A solution for everyone

A solution for everyone

A happy ending in a polandball involving America vs Russia? Is this even legal? No but seriously it's nice to see everyone get along for once :)

I missed the contest deadline by 1.5h D:

Context: Carrots are good.

awww, sad not to see this one on the contest.

the carrot was really fun :P

Put Carrot in ass for Christmas!

Probably some of the best Polandball engrish I’ve seen in a while.

You can make it legal.

Carrot sex, nice comic, nice religion tho

Wonder how the Vegans will feel about this? Not the first religion to 'eat' their saviour I guess...

“Legal the carrot sex now” What country is saying that? Is that actually a small detail or an unrelated joke?

By the looks of it, It's either France or Poland probably France cuz they are into some weird kinks

Probably Sweden.

Mr Carrot is love

Trump is truly God Emperor!

I love nonsense.