A Swedish pharmacy made a billboard that starts coughing whenever a smoker is near

A Swedish pharmacy made a billboard that starts coughing whenever a smoker is near
A Swedish pharmacy made a billboard that starts coughing whenever a smoker is near

That's ridiculously passive-aggressive.

Since being overweight is just as unhealthy as being a smoker, is it okay to make a billboard that plays tuba noises everytime an obese person is near?

The most obnoxious ad goes to...

Wonder what would happen if you set it on fire.

Being overweight does not affect the health of those around you

Never seen a fat family?

Makes me want to start smoking to try out the add!

we're now waiting for the sign that'll spit directly on our faces.

Goes to google.


It affects healthcare costs and the spinal health of the nurses that have to lift them onto supersize beds.

So, smoking is bad (m'kay), but I fail to see how this will help people quit. I just envision it pissing smokers off, which could even be counterproductive.

Good point, but that comes down to bad parenting choices not the fact that one or both parents is overweight. I know plenty of people whose parents are in much worse physical shape than them by choice.

You know, if I have to choose I prefer all-out aggression. A "stop smoking, you fucking moron" is a 1000 better than this whiny passive-aggressive shit.

You laugh but 'dont tell me what to do you arrogant smug prick' is the smokers calling card.

They were laughing and enjoying it. I believe it has failed.

Well, that backfired.


This is just it.

The only thing that will stop a smoker from smoking is themselves.

I don't care how much money you spend on anti-smoking advertising, how expensive they are per pack....

We know what we're doing is stupid, dangerous to our health, and downright gross. So anything said to us in this vein is preaching to the choir; a.k.a. useless.

I'm all for discouraging kids not to start smoking; it's a disgusting, expensive, and harmful habit that I wish I didn't have. But no matter how many loved ones and strangers and ads tell me to quit, it doesn't matter. Nothing external can make me quit. As with any addiction, the decision has to come from within. Does the negative reinforcement help people decide to quit? Maybe - but mostly it just pisses us off or makes us laugh, or want a cigarette.

I just envision it pissing smokers off, which could even be counterproductive.

I will smoke more, that will show them!

As a swede, this is incredibly swedish, aswell as incredibly pathetic.

With their viking heritage, that billboard should just scream-growl at smokers. I'm sure it's more effective than a coughing sound.

Just imagine, a smoker walking by a plain-looking billboard that suddenly starts screaming "AAAAAHHHHH!" in a deep and angry voice.

It is.

It's a Swedish attitude towards many things in the PC domain.

Thinking billboards like this will actually have effect on seriously addicted smokers is laughable. It has a shocking effect on non-smokers. Smokers know the harm it causes them, the smell and whatever. that's not the reason they can't quit smoking. By shaming people you only try to make them feel like shit because it makes you feel better about yourself. 'Don't tell me what to do you arrogant prick' actually means 'Shut up Donny, we know it's bad, you're not the first person to tell me nor will you be the last, please stop being a selfrighteous cunt'.

Swedes today are very polite and shy though. Passive-aggressiveness is much more in line with the swedish people of the modern day.

AFAIK anti-smoking advertising isn't really aimed at getting smokers to quit though, it's a way of trying to get people, especially kids, to realise that it's a disgusting dangerous habit. And it probably has succeeded to some degree. It's certainly a stepup from "Smoking is good for you!".

Well for one, they use statistics to lie and say that by smoking cigarettes you will earn less money. It is a false ststement that draws conclusions from data that shouldn't be draw. If you have a set of data that says "the average smoker makes 1000 dollars less than someone who doesn't" and you take that study and say if you start smoking you will be losing out on future wages, that is a false fact. It is the same way the the gender pay gap is false, the data shows there is a gap, but it doesn't explain why that gap exisits. Instead of going with the much more logical message of people who tend to smoke tend to be on the lower socio economic ladder, and thus earn less money over time they had to go with the scare mongering tactics of saying if you do this, something terrible will happen to you.

