A terrier shows off its catch after a 15 minute rat hunt in French trenches during WWI. September 1916 [624 × 351]

A terrier shows off its catch after a 15 minute rat hunt in French trenches during WWI. September 1916 [624 × 351]

This is the difference between a cat and a terrier when it comes to rodent control. When it comes to cats, even the best mousers only go after one at a time, and they often pause to eat. Generally it can take them days/weeks to deal with an infestation because of this. If there is rats, you may need multiple cats, because the rats may gang up on the cat.

With a good terrier, they will take care of your rat issues in a matter of hours. They don't stop to eat. They kill, then move on immediately to the next creature. They don't play with their prey like cats do. They kill immediately. One terrier will also be much harder for rats to overwhelm as well. They are bigger and stronger than a cat, and their jaws are much bigger.

dogs are very effective though

One terrier will also be much harder for rats to overwhelm as well. They are bigger and stronger than a cat, and their jaws are much bigger.

Considering rat terriers and their Jack Russell kin weigh maybe 20lbs max, I chuckled a bit at the idea of their jaws being "much bigger" but

damn it must have been nice to have a cute dog like that killing all the rats in the trenches for you. too bad you were still in trenches.

Damn, what if you couldn't grow a mustache during this time period?

That was a super interesting video.

Dems good eatins in a WW1 trench.

Watching dogs actually work is badass. I'm so used to seeing them in a purely pet-domestic context.

What a horrifying day for rodents. That day will go down in infamy for the colony.

agreed. I watched part 2 as well. Actually seems kinda fun.

Brindle pit is a BEAST

First time I saw this photo it came together with a caption from a German newspaper, saying something like: "The result of a 15 minute rat hunt in Englich trenches".

The goal of the picture was also propagandistic: it showed German audience how dirty, and by extension unorganized, were the enemy's trenches.

Source of the picture

I use to live on a farm and we had a Yorkshire Terrier; any time I would go to change the water for our crops she would follow me along because she knew what this meant. When I would switch all the pipes to a new row of crops the water would go down the corrugates and fill up mice and gopher holes, the obvious outcome is these rodents would have to flee their home otherwise drowning would be certain. Our terrier would watch the pooling water for even ripples because she knew there was some fat mouse or gopher trying to make it's way to the surface, when it did she was there to latch onto the back of it's neck and snap the bones to a more often then quick death, if death wasn't quick she would snarl and tear at the furry animals till they where lifeless, once dead she would move onto another hole; she was a vicious killer with only thing on her mind.

Another related story from the farm happened when late afternoon when I was sitting on the back porch with my parents; around the house I heard the dogs all barking and growling at something, I went around the corner to investigate. When I got around the corner I saw our 3 larger golden retrievers in a large circle barking at what appeared to be a black cat with it's back hunched in the air, when I got closer I noticed it was no cat, but a full grown female badger, probably 30lbs in all. I went to grab a shotgun and dispatch of the badger and when I got back our Terrier was in full out brawl with this badger 3 times her size, she was snipping at it's neck, growling, rolling around in the gravel, I had to kick her away from the badger so I could get a safe clear shot; she had a few nicks on her shoulder from the badgers teeth but was otherwise untouched, our large Golden Retrievers wouldn't get close to the fight.

TLDR: 9lb Terrier viciously hunted mice and gophers dozens at a time, also got in a brawl with a 30lb badger.

Throw in a potato, some carrots, baby you got a stew goin'



They could have laid them in their own trench. Rats don't like the sight of dead rats. But on the other hand, humans don't like that sight either.

EDIT: The funny but unfitting comment above me said "Catapult them into German trenches" (dunno who wrote that) and had some very funny responses. Alas it did not fit here.

I saw a video of Rhodesian Ridgebacks hunting African lions. Very impressive. When you think about the range of work that dogs can be bred and trained to do, from herding sheep, to pulling nets, to leading the blind, to hunting apex predators... It's pretty damn incredible.

Cops in India still get a bonus, if they have a mustache.

What did they do with the rats? Eat/ Burn?

I had a Schnauzer who would kill mice in the house in her younger years. She'd bite them and shake them and then be done. It was adorable!

What about Greek women?

They've got soft mouths, which makes them better for retrieving birds. Apparently not so good for ratting.

Easy, that's Charlie work

Basically. My family has cats outside for just this reason. We live in the boonies. They also don't need to be trained at all.

Yup. Even the women.

This is one of the reasons I want a full sized dog. On one hand he can be a great pet for my 1.5 year old daughter and they can grow up together etc. But also, a full sized dog can instantly become a protector. I have heard countless stories of shepherds appearing silently at any indication of danger, putting themselves between potential victim and danger. No barking, no teeth shown, just a quick simple gesture to let whatever could be there that nothing will happen on their watch. As a parent that is extremely comforting.

That's what they were bred for and when people try to make them "lapdogs", they wonder why they are destructive. Awesome dog!

This was truly a senseless war.

kill adorable!


Its a Parson Russell Terrier

They accent the dead humans and mud.

That's how you make a rat king.

P.S. Don't make a rat king.

Rats eat farm products. Farmers keep cats and dogs around to destroy the rats and protect their product.

I love this. Yorkies have unfortunately been recently bred to be small and toy-like, but that's not at all what they were bred to do. They were bred to be small tenacious terriers that took care of the rodent population.

Glad to see one still has the terrier drive!

I forget where I saw it, but there was a hunting show or video of a dog scaring a mountain lion up a damn tree. It was so strange to see a dog doing that to a much larger and deadlier animal. It makes me wonder what my German shepherd could do if I let him loose.

That right there is what a happy terrier looks like. I have a Jack and a rat terrier, and there is nothing they would like more than a day of rodent hunting.

They can if there is enough bold ones.

there's a lot of good videos of dogs hunting hogs too.

Lots of dead bodies and waste for them to feed on.

Actually diet-wise dogs are more flexible then cats. Cats require meat, dogs are better off eating meat but can survive eating assorted stuff.