. If she is annoying you that much get staff to throw her out. If I was the judge that got a case like this I would be irritated that I would be wasting my fucking time with it.

This guy asked his money back cause he didn't enjoy the date

Also, she drove him to the cinema lol

Also, she drove him to the cinema lol

To be fair, the guy only wants his $17 he spent on the movie back. He freely admitted it was more about principle than anything.

I'd say frivolous is suing someone for thousands of dollars cuz they gave you a red skittle instead of a yellow one.

Today, on Judge Judy...

No. It's a No Talking theatre. Here's the thing with whispering... some people are better at it than others. Also, if someone is trying to make a joke, then it causes the other person to laugh out loud when other people are trying to listen.

Dude just dump them and move on

You don't have to guess. We are already living in The Onion universe.

Texting without having explained your necessary reasons on a date: rude Texting in the movie theater: Jerk Texting during Guardians: gasp Treating someone to a movie and then trying to sue them for rude behaviour: Entitled Asshole level terrible person.

This doesn't apply to civil cases.

"I would like to spend a night to know you more and to let you know more about me. Let's spend two and a half hours silently looking at a screen and not interact at all."

Please send TimBits. Will trade with Whataburger.

A distracting glowing phone screen in a pitch black theatre where the only light is meant to be coming from the screen is very rude and distracting.

I can't say I agree with suing her but it's a dick move

Wow, that's a bit harsh. I think execution should be saved for those who actually talk into their phones during the movie. Texting offenses could get away with flogging.

It's not like he wants this done for free. Small claims court still gets fees and somebody somewhere in the court system will be able to pay the bills because of small claims court.

Man Alamo is the ONLY way I roll nowadays. Plus all the waitresses at my location are hot as fuck.

How does someone this lame get a date in the first place

And thanks to your comment I checked and just realized there is already on in my town. What have I been doing with my life?!

She was looking at the wrong screen

I don't know how it is in other countries, but yes, you can sue anyone for absolutely anything in the US. You can sue them for being an alien if you want. The judge will immediately throw it out if it's ridiculous though.

Are they not allowed? I thought they just weren't required. Because in America, you always have the right to an attorney, right?

edit: lawyer words

Turn your phones off during movies or at the very least put it on silent. Other people paid to watch the movie too.

With that said, this guy is loser


I googled Alamo Drafthouse PSA, and this was the first video I found: This makes me want to go to an Alamo Drafthouse even more.

And here's the Sith version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1COD6IIcwI

I live in Oklahoma. That's it, I'm taking a roadtrip next month just to watch something at the Alamo.

Exactly, it's not like there are a ton of resources being tied up by this mans case. Its small claims court, almost everything there is petty..

As long as he pays the court processing fees or whatever, then I have no problem with this. Not that I'm saying he should really be reimbursed for the $17 bucks, but he has the right to sue to try to get it.


Even if you're a dark lord

I don't know dude, talking during a movie is symptomatic of being a potential douchey person regardless of whatever movie you're watching.

That's using the word "man" rather generously.

If you would like reddit to show your hashtag (#) you must put a slash in front of it, like so: \#

I mean unless both people are stoked for a particular movie, and looking to not go alone. Then they can have dinner after and have something to talk about to ease the awkwardness of a first date.

"I'm both petty and bad with money"

He's a fuckinh nutjob.

R/niceguys based on title. Article wouldn't load.

She bailed mid-movie and left him without a ride. LOL.

They were talking about this on my local radio station this morning, and the conversation inspired all sorts of calls from people about awful first dates and half of them were 100% /sub/niceguys material.

They dont let you text there?

I hate seeing people dicking around on their phones in the movie. Hope he wins.

It depends. I worked at a firm that did small claims litigation as a big part of its business when I was in law school. The filing fee is $75 in my jurisdiction. After that, it depends on what happens with the case.

This article should be titled 'Texas man sues to get clicks on a website related to his lawsuit'

Bitter Texas Man Can't Take The Hint He Sucks And So He Sues Out Of Spite Because He's A Piece Of Shit

She should excuse herself to do it then instead of messing with the experience of her date and other customers.

The right to an attorney is part of the 6th Amendment. It does not include civil matters.

No, everyone is always feasting there, and you just hear the crinkling, crunching and chewing of food the whole time. Movies are for watching; gorge yourself before you get there. I just want a dark, quiet theater that doesn't smell like someone's burger. Is that too much to ask for?

Clearly with an equally lame woman who texts in the theatre. Really it should have been a match made in heaven, both are total assholes with no social conscious.

Or, yah know, there are some of us who think the guy may be a bad date, but also think she's shitty for intentionally ruining the experience of every other movie goer there. We can be on nobody's side. (Also, I think calling Guardian's "niche" isn't really fair considering it has made multiple billions of dollars worldwide. It's about as "niche" as U2)

$17.31 motherfucker that .31 cents is so damn important that thousands of dollars doesn't matter.

But who is the bigger asshole? I'm afraid this mystery will go the way of the Blue/Black or White/Gold dress.

They duck to stay out of the way and you order on cards rather than talking. You end up tuning them out really easily.

a court date

His idea of a second date

well done

But how's he gonna win that case. I mean other than annoying her with a court date it really doesn't seem like hes gonna get much out of this.

Please, don't be that special kind of scum.

I can already picture what the caller looks like

you especially, roger. you especially.

I have a really great independent cinema in my city, but they don't show the big studio films so now I have a good place for bigger films. Plus the one in my city is showing Logan in black and white, which is pretty cool.

Maybe I should sue the person kicking my seat for distracting me not to view the movie 100% focus!

It does annoy a few rare people, and that's unfortunate, but most are able to tune out the waiters pretty easily. Like if you're watching a movie at home and someone gets up to get a glass of water. Also, screw the people downvoting your legitimate question.

Oh yeah, and 90% of the food service is done in the first 20 minutes of the movie.

But that's what started this shit!

i think everyone else would care if your light was really bright on your phone. cause that shit is distracting and everyone around you would be pissed. why pay to see a movie and spend it on your phone stay home

I've always been really curious about the drafthouse theaters. How is it that the waiters don't spoil the movie by continually coming in and out?

I get that the seats are staggered in a way where you have a clear view over people's heads, but let's say you're sitting in the outside row and people in the middle are ordering stuff. Does it not get annoying to have them constantly come by you to deliver food to people in the middle?