A splatoon character in an f-zero car with a LoZ kite racing on an animal crossing themed level in a Mario game

A splatoon character in an f-zero car with a LoZ kite racing on an animal crossing themed level in a Mario game

May as well just call it Nintendo Kart from now on.

Or better yet, Super Smash Kart!

Super Kart Bros.

This dude's gonna lose his shit when he finds out about super smash bros.

& knuckles

Legend of Super Smash Kart Bros Crossing Zero

Yet there's still no Diddy Kong :(

That sure sounds like a metaphor to an awesome orgy.

Mario cannon? Like the ones in Bob-Omb Battlefield?

Featuring Ike from the Fire Emblem series.

A Nintendo character in a Nintendo car with a Nintendo Kite racing on a Nintendo themed level in a Nintendo game. (fixed)

Seriously. They have Mario, Tanuki Mario, Metal Mario, Green Mario, Fat Yellow Mario, Purple Tall Green Mario, Gorilla Mario, Turtle Mario, smaller Turtle Mario, Dead Turtle Mario, Sword Mario, Bug Net Mario, Squid Mario Peach, Orange Peach, Pink Gold Peach, Baby Peach, Baby Orange Peach, Squid Peach, and more!

The amount of clones in this game is staggering.

Thank you for saying this so I don't have to. I'm so sick of seeing "Super Smash Kart". It just makes no logical sense. The "Smash" part refers to the fighting. The "Bros" part refers to the Nintendo characters. I just don't get how people can't see that.


Or f-zero

No, all these universes now exist within Mario cannon. Hyrule is on the other side of the planet from the Mushroom Kingdom

I'm down with the Koopalings.

What really bugs me is the Baby characters.


Yeah, and Sonic and Tails are in Melee. EGM isn't fooling me again!

It was just Mario characters until 8 besides a couple of DK characters that never appeared in Mario games.

GOTY edition

Yeah I was disappointed when I got mk8 deluxe and saw like 10 different annoying little bowser turtle fuckers, but only one character from the dk universe. Like do people even like those turtle guys. They're all so similar. Keep like 2 of them and bowser Jr, and replace the rest with Diddy, funky, and king K rool.


You forgot to add the Mercedes Wheels


To be fair, R.O.B. doesn't belong to a game franchise.

And all the mario & peach clones... what a waste of character slots

Super Krash Bros

"featuring Dante from the devil may cry series"

Yeah Inkling is soooo overused, and I REALLY wish they'd stop releasing all those rehashed F-Zero games and Zelda and Animal Crossing? we get a mainline release of those every, what, 5-6 years? Jesus Nintendo calm down. They could learn a thing or two from EA or Ubisoft.

It also had R.O.B. in the DS game.

Super Smash Bros. makes sense, because it's not called Super Mario Bros. At this point, Mario Kart should be called Smash Kart or something.

There is a huge missed opportunity if they don't make one. They already have the steering wheel, JUST MAKE THE GAME

I'd buy Bob-Omb Battlefield. We should pitch it to Nintendo and DICE.

Ah this comment again.

Lowest common denominator: just call it a Nintendo game and you're good.


To be fair, there, Mario/Jumpman debuted in Donkey Kong. Having DK in the game makes sense.

u/thewayitis212 already posted this before


Isle Delfino got flooded and it was the same generation as Wind Waker

Tbh link does look a little out of place if only because he's like 3 feet taller than most of the characters and has to couch in the cart. They should have used windwaker link