I don't smoke, don't want to smoke, and probably never will smoke outside of the occasional social cigarette. That does not mean I'm happy with all the blatant propaganda against smoking, they're not interested in public health to be honest. If they were we'd se as big a push to do away with the massive culture of drinking alcohol in abscess or some other equally risky to your health activity, as there is to do away with smoking.

I would endorse this (as an obese male).

Only if it makes the beeping noise when they back up.

I'd give that award to the anti smoking ads the Dutch kwf (cancer research foundation) is running. It's about a dad and his kids who teach us through false equivalence why smoking is bad. It boggles my mind why they don't just spend the money on research projects.

Are you kidding? this is hilarious. This would be a big hit in America for the comedy value

If you are concerned about outdoor second hand smoke there is likely many other sources for the exact same air pollutants being released into the air around you. Things like industrial air products. Smoking is likely a very negligible source of that.

Nobody seems to have problems saying it to smokers.

Unfortunately, it doesn't perform addition.

Packages here have images of lung cancer, oral cancer and other images along with smoking kills. They're also about $22.50 for a 20 pack.

Cigarett packages in Sweden have "Smoking Kills" printed in big print on them.

The same logic would apply to any negative life choice. But smoking directly harms those around you.

Ursäkta, vem fan är du?

Nobody has ever been demonstrably hurt from outdoor second-hand smoke.

The Dutch ads draw a false equivalent by asking itself why the number of places that sell cigarettes is bigger than the number of places that sell bread. Maybe because cigarettes have a higher profit margin and don't spoil? But no, they treat it as a problem. Or they have these weird shorter ads in which they compare smoking to grievances that are not done in (current year). Think of stuff like manspreading or talking loudly on the phone.

The latter is correct, but I've definitely seen studies that show that the shorter life expectancy (and worst ability to heal when they do get sick) results in them spending less time in hospital at the end of their life (however early or late that may be) and thus they cost less. As their life isn't short enough to result in their lower tax earning to beat their quicker death.

The main issue in healthcare is they require specialized equipment which takes up space (think larger beds) along with, as you said, them injuring the nurses that try to help them.

And how are you meant to get an unconscious morbidly obese person into an ambulance...

Welp, I ain't Swedish but shots fired

To each their own, i just think it's really passive aggressive, i dont smoke but i'd be annoyed by it if i did, probably. People smoking around you is not that fucking bad, might smell a little, people that smoke around their kids in small areas such as their car however can fuck off.

Är det så man tilltalar folk, jävla idiot?

It's the same for all EU members

Because it's easier to scare people with false facts.

No study has ever shown that 2nd hand smoke outdoors affects anyone. People who have wood burning fires in their fireplaces cause much more pollution. Some fun facts for you:

Seventeen reasons to ban wood burning.

1)All pollution is not created equal. Wood smoke is the most toxic type of pollution in most cities, more dangerous than auto pollution and most industrial pollution.

2)Lighting a wood fire in your house is like starting up your own toxic incinerator.

3)Lifetime cancer risk is 12 times greater for wood smoke compared to an equal volume of second hand cigarette smoke.

4) Burning 10 lbs. of wood for one hour, releases as much PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) as 6,000 packs of cigarettes.

5) Toxic free-radical chemicals in wood smoke are biologically active 40 times longer than the free radicals in cigarette smoke.

6)Wood smoke is the third largest source of dioxins, one of the most intensely toxic compounds known to science.

The very small size of wood particles make them seven times more likely to be inhaled than other particulate pollution.

Wood smoke easily penetrates homes of neighbors creating concentrations up to 88% as high as outdoor air.

If you smell wood smoke, you know you are being harmed. The sweet smell comes from deadly compounds like benzene.

The most dangerous components of air pollution are much higher inside homes that burn wood compared to those that don’t, as much as 500% higher.

Considering the most dangerous part of particulate pollution, wood burning produces as much overall as all our cars during the winter.

The inhalable particulate pollution from one woodstove is equivalent to the amount emitted from 3,000 gas furnaces producing the same amount of heat.

Emissions from modern combustion appliances for wood logs may increase ten-fold if they are not operated appropriately, and most of them are not.

