A perfect handshake.

And just like that, racism ended forever.

U know he got black friends

I’ve had those on occasion when meeting new people, need to really click. Never a three tier one though that was sick.

That was fucking SMOOTH!

Maintained eye contact - smooth as fuck.

That was legit...well played gentlemen.

Your mother has black friends

Yeah that really was a perfect compound handshake

I think of it more like dancing. Black dude takes lead, white dude follows. My white ass has done some gnar handshakes that way.

And that eye contact never wavered during the shake, dude is a world class handshaker

Are we going to ignore the fact that that man has a weight belt and I'm guessing is about to be literally pulling cars through that flood water?

That's why we have Snoop.

That's why we have .

It’s an H-town thing


As soon as I saw the flooding I knew.

"Three tier" LOL referring to them as this now

On behalf of white guys everywhere I must ask...”what did it feel like?”


Thumb wrap

Finger Lock

Eye contact

Carry on

I work in a place that happens to get people from around the world, and I'm very friendly and open to new handshake styles, but I have yet to be able to pull off a forced pirouette


Blackness confirmed; you got soul.

Goddamn he's good.

white people find this remarkable lol.

No then it would lose its chill/cool factor


Don’t underrate the nod of approval. Important.

Natural 20 is a natural 20. Can't argue with it.

The reporter looks like a young Bill Burr from his side profile.

What it is. What it was. And what it shall be.

Like ballroom dancing

Needed a snap at the end, imo.

Can confirm.

Source: am a white

He's onto me.

And conversation. All signs point to antichrist, nobody has infallible charisma.

Too legit to quit.

Just go with the flow. A lot of people tense up after the first shake not expecting the change up.

Also if you open with the Palm grasp 90% of the time it leads into the upward thumb to index lock just like the gif, and will usually end in the "I declare a thumb war pre-stance".

Source: I took handshakes 101 and 201.

I noticed your opinion was not humble. Are you a world class handshaker by chance?

I guess I'm lame; I'm disappointed they didn't blow it up at the end.

Straight up, as soon as I saw this handshake I knew.

It is, though!

how do people do this though I always panic and go for a fist bump hi-five combo

Tuff af