A study on the attention span of puppies

Mama dog is smiling but deep down she knows he aint making it to college

It's called - fittingly enough - sensory adjustment overload in puppies.

Puppy brains develop in a way where their senses adjust and 'fine tune' to daily life and as such, puppy processes stimulus differently on an almost daily basis for the first few months of life until things tune in.

This puppy could have felt any range of senses from being tickled by the ball, to thinking the tree was funny, to feeling as though the concrete was soft.

Some puppies never fully get their senses tuned in, and as such become irritable, unpredictable, downright stubborn and just plain old mean. Bodily adjustments include sharper claws, less muscle mass, sharper teeth, quicker twitch reaction times, and elevated voice. These unfortunate puppies are commonly known as your every day American house cat.

I like how you can see the older dog going for the ball after the puppy leaves.

That older dog has the same look on his face that my grandpa would get when he was tasked with watching me when I was young.

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Text version:

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Ball? No.

Leaves? No.

Lay down? No.

Run away? Yesss!

This would qualify as beautiful innocence I think.

Old dog in background:





Ahhhh... Ball.

This is just.... wonderful.

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It's alright if he doesn't make it to college.

He will make his own, with some pack of dogs. And will teach them!

ball, leaves, lay down, run away. REPEAT!

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That dog needs adderall.

That's all the older dog wanted, but golden retrievers are too polite.

Any other dog would have tried to get it away, but a golden is watchful and patient.

They forgot the last time the pupper looked at the ball before continuing on to the person.

The puppy could have thought the tree was funny. I would love to read a Saturday morning comic of a comedic puppy comic writer trying to translate a hilarious tree it saw the other day to a great joke.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


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ball, leaf, itch, leaf, itch, leaf, ball, camera!

A study on the attention span of redditors.


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My pit mix would just follow her pups around until they got tired and dropped the ball. And she absolutely lived for that ball.

I once saved a puppy like this when I was a kid that was all alone in an abandoned shed. He was the cutest thing. Then about a week later it's mother returned and picked it up by the neck and left. I was both sad that he was gone but happy that he was back with his mother. More sad though. :/

Edit: For those curious, I named him Rocky. Rocky was whimpering in the corner. If I didn't hear him I wouldn't have tried to help him. When the mother came and took it, I was legit so scared. I thought it would attack me or something, but she just casually picked him up and left. She must've tracked his smell if she knew where he was.

Older dog just wanted that ball, but was too nice to do anything about it until puppy ran off.

I see the same thing with my school students.


B/c people with ADHD have difficencies in various neurotransmitters. The reason we're hyperactive and/or have difficulty paying attention or getting things done (executive function issues) is because our brains physically can't assign things as much importance as a normal brain would and we're under stimulated. Stimulants bring us much closer to normal. Think of it like insulin for diabetics.

No no, this is definitely innocent beauty

Much, much better. I was looking through the comments hoping someone linked to this, glad you did.

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Tree. Ball. Itch. Humannnnn!

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Holy mother of repost: this gets posted in here a lot:

02/08/16 02/28/16 same title as this post 07/02/16 same title as this post 08/27/16 (at least this one has fancy text) this one

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Also my thought.

Maybe mama can sleep with an school administrator so he doesn't have to go to a school for special puppies.

Neurosci masters here, I can add a little more detail.

The dopamine pathway (which speed affects) has two modes of operation on the lowest level, roughly speaking: 1) altering our current goal (caused by a dopamine "spike") versus 2) maintaining the focus on a goal (caused by "constant low dopamine activity").

One way of explaining the ADHD in this, is that the level of dopamine activation might manifest as random small spikes (meaning ="alter current goal/focus") in stead of the constant, even, low activity that normal people have most of the time to keep their focus on goals.

Once a little "speed" is added, the regular pulses of dopamine that maintain attention will then (hypothetically speaking) work as normal.

(note that its a little tricky to test this in humans with ADHD, all knowledge on the pathway comes from rat studies)

Thus, the effect speed has on attention span is not necessarily because "more = faster", but because any artifacts or irregularities in the dopamine flow will basically manifest as an attention span deficit.

Disclaimer: ADHD is a huge spectrum and we can't really have one such specific explanation for all cases.

"...Oh god who's gonna take care of me when I'm ol- ooh a ball!"

As an adult that takes Adderall for my ADHD, it actually sometimes makes me sleepy. But it has never made me more active.

Polite dog knows you're not supposed to steal.

How do you know the puppy didn't run away from home and his mom finally tracked him down that day and was relieved to see her little pup still alive.

That's the most adorable pile of floof I have ever seen...well, at least for today.

How dare y.. oh a candy!

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Noticed hooman for a sec before takin ball

Definitely a golden. The build and coat texture is wrong for a setter. Goldens come in that color--had a half-golden, half-German shepherd who was a little darker red than that.

Are you properly motivating them....with tennis balls?

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who cares though, it's still insanely cute and fun to see

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This is not the place for politics, let us enjoy puppies in peace

Way to suck the magic outta puppies.....thanks arsehole, next thing you'll tell me is that rainbows aren't really magic and their some kind of illusion base on refracting light particles hitting the lower atmospheres causing a fractal reflection imposing the full visual color spectrum on our retinas.

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Almost all of them were over 1 year ago.

Even the dog thinks puppy's hilarious.

Quote from the Guardians of the Galaxy: "The crabby puppy is so cute I want to die!"

Tree Fiddy.

You must have a pretty uninformed understanding of brain pharmacology then. It's a pretty well-documented side effect for many people. My meds give me insomnia after the fact, but I'm far calmer and quieter when I'm on them, than off.

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Sometimes I'll get sleepy too. Same with caffeine. There's always a 1/10 chance I will be dead tired when I take either

That is, unless your name and location are what I'm guessing right now.

This might be the most reposted gif on this subreddit. Simply searching "attention span".

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It gets posted all the time with other titles too. I've only been on Reddit for a few months and I've seen this 3 times

Finally, he's back!

That older dog is me when my boss takes a day off and tells me to keep an eye on everyone else on our team.

And now imagine... just imagine:

That there are new people coming daily and people who weren't here when it was originally posted and therefore had no opportunity to see it and also people who have seen it, but appreciate seeing it again because it's nice.

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Classic momma doggo

I still love how cute it is, I don't upvote because it has been reposted so many times but I definitely don't hate seeing it.