Wood smoke is the only pollution emitted right where people spend most of their time. It disperses poorly, is not evenly distributed and stays in the air longer because of its small size. Concentrations can be 100 times higher for neighbors of wood burners than what is captured at the nearest monitoring station. Real local “pollution victims” are created even when overall community levels are low.

If your neighbor is a regular wood burner, and follows all the rules, i.e. doesn’t burn during yellow or red alert days, but does during all “green” days, you can go an entire winter without having one single day of clean air. This is a civil rights issue.

According to California’s Bay Area Air Quality Management District, burning wood costs the rest of the community, primarily your next door neighbors, at least $2 in extra medical expenses for every lb of wood that you burn. An average fire then costs your neighbors about $40.

Long ago most communities passed ordinances protecting people from second hand cigarette smoke. Ironically those laws protect people at places they don’t necessarily have to be (restaurants, stores, buildings, etc). But in the one place they have to be, their own home, they have no protection from something even worse—wood smoke. People should have just as much protection from wood smoke as from cigarette smoke and for all the same reasons. We don’t allow people to blow cigarette smoke in your face, why should we allow people to blow wood smoke into your home?

Wood burning is not even close to carbon neutral over the short term, the next few decades, and it is that time frame that will make or break the climate crisis. Burning wood is extremely inefficient. Per unit of heat created wood produces even more CO2 than the fossil fuels do. Furthermore, the black carbon particulate matter released enhances the absorption of radiant heat in the atmosphere, making global warming worse, and prematurely melts already imperiled mountain snow pack.

And because gas stations sell cigarettes and clubs and just about anywhere. When I'm at a club I might want to have a cigarette but not a whole loaf of bread

Thank you.

There are plenty of reasons not to smoke without insulting with misleading propaganda.

Your response doesn't really apply on children. It's still bad parenting.

lets not forget emts. my friend hurt himself carrying some fat fuck out of a house. fuck fat people and the damage to others they cause.

Not even just a slice? Go on, the first one's free.

You do as much as you inhale other people's cigarettes unless you live with a smoker who's always smoking inside.

Reminds me of a Bill Hicks bit where he said the people he hates the most are the ones who walk up to smokers and cough passive-aggressively.

"I always say to those people, man, it's a good thing you don't smoke."

Ok, so I don't have the evidence to back this up, but I'm guessing there are more second-hand smokers than second-hand fat people. On the off-change that I'm right, that alone should disqualify the equivalence.

Because they're moral busy bodies.

in an enclosed space, yes, but if you actually read the studies, second hand smoke has no effect after 3-5 feet of distance outside. zero.

i do smoke, not heavily, somewhere between 3-5 cigarettes a day, but i'm always very amused when people do the passive aggressive cough when i'm smoking outside.... as they walk beside 5 lanes of downtown traffic.

Totally unavoidable if you live near a busy road.

Apparently it's a thing

The NHS also advises against eating with fat people

I think this is the most level-headed viewpoint. As a smoker, I don't get why people lose their shit if I'm at the end of the parking lot away from other cars, people and buildings. And yes I throw my butts away when I'm done.

Except your car puts out more poison in ONE DAY than a smoker puts out in a year.

So... Rolling tobacco?

Huh, I'm from America but I always assumed that every first-world country had laws banning smoking within 25ft of all entrances to public buildings.

In America, this thing would be smashed up in about 43 seconds.

Uh, I do. Smoking is a horrible habit, but that doesn't give you license to be a jerk about it. I mean, you're not required by law to be nice to people you don't like, but just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Thyroid issues never made anyone fat without overeating


Secondhand smoking is, at best, grossly exaggerated as a risk.

You know very well there is a huge difference


I would want to smoke a cigarette next to it just to see it work.

The Billboard would advertise a salad bar.

I can be just as passive-aggressive and petty as they can.

Yes, especially right next to that heavy traffic intersection filled with cars that definitely are powered by unicorn farts.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When I was a smoker, seeing those adds with a pack and some bugs or what not made my friends and I laugh, then go light a cig. When something you're addicted to is brought to your mind, you want it. Ads are/should be keeping people from smoking, not promoting quiting, as it affects few.

