a rat's tale

a rat's tale

You can find the original comic (with a not so wholesome last extra panel) here

that's the kind of wholesome meme i don't like. it is basically lying to yourself which is not wholesome but thanks for being so honest and sharing it

My biology professor once had this exact thing happen to him.

He spent 6 months rehabilitating a sick massasauga rattlesnake (an endangered species around here). When she finally got up to a decent weight, and the weather was warm enough, he took her to a state park for release.

Within a minute of releasing her into some grassy underbrush, a red-tail swooped down and put three large holes in her lungs and liver.

It pissed him off so much.


Its a comic strip. You're lying to yourself about any of it happening.

This is a literal bitch slap from the universe.

You said this was the "exact same thing" so I was waiting for the happy ending where the red-tail delivered her to her family and they had a cupcake :(

As wholesome as this is ... that kid is going to be fucked up from this experience.

Releasing a trapped wild rodent into the wild, whereupon it gets eaten? I'm pretty sure that exact thing has happened quite a lot of times. I can attest to one instance personally.

But the beauty of comics is that they let us imagine a better world than the one we live in. And how are we supposed to make the world better if we don't imagine it that way first?

you think "lole/cri/omg this imaginary situation is [feel]". you don't think "this imaginary situation is what happenned".

but yea, i get what you mean

Good birb :)

It's sad when the species is endangered because humans are destructive.

It's a teachable moment

Why did I look!? I could have stayed happily in my wholesome ignorance :'(


No word of a lie, I once saw a bunny frozen in the middle of the road (I assumed in fear) so I ushered him off the road and towards some bushes. A hawk then swooped down and grabbed him like 5 feet away from me. I only realized later that the bunny was probably refusing to move because he didn't want the hawk in the sky to see him.


Maybe this happened instead?


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Death is a part of life and he put that snake back into nature in some capacity, just as food for the hawk. It's not sad, just different.


I'm sry bb I didn't mean it

Y-yeah, and they, and they all li-lived happily ever after... breaks down into tears


Am I going blind

The hawk did, anyway.

Nice bird :)

You got me.

Natural selection* slap

I hate you!

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Alternatively, you can enjoy this picture I made a while back which this reminded me of.

I called it misunderstood eagle.


Alternatively, you can enjoy this picture I made a while back which this reminded me of.

I called it misunderstood eagle.


O no

Except it really happened. Except with a hawk and rabbit.

As much as I want it to happen in real world.. i hope it doesn't casue it gonna mess up the ecosystem

Please never release pet rats/fancy rats into the wild!! Unless their mom raised them in the wild, they won't have the skills or knowledge to survive. There are plenty of rat rescue organizations you can ask for help, and you can bring pet rats to your local animal shelter if you really need to!

I really wish this comic would get deleted from here, because while it's claiming to be wholesome, it's spreading misinformation about how to handle getting rid of unwanted pet rats :(

Edit: correcting an autocorrect-caused typo