To anyone complaining that this wouldn't work to make you quit smoking, that's not the point. The while point is brand awareness. And it bloody worked. News stories and talk across the world. It worked great.

Yea, but it would be hilarious for 42 seconds.

Or "right in someone else's face" is self-righteous cunt talk for "at the other end of the parking lot away from other cars"

It's certainly easier to respond to.

Although "Fuck off with your passive aggressive bullshit" is good too.

Some people just like smoking. It's not always addiction.

Yeah, vehicle exhaust is demonstrably worse than cigarette smoke.

No, because:

One (1): Obesity has no analogue to second-hand smoking.

Two (2): One can abstain entirely from smoking. One can not abstain entirely from food.

Three (3): The medical community has reached a settled consensus that one should abstain entirely from smoking. They have yet to agree on what constitutes a healthy diet.

Four (4): A billboard reacting to smokers will ignore someone who has quit recently. A billboard reacting to overweight persons will not ignore someone who is losing weight but has not yet reached their goal.

"Sluta rök, kukhuve!"

I wouldn't mind it being illegal to smoke next to entrances to stores.

You're so edgy and controversial, dude.

The anti-smoking crusaders are always more annoying than the actual smokers they protest.

Yeah a cigarette

What do they say that is false? I'm curious.

Kasta inte sten när du sitter i ett glashus.

Not when you're outside and more than a couple feet from the nearest person

Yes, ciggy smoke can trigger an asthma attack. Car exhaust pollution can actually give someone asthma


Damn, this got you guys really upset!


I mean /sub/worldnews is literally "any news happening outside of america"

There, go educate yourself https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/campaign/tips/diseases/secondhand-smoke-asthma.html

"Tobacco smoke is one of the most common asthma triggers. Tobacco smoke—including secondhand smoke—is unhealthy for everyone, especially people with asthma"


Neither does smoking outside unless you're all huddled together close with other people, and then you can either walk farther away or tell the smoker to stand farther away to smoke.

Yes, car exhaust is damaging the planet, cigarette smoke isn't.

No in public they shouldn't.

Moving away from the smoker is the solution? But the poor coughing billboard can't, it's anchored in place! No wonder it's shaming smokers with a passive-aggressive cough noise. Smokers, THINK OF THE ADVERTISEMENTS who are helpless against your secondhand smoke.

I've never walked behind a fat person and it having inconvenienced me in any way. However every single time I walk behind someone smoking, or I walk by someone smoking, or I walk downwind of someone smoking, or I am somewhat near someone smoking it makes me cough (asthma).

Not saying being overweight is something that someone should be, but smoking is the one habit that I don't do that affects my daily life the most. In my experience smokers tend to be quite lacking of empathy and consideration as to how what they do might affect those around them.

In Europe we don't have them...

Cigarettes are fucking delicious when you're drinking or getting high. They also aren't half bad when you're mad or need a breather. No one seems to want to admit that kind of stuff anymore.

A Swedish pharmacy made a high tech toy that rewards smokers with a funny response.


And then he died of cancer...


This site is mostly american and smoking is highly stigmatised there, so it's not surprising that people are so against it on here.

Sure it does, I have to pay more into health care to care for them which gives me less money, they consume more resources than I do which causes the planet to suffer further and remove any chance of my grandchildren experiencing a happy life.

Trust /sub/worldnews to make literally any news story somehow related to Islam.

"Your nicotine product sucks.... come into our store and buy our nicotine product instead"

Because that's stupid logic?

Nobody needs to smoke. In fact, if people stopped smoking quality of life would go up.

What if we stopped traffic? Would quality of life go up or down? Ambulance couldn't transport patients, fresh food wouldn't reach as many people etc. Even a child can come up with many reasons.

Also, in couple of decades or even less this argument won't even hold because tesla and stuff. What excuse smokers will then use?

I would smoke right next to it just to annoy everyone else